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Gnostam Statement of Capabilities and examples of work.

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Gnostam presentation

  1. 1. Gnostam Consulting Strategy, Performance, Results. • 206 384 0069 • Fax 206 641 3297• Email: • Email:
  2. 2. Adding value to your business 0 1 Question: How?Αssets Assets • Identify strategic opportunity • Understand industry economics • Communicate it • Execute! + + How to execute? • Attract new clients liabilitiesliabilities • Client retention • Service reliability • Find productive investments = = • Continuity • Redundancy π π Change in Value =Added Value to business
  3. 3. Real Economics really works We deliver Quantifiable solutions. No business improvement, no payment other than initial starter fee; Consultants at a minimum have MBA’s from top schools worldwide with many years or real experience. No “on the job training” here; We focus on the industry you are in, understand the industry dynamics, and how you are positioned, and how we can change your strategy to maximize the opportunity in your industry.
  4. 4. Real Value Solutions Identify actions which will increase value:  REVENUE ENHANCING:  Are you focused on your real opportunity?  Does your business model match opportunity?  Are you managing your assets?  Using right channels?  Sales effectiveness, are you using best practice?  Do you follow up effectively?  Media and communications strategy?  COST CONTROL, LIABILITY MANAGEMENT:  Staff costs including healthcare and benefits review;  Have you really flow charted your processes?  How robust is your product/service reliability;  Do you have redundant systems in place to manage critical systems and process? RESULT = QUANTIFIABLE ADDED VALUE, CASH IN THE BANK!
  5. 5. Types of Engagement # 1 Starter:  Quick review of your business economics and industry position;  Business model benchmarking;  Overhead and operational efficiency;  Recommendations for moving forward.
  6. 6. Type of Engagement # 2 Strategic Essentials:  Identify and prioritize critical business model issues;  Identify key client issues;  Asset Liability inventory;  Communicate recommendations;  Identify ways to stabilize finances;  Train key staff on business continuity issues, financial management issues;  Shift management focus from technology to business solutions.
  7. 7. Type of Engagement # 3 De Luxe:  Identify and value critical business components, including intangibles, intellectual property, liabilities and contingent liabilities;  Align critical business components to a “few “ key priorities and balance any conflicts between short and long term goals;  Assist in communicating the critical “value” propositions to boards, investors, private equity groups, employees, and all constituents so as to minimize time wasted in conflict;  Partner where necessary with those responsible for “execution”, benchmark and quantify +ve performance.
  8. 8. Business Value Packages Strategic De Luxe Starter Essentials 60 hours 10 hours $7,650 $1,450 35 hours $4,655 23% savings 33% savings 30% savings Each package is prepaid prior to project commencing, and prices do not include product purchases. Our standard hourly rate is $189.99, and we bill in 15 min increments.Don’t forget our Ongoing Review & “search” for investments in process efficiency, communicating strategy and acquisitions, divestments Monthly Quarterly Annually 8 hours $ 960/month 24 hours 1,600/year 12 hours $1100/quarter
  9. 9. Work done for