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A new perspective & platform to learn from Saarthi

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  1. 1. Manish  Singhal   manish@saarthiconsul2ng.com   www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=135544099790178 Founder  &  CEO,     Saarthi  Integrated  Consul2ng  LLP   www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=135544099790178 www.saarthiconsul2ng.com  
  2. 2.  A  set  of  paid  focus  discussion  groups  for   emerging  leaders  with  similar  experiences  in   diverse  domains      PlaGorm  to  interact  together  and  learn  from   100+  years  of  collec2ve  experience!!    Moderated  by  Manish  Singhal,  The  Saarthi    50%  of  the  proceeds  from  Goshthi  will  be  used  for   CSR  ini2a2ve  of  funding  educa2on  for  needy  kids   www.saarthiconsul2ng.com   ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul2ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved  
  3. 3.  Learn  from  real-­‐life  examples   –  Create  them,  Watch  them,  Live  them,   Experience  them!!    Con2nuous  and  Prac2cal  Learning  &   Applica2on  to  solve  your  current   challenges  in  real-­‐2me    Nurture  your  own  Leadership  style    Realize  your  own  path  to  success  guided   by  Saarthi   www.saarthiconsul2ng.com   ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul2ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved  
  4. 4.  Each  group  meets  for  2  hours,  once  a   week  –  Members  aYend  at  least  2   sessions  monthly    Each  group  has  ~15  members  from   different  organiza2ons    Members  bring  real  –  life  challenges  for   discussion  and  modera2on    Saarthi  acts  as  coordinator  and   moderator   www.saarthiconsul2ng.com   ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul2ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved  
  5. 5.  Technical  Leadership    (  TL  )   ✩  Being  responsible  for  self  work  Being  responsible  for  others’  work   ✩  Recommended  experience  :  4-­‐8  yrs   ✩  Runs  every  Thursday  6-­‐8pm    People  Leadership    (  PL  )   ✩  Being  responsible  for  others’  work  Being  responsible  for  someone   ✩  Recommended  experience  :  8+  yrs   ✩  Runs  every  Thursday  6-­‐8pm    Hybrid  Group     ✩  Common  Group  for  all  experiences   ✩  Runs  every  Saturday  4-­‐6:30pm    Customized     ✩  For  Corporates    to  cater  to  custom  requirements   www.saarthiconsul2ng.com   ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul2ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved  
  6. 6.  Goal  –  Build  a  healthy  learning  forum  for  team   members  to  interact,  discuss  and  learn  from  each   other    Highlights    Customized  discussion  groups  with  par2cipants  of   similar  experience  /  job  profile    Recommended  for  leaders  –  technical  leaders  and   people  leaders    As  per  requirements,  sessions  can  focus  on  specific   topics  or  on  addressing  challenges  faced  by  the   members  in  their  daily  work  lives    Saarthi  will  moderate  sessions,  to  share  his   experiences  and  provide  alternate  solu2ons  for   considera2on   www.saarthiconsul2ng.com   ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul2ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved  
  7. 7. Aspirations vs Leadership vs Alternate Management Skill gaps Connect with Thinking Feelings Stress vs Stretch Emotional Effective Body Fluency Being on the Language Simplify Moments of same page leadership Leave space Work on First connect for the other Rewards & person Managing defining the Some problems with the Challenges of require multiple being a leader Expectations – problem person Pygmalion & steps to solve Galatea Effect Making Unawareness Dots always connect appraisals – easy to see them more Multi to Awareness Reaction vs connecting backward effective tasking to Growth Response ability www.saarthiconsul2ng.com   ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul2ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved  
  8. 8.   Issue  faced  by  the  individual:  “I  do  not  want  to  work  with  a  person  (X)  in  the  team.   He  is  a  problem  for  everyone.  Why  should  I  change.  It  is  too  much  stress  to  change   for  him”     Discussion:  After  discussing  various  aspects  the  following  was  established  :   ✩  It  will  be  good  for  the  team  if  he  can  work  with  the  person   ✩  It  will  be  good  for  the  person  as  well   ✩  The  discussion  broke  on  the  last  point  –  If  X  has  an  issue,  why  should  I  alter  my   behavior?  That  is  just  too  much  stress  for  me!       Fresh  Perspective  during  Goshthi   ✩  The  break-­‐point  also  gave  the  solution.  Manish  asked  him  the  difference  between  Stress   &  Stretch.     ✩  This  led  the  individual  to  see  the  difference  -­‐  Stress  seems  to  be  a  burden  (Negative   Energy)  whereas  Stretch  seems  to  be  a  goal  to  aspire  for  (Positive  Energy)!   ✩   He  was  then  happy  to  work  with  X  as  he  now  sees  it  as  an  opportunity  to  learn  how  to   work  with  difficult  people!   www.saarthiconsul2ng.com   ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul2ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved  
  9. 9.   Issue  faced  by  the  individual  :  “I  (M)  gave  feedback  to  one  of  my  team  members  (A).  A  does   not  agree.”  M  has  clear  idea  of  where  A  needs  to  go  but  A  does  not  want  to  listen.       Discussion:  After  discussing  various  aspects  following  was  established:   ✩  M  has  a  clear  idea  of  where  A  needs  to  make  a  change   ✩  M  is  doing  it  for  the  good  of  A   ✩  The  break  point  was  that  A  is  not  paying  attention  to  the  solutions  from  M     Fresh  Perspective  during  Goshthi   ✩  It  is  important  to  first  establish  with  A,  his  current  skill  level  –  that  is  build  awareness  of  about  the   Starting  Point!   ✩  Do  not  proceed  further  (Discussion  on  Destination)  till  A  &  M  are  on  the  same  page  w.r.t  starting   point   ✩  Once  A  is  aware  of  his  current  level  in  earnest,  then  the  discussion  towards  destination  becomes   more  meaningful  as  A  also  understands  where  he  needs  to  go   ✩  In  most  cases,  just  working  on  the  awareness  of  the  person  helps  them  figure  out  a  way  to  get  to   the  destination  themselves.     ✩  As  managers  &  leaders,  our  primary  job  is  to  build  awareness  and  help  on  the  solutions   collaboratively  to  make  them  more  effective!   www.saarthiconsul2ng.com   ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul2ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved  
  10. 10.   “...the   best   thing   about   Goshthi   is   that   you   experience   the   situation   in   the   role   plays   -­‐   its   like   living   the   experience   and   improving   on   it”         -­‐-­‐-­‐     Vineet,   Sr   Software   Engineer,  Samsung       “Goshthi   is   unique,   …   because,   it’s   not   theoretical   and   most   importantly   actual   live   examples   are   discussed.     ...   In   all   of   this,   Manish   is   an   awesome   moderator   who  gets  the  real  fact  out  from  the  group  in  the  end.  Goshthi  analyses  situations   or   experiences   and   not   the   person”         -­‐-­‐-­‐     Neelakanth,   MTS   &   Manager,   Ittiam   Systems     “I   think   Goshthi   provides   that   platform   to   get   awareness   about   yourself   in   very   effective   way   that   is   by   participation.   Learning   is   quick   and   fruitful   when   you   actually  become  part  of  the  entire  process  ....”    -­‐-­‐-­‐    Rahul,  Manager-­‐QA,  Sling  Media     “The   biggest   takeaway   …has   been   the   incisiveness   of   the   concepts   related   to   managing   people   and   their   expectations.   Not   only   have   the   concepts   been   well   presented,   the   fact   that   they   have   been   practiced   in   role   plays   and   real   life   examples  makes  a  big  difference.”        -­‐-­‐-­‐    Sankar,  Manager,  Ittiam  Systems   www.saarthiconsul2ng.com   ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul2ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved  
  11. 11.   “Goshthi  provides  a  platform  to  discuss  common  issues  people  face  as  they  grow   and   take   up   new   roles   in   their   careers.   In   combination   with   Manish's   rich   and,   more   specifically,   his   experiential   knowledge,   each   and   every   session   of   Goshthi   reduces   that   gap   between   me   and   my   aspirations”         -­‐-­‐-­‐   Madhusudhanan,   Staff   Software  Engineer,  Intuit  Bangalore     “The   group   session   gives   us   an   opportunity   to   discover   different   ways   to   be   effective  in  achieving  your  goal  ...  I  am  proud  to  say  that  learnings  and  take  aways   from  these  sessions  have  helped  me  create  a  difference  at  work  and  and  at  home.   The   learnings   are   'Live'   and   unlike   conventional   methods,   here   you   get   an   opportunity   to   experience   situations   first   hand   and   work   on   your   responses.   Its   practical  &  simple”    -­‐-­‐-­‐    Bijay,  Staff  Engineer,  Sling  Media     “…   I   found   a   person,   unique   in   all   ways,   focusing   on   improving   people   relationship.  Manish  is  a  very  powerful  mentor.  Through  Goshthi  sessions,  Manish   makes  people  aware  of  who  they  really  are.  These  sessions  have  made  me  realise   what   I   am,   and     in   turn   where   I   need   to   improve…   ”         -­‐-­‐-­‐   Hema,   Software   Quality   Analyst,  TESCO   www.saarthiconsul2ng.com   ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul2ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved  
  12. 12.   “…  The  beauty  of  these  sessions  is  that  they  get  you  involved  in  the  situation  such   that   you   start   appreciating   the   reason   for   the   difficult   behavior   of   the   people.   Once  you  start  to  see  the  reason,  the  problem  just  becomes  a  challenge  that  can   be   handled   by   changing   our   approach.   These   sessions   work   as   an   eye   opener   to   how  simple  small  things  about  what  we  do  and  how  we  speak  can  bring  about  a   big  change  how  other  perceive  us”    -­‐-­‐-­‐    Anirban,  System  Technologist,  Tandberg     “The   technical   leadership   sessions   with   Manish   …   opens   up   new   perspectives   with  respect  to  challenges  we  face  and  more  importantly  solutions  to  overcome   them  in  an  extremely  intuitive  and  structured  manner.  Its  definitely  lean  food  for   thought   for   technical   leadership   effectiveness!”     -­‐-­‐-­‐     Amey,   Staff   Engineer,   Sling   Media       “At   Goshthi,   ....   Manish,   with   his   immense   practical   experience   in   mentoring   people,   moderates   the   forum   and   helps   people   analyze   the   issues   and   possible   resolution.   Goshthi   has   given   me   a   platform   to   interact   with   the   like-­‐minded   people,   discuss   my   problems   and   get   unbiased   opinions   about   those…”     -­‐-­‐-­‐     Yogesh  Gupta,  Component  Design  Engineer,  Intel   www.saarthiconsul2ng.com   ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul2ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved  
  13. 13.   “After   attending   these   sessions,   one   starts   seeing/thinking   about   things   which   mostly  ignored  while  doing  day  to  day  activities.  Working  on  them  further  how  all   the   activities   becomes   easy   and   joyful   to   handle   anytime,   anywhere”   -­‐-­‐-­‐   Biswaranjan,  Staff  Engineer,  Sling  Media     “…   I   have   become   aware   of   many   shortcomings   in   the   way   I   approach   various   interpersonal   issues   at   work   (as   well   as   otherwise).   These   sessions   have   also   helped  me  see  many  of  these  issues  in  a  different  perspective  –  which  will  certainly   help  in  finding  effective  solutions.”    -­‐-­‐-­‐    Siddarth,  Deputy-­‐Manager  Wealth,  Karvy     “…I’ve   benefited   personally   and   professionally   under   Manish   mentorship.   Here   we   are   learning   the   people   leadership   skills,   soft   skills   and   enhancing   our   organizational   skills   for   success.   And   I   am   greatly   improving   my   ability   to   communicate  effectively  with  co-­‐workers,  employers,  vendors,  friends  and  family   members”        -­‐-­‐-­‐    Ramesh,  Manager  Administration,  Sling  Media   www.saarthiconsul2ng.com   ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul2ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved  
  14. 14. Manish  Singhal   Founder  &  CEO   Saarthi  Integrated  Consul2ng  LLP   manish@saarthiconsul2ng.com   Mobile:  91-­‐98450-­‐59619   www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=135544099790178 www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=135544099790178 www.saarthiconsul2ng.com   ©  Copyright  Saarthi  Integrated  Consul2ng  LLP.  All  rights  reserved