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Reptrak model 1


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Reptrak model 1

  1. 1. RepTrak™Model* Reputation Management Training & Certification Copyright 2009. Reputation Institute. All Rights Reserved. Dr. Leonard J. Ponzi Driver AttributesReputation Drivers Reputation Supportive Behaviors PerceptionsHigh quality products/services Products & Services PurchaseStandsbehind products/servicesMeets customer needsInnovative approachMarket leader InnovationAdapts quickly to change RecommendRewards employees fairlyShows concern for employees Workplace Benefit of theRespects diversity* doubt in CrisisOpen and transparentEmphasizes ethical behavior GovernanceFair inbusiness dealings VerbalEnvironmentally responsible SupportSupports good causes CitizenshipPositive influence on societyInspiring/motivating leader* InvestDisplays Personal Integrity* LeadershipCompetent/Knowledgeable*Effective Communicator*Clear visionfor the futureProfitable company Performance Work forExceeds expectationsStrong prospects for growth*(Modified 2012 D. Vidaver-Cohen) ReputationManagementTraining&Certification Copyright2009.ReputationInstitute.AllRightsReserved. Dr.LeonardJ. Ponzi 34