Cultural Barriers To Social Marketing


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Social Marketing "faux pas".

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Cultural Barriers To Social Marketing

  1. 1. + Culture as a barrier to innovation and economic performance Notes to Cultural faux pas is social marketing April 2012
  2. 2. + Adding Value is always difficult.Innovation and leveraging all skills in organization is a strategy, not anaccident;Requires Continuous Improvement;Success = Implementation of successful ideas, no matter howthreatening to the status quo;Effectiveness Equation: Innovation = f [Creativity; Implementation]“Today more than ever adding value involves leveraging organization, asmost competitive strategies “Porter” and essentially identical”.Hence the mantra of CEO’s, “execution, execution, execution”.
  3. 3. Fundamental Organizational Norms: + Each is an aggregation of multiple related items Customer Results People Detail Innovative Collaborative Transparent Integrity Oriented Oriented Oriented Oriented Working in Risk taking Collaboration with Being results others oriented Being people Paying attention Putting org’s oriented to detail Being Careful (-) Being customer goals above unit’s Being team oriented Have integrity goals oriented Having higher Predictable/Reliabl expectations for e (-) performance Being aggressive (-) Being willing to experiment Respect for Being precise individuals Being easy going High Levels of (-) Being innovative conflict (-) Transparent Listening to individual goals customers High Ethics Fast moving Cooperative Achievement- oriented Being quick to Emphasis on Being fair take advantage of quality opportunities Learning from mistakes (-) Taking initiative Being calm (-) Being supportive Making your Sharing Being market numbers (-) Information freely driven Emphasis on Being Honest professional Being analytical growth Being competitive Action oriented Avoiding conflict (- ) (-)Note: Negative signs (-) indicate the item is negatively correlated with culture.
  4. 4. + CUSTOMER SERVICE DISASTERS SPRINT: TELEPHONE SERVICE: I have been with Sprint since the day their digital cellular service opened doors. I have 5 lines. I have stuck with it, notoriously hideous customer service notwithstanding. And now this. Let me also add that I am a busy physician and very tech savvy. I purchased the Sprint Connect with much anticipation and excitement online. After I received it and started using it, from Day 1 I had problems with static, sounding like in a tunnel both ways, voicemail glitches, the lights on the device barely being bright enough to notice and on and on. I tried every troubleshooting trick online and finally took the device to the store. They said they dont deal with this AT ALL and told me to call Sprint. So I did, when I got around to it in a couple of weeks.... and after the usual multiple routing through various departments and clueless reps, ended up with Tech Support who I played phone tag with for a couple of weeks, and finally they said they want to record some of my calls to send to their engineers to analyze the data. All this took a lot longer than it sounds. Finally they said it is not a network issue and must be the device, which is what I had been saying all along to these rocket scientists. So now what, I say? Michele from Tech Support was so courteous to say that it is not their problem and I have to deal with it on my own with the manufacturer of the device. That didnt make any sense to me. I said that I got the device from Sprint and so I am going to hold Sprint accountable for getting a faulty device from the get-go. BTW, all during this time I had stopped using the device altogether and was still being charged monthly fees. Michele went on to say that this is a correct policy and gave some silly analogies about buying stuff at Wal-mart or something...huh? I argued with some supervisor for another 20 minutes on this. He checked my phone records to see if I really had not used the device. Umm...since I know you can do that, why would I lie to you, O rocket scientist? He said I would get some credit, gave me the phone number for the device manufacturer, and thats all they can do. Experienced Sprint customers will know that of course the credit didnt show on my account and now I have to make ANOTHER call to find out what happened. And as far as calling the device manufacturer? Yep, you guessed it, The Great Runaround. Before I let my sheer anger, disgust at the humiliating service I have received after all these years get the better of my choice of words, I will just stop now and check out the offers on the Verizon website...
  5. 5. + Better Customer Service Better Economic Performance: UNITED BREAKS GUITARS: Merger of United with Continental, leads toreservation and baggage fiasco.
  6. 6. + And the OSCAR for the run-around goes to…………………
  7. 7. + Social Networks Punishment of Corporate ArroganceBP Dell Quiznos Subs
  8. 8. + How not to… win friends and influence people.  BP spills millions of gallons of crude from the Macondo well in the Gulf, has its “Facebook” page clogged with environmentalists protests, and their logo is “twittered” around the world, a gross oil whale;  Dell awoke with a start when it had Gizmondo post a U Tube video of one of its computer bursting into flames, causing 4 million laptop batteries to be recalled;  Quiznos’ porn spoof of two “girls and a cup”, eating a subway sandwich backfired
  9. 9. + Concluding  Careful analysis of “culture” operate in the chosen market, is critical to avoid cultural “catastrophes” in social marketing. Thank you for your attention: Philip Corsano Gnostam LLC 5731 Kirkwood Place N Seattle, WA 98103 Tel: 206 384 0069