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eLearning Sucks
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eLearning Sucks



A discussion stimulus for teachers, marketers & communicators everywhere.

A discussion stimulus for teachers, marketers & communicators everywhere.



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    eLearning Sucks eLearning Sucks Presentation Transcript

    • eLearning sucks A discussion stimulus for teachers, marketers & communicators everywhere.
    • lectures are an inefficient way to teach
    • % of class paying full attention Time (minutes) The Attention Curve After 10 minutes 35% of your audience you’ve lost Mills, H.R. (1977)  Techniques of Technical Training , 3rd Ed. Macmillan, London
    • % of class paying full attention Time (minutes) The Attention Curve After 25 minutes 75% of your audience you’ve lost Mills, H.R. (1977)  Techniques of Technical Training , 3rd Ed. Macmillan, London
    • % of class paying full attention Time (minutes) The Attention Curve Which leaves you with a beginning and an end (but no middle) Don’t say anything important here! Mills, H.R. (1977)  Techniques of Technical Training , 3rd Ed. Macmillan, London
    • You end up saying everything 3 times © World Economic Forum (www.weforum.org) swiss-image.ch Remy Steinegger Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Tony_Blair_WEF_2008_cropped.jpg EDUCATION EDUCATION EDUCATION “ ”
    • Most eLearning is also like a lecture
    • This sucks.
    • It’s like travelling by train One route. One speed. You can’t contribute to the journey, nor can you determine its outcome.
    • Using the web is not like travelling by train
    • Explore With the web you can... Trigger Enquire Respond React Engage Create Query Interact Rewind Pause Repeat Test Customise
    • Thanks to the Web, creating interactive learning content is becoming faster and cheaper.
    • The web-savvy generation now expect a higher level of engagement
    • People enjoy video games because their creators put engagement before everything else.
    • eLearning authors often put engagement a distant second to academic rigour.
    • The principles of game design are significant But the very word game is misleading. It’s synonymous with extra-curricular, solitary activity. This is a misconception we need to overcome.
    • of 40 Just like a game eLearning can provide a controlled environment for experimentation, safe failure and experiential learning.
    • lecture? So why does eLearning have to be like a
    • In life we learn from experience
    • Learning results from peer interaction & feedback in an entertaining and risk free environment. It also involves repetition, reinforcement, association and use of multiple senses. E Akl et al 2007 “ ”
    • Abilities Challenge Anxiety Boredom flow Csíkszentmihályi, Mihály (1990). Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience . New York: Harper and Row. ISBN 0-06-092043-2 Holt, R. Examining Video Game Immersion as a Flow State , B.A. Thesis Dept of Psychology, Brock University, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada, 2000 The flow zone This chart demonstrates the balance between challenge and ability that results in “Flow” – a state of continuous engagement. This balance is unique for every individual; which is why teaching a large classroom is so difficult. eLearning has a tremendous opportunity to create a state of Flow that is suitable for every learner’s ability. of 40
    • Often we have critical lessons to communicate...
    • Lessons which protect our safety and health...
    • our environment...
    • ...lessons which protect our future.
    • these lessons merit serious attention when it comes to online learning
    • We will need to work together Interaction Designers Educators Communication experts + +
    • lets make it happen :) @seismograph slideshare follow us on twitter more presentations on (links open in a new window)