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British Library document supply: A changing service for a changing landscape
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British Library document supply: A changing service for a changing landscape


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SCONUL Conference 20-21 June 2013 …

SCONUL Conference 20-21 June 2013
SCONUL Fringe session - British Library document supply: A changing service for a changing landscape, with Andy Appleyard, Head of Document Supply and Customer Services, The British Library and Richard Ebdon, Business Development Manager, The British Library.

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. British Library Document Supply..“a changing service for a changing landscape”Andy Appleyard – Head of Document Supply and Customer ServicesRichard Ebdon – Business Development ManagerSCONUL Conference 2013 - Dublin
  • 2. 2British Library Document Supply..“a changing service for a changing landscape”• BL Document Supply – introduction• Looking back..• Looking forward, what does the future hold? What docustomers want?• New strategic direction – 3 pillars• BLDSS demo – on line and API system integration• Benefits and next steps• Q and A
  • 3. 3Helping peopleadvance knowledgeto enrich livesNational library of the UK.Serves researchers, business,libraries, education & thegeneral publicCollection includes over 2msound recordings, 5m reports,theses and conference papers,the world’s largest patentscollectionOne of the largest documentsupply services in the world.Secure e-delivery and ‘just intime’ digitisation enablesdesktop delivery within 2hrsOver 250 years ofcollecting. Beneficiary oflegal deposit, and £14mannual acquisitions budget150 million collection itemsGenerates value to the UKeconomy each year of 5.0times public fundingCollection fills over 600km ofshelving and grows at 11kmper year Terabytes of digitalmaterial through voluntarydepositThe British Library - The World’s Knowledge
  • 4. 4“We exist for everyone who wants to do research foracademic, personal or commercial purposes”
  • 5. 5The Past - 50 years of Document Supply.
  • 6. 6The Future? Traditional document supply model declining andPublic Good (HE) proportion increasingDocument Supply Demand Proportion from Public Good0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%2007 2009 2012PublicGood Commercial Other Non-UK
  • 7. 7The Future? Library of last resort for the hard to find or ….reinvent a new identity that leverages USPs and caters for a need.
  • 8. 8New Direction – a fundamental review undertaken in order toreassess the strategic direction and redefine the business modelBL Brand(trust &compliance)TechnologyBusiness ModelBL Brand(trust & compliance)Continuous Improvement
  • 9. 9BLDSS Brand – epitomises trust, reliability and compliance, butalso …Perception - traditional service, not easy to use but good access to long tailFactor Previous FutureCompliance 100% - no compromise 100% - no compromiseBreadth ofcontentExtensive collection30% digital, 70% scanned printExtensive collection50 / 50 with increasing digitalReality – Hybrid service, easy to use with extensive collectionCritical Success Factors?Quality* All B/W scanned print Born digital, colour scanned printDelivery* 5 working days - standard Immediate download for born digitalValue formoney **Single pricing, B/W images,longer delivery timesImproved speed and quality with alower price for “e”* See Technology slides later ** See Business Model – next slide+
  • 10. 10Business Model- introduce differential pricing from 1stAug 2013,expand available electronic and work closely with customersNew Pricing Model:-•Differential pricing from 1stAug 2013(electronic different to scanned print)•Expand corpus of available electronic content(via BL collections or licensed 3rdparty)•Populate search engines, library systems withBL (article level) catalogue.•Customer Account option – as now, but withmediation•Pay as You Go option (see next)-20%+20%
  • 11. 11Technology – the BLDSS system is now live. Ordering via machine tomachine (with API option) or on-line.
  • 12. Clio and the British Library:Working TogetherUsing the new BLDSS API to improveInterlibrary Loans processing
  • 13. Patron RequestThe process of course starts with a patron who needs an item!
  • 14. BL Auto MatchWhen you select an item, Clio asks BLDSS for a ‘best match’ andshows you the results.Our patron made several mistakes, but the ‘best match’ is stillcorrect!
  • 15. Real-time Availability and Order OptionsWhen you click Check Availability, Clio and BLDSS combine the bibliographicinformation, along with your BL account, to retrieve real-time Availability andOrdering options for you.
  • 16. BL Order CreatedAs soon as you place an Order, BLDSS provides Clio with Lending Chargesand an Estimated Ship Date.This Order is now on its way to the Stacks – Skipping many of the stepsfrom the ARTEmail processing days.
  • 17. BLDSS UpdatesClio can ask BLDSS about the status of an order whenever you like.For example, as soon as an item is available electronically, the URLbecomes part of the Clio record.
  • 18. 18Benefits – in terms of the new service proposition, what are thebenefits in terms of Public Good users and also for the British LibraryCustomerTransparent pricing –informed choicesReal time availability anddelivery optionsAPI allows embedding BLDSSsystem into work flowMore electronic = quality +speed + value for moneyBLReliable and sustainableIncreased efficiencies -More streamlined workflowsPlatform to build on futureproducts and services“Delighted customers(partners)”
  • 19. 19Next Steps – where should the service be looking to plan in thenear future?• Plug-in-less Digital Rights Management• More (and more) electronic content• Integration of other services• Partnerships• Digital signatures• Open Access
  • 20. 20Contact details:Andy Appleyard – Head of Document Supplyandy.appleyard@bl.ukRichard Ebdon – Business Development Managerrichard.ebdon@bl.ukThank you, do you have anyquestions?