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  • Program evaluation

    2. 2. SOFTWARE I HAVE USEDWordPhotoshop cs5 BloggCamera Raw cs5 Slide shareInDesign cs5 SurveyMonkeyBridge Internet (Google)Powerpoint/Keynote
    3. 3. HARDWARE I HAVE USEDMacPhoneCamera ( Canon 60D )Hard disc
    4. 4. RESEARCH & PLANING I USED:Word Photoshop cs5Keynote / Powerpoint MacBlog PhoneSlide share Herd discSurvey monkeyInternet (Google)
    5. 5. PRODUCTION I USED:Word MacKeynote / Powerpoint PhoneBlog Herd discSlide share CameraInternet (Google) BridgePhotoshop cs5InDesign cs5
    6. 6. WHAT HAVE I LEARNED WORDWord is an easy to use typing tool that have an OKspelling correct.Word is easy to use and was good for correctingarticles and righting it.Word is a most have tool fore this project
    7. 7. WHAT HAVE I LEARNED PHOTOSHOPI have used photoshop and know a bit about the basics before.I think that photoshop is a tool that shouldnt bee used to makemagazines, therefor i made my magazine in InDesign that ismade to make that kind of content.Photoshop is an good tool to use to manipulate photos so i usedphotoshop on all my photos and the logo i made.I also used camera Raw to colour correct my photos and macethem better. If you take the photos in camera Raw you have amuch better opportunity to make the photos you have takeneven better.
    8. 8. WHAT HAVE I LEARNED INDESIGNI have used InDesign to make my magazine.InDesign is a tool to make books and magazines, sotherefor i chose to make my magazine in it.I am familiar whit the basics of InDesign before imade de magazine and therefor it helped me makethe magazine faster and beater.The positive things about InDesign is that it is madeto make magazines and therefor provides a muchbeater text tool then Photoshop. It is also easier tocombine images an text.
    9. 9. WHAT HAVE I LEARNED KEYNOTEI used Keynote in this project to put together text andimages.Powerpoint vs Keynote: Powerpoint is a good toolbut i prefer Keynote more because i like the interfaceand the way the program works more, therefor i usedKeynote instead of Powerpoint.Keynote is a good tool to use for makingpresentations and have a easy to use interface thatcan be used in many ways to make simplepresentations of the work just like this presentation.
    10. 10. WHAT HAVE I LEANED SLIDE SHAREI used slide share to upload Keynote presentations tomy blog.Slide share is a easy to use tool to uploadpresentations to the internet and it was very easy touse and a great tool to use in this project.If i hadnt used slide share i think my blog wouldhave been less interesting to read.
    11. 11. WHAT HAVE I LEARNED BLOGSPOTI used blogspot to deliver my material to the internetI think that blogspot is a god tool to use for showingthe work you do if you do it right.Blogspot is a easy to use and it can be used in manyways. The most positive ting about using blogspot isthe ability to access it where you want and whereever you want.
    12. 12. WHAT HAVE I LEARNED TECHNOLOGYI like the technological time we are in now, we have theability to put stuff on the internet when you want andwhenever you want as long as you have a computer.The program i have used in this project are some of the bestprogram you can use at the time and are available fore everyone if you have the money, i find this quite extraordinarythat we can use the same programs as the pros are usingThe disadvantages whit technology is that it is easy to poutup on the internet but not as easy to take down, so if youhave to correct something you have to put it up again, i findthis quite annoying at times