Titan township-primary school


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The residential area called Titan Township, falls under
Mathigiri Village juridiction. The township contains unique
row houses designed by Charles Corea with unique
common areas. The area was initially exclusive to Titan
Industries employees (Titan watches and Tanishq
Jewellery), but now open to the general public.

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Titan township-primary school

  1. 1. TITAN TOWNSHIP In 1991, Titan established a township spread over 110 acres at Mathigiriarchitect Charles Correa, it was designed in a manner that blended urban landscapes. Currently about 130 families live at Mathigiri, which has rows of duplex houses arranged in clusters around landscaped courtyards. Every house has an open space in the front and a private garden in a common courtyard at the back. There is a conveniently located shopping centre, a medical clinic, a sprawling recreation centre and other facilities aimed at encouraging a vibrant communal life. Blacktopped roads and landscaped common areas make this area pleasing to the eye. The Titan School, started in 2001, teaches almost 350 children in classes ranging from pre-primary to the fifth standard. This school has an alternative approach and emphasizes holistic rather than merely academic education. Children use the unconventional sight and phonetic reading method to learn. The school has no examinations till the fourth standard. CASE STUDY TITAN SCHOOL-HOSUR BOARD NO:1 LOCATION PLACE :HOSUR LATITUDE : 12° 43' 0" N LONGITUDE : 77° 49' 0" E CLIMATE TYPE : TROPICAL SAVANNA CLIMATE DISTANCE FROM TEMINALAS Hosur Central :7 kms Railway Station :3 kms Bus Stand :7 kms APPROACH Approach to the school can by made through Titan Township. There is only one entry to the school and it is in North-East and it has a 3m wide road. ACCESS Since the site is located at near by the bus stand. Transportation is easily accessible through buses,auto,two wheelers and four wheelers. SECURITYOFFICE ROTATING GATE ENTRANCE INDIA T A M I L N A D U TITAN TOWNSHIP
  2. 2. CASE STUDY TITAN SCHOOL-HOSUR BOARD NO:3 INFRASTRUCTURE SCHOOL BLOCK SCHOOL :Ground+1 Floor AUDITORIUM :Ground Floor KIDER GARDEN :Ground Floor GROUND FLOOR: LOBBY Lighting is achieved in the lobby with daylight and its available from sun raise to set. DAYLIGHTING KINDER GARDEN PLAY AREA WITH SAND PIT SINGLE STAIRS WITH TWO DIFFTENT LANDINGS DAYLIGHTING Ground floor, the areas are with frequent activates, such as security room,corridor,stair case, class rooms for kinder garden. There is enough sensitive spaces has been provided for circulation and interaction. It has play area for the Kinder garden school children's. Has two stairs for move to primary and secondary class areas. To the right side of stairs the art room is present. Next to the security room the multi purpose hall is located. And attached to the hall the Music room is also located. Kinder gardens with separate activity space and separate leering classes G R O U N D F L O O R P L A N Ground floor has mostly public area and the class rooms are restricted from their vies and disturbance are avoided in order to make them lively in the class hours The ground floor is mostly for the kinder garden since they have more safety and security for them and even the kinder garden is with sand pit in the centre as a mini play area for them LOBBY
  3. 3. FIRST FLOOR: On the right side of the stairs goes to Principal room, Toilets, Class room, Math lab, Biology lab. There was enough spaces has been provided for circulation and interaction. The classes are separated by landscape and also it used for ventilation purposes. The beading was given on the walls to display the works are done by the students. F I R S T F L O O R P L A N TOILET Where rest rooms for the children are nonadjacent to the classroom, inordinate time is wasted in moving children to and from the restroom . If rest rooms are integral parts of the classroom, children can use them independently and develop self-reliance .The theory that the fixtures should resemble those in the children's homes has merit, but the overriding considerations are convenience and utility . The wash basin and toilets should be appropriately sized for children . SPACESES CORRIDOR WITH LANDSCAPING ON EACH INTERVEL There are 6 toilets in one cubic. Here we could see Indian type toilets and Western type toilets. Each toilet space could accommodated of 6 pupils at a time. The level difference of the hand wash area had varied according to the age group and heights. The toilets were well ventilated and illuminated. BOYS TOILETS CORRIDOR BIFARATED stairs PARGOLA BSEDIDE PRINCIPLE CLAMBER WITH landscaping
  4. 4. CASE STUDY TITAN SCHOOL-HOSUR BOARD NO:2 LABS Physics lab: This lab has equipments dealing with the electricity, and equipments to be handled with much care. There are storage sections in lab to protect these equipments and the glass materials . Tables are provided for the purpose of experiments. Special spaces been allotted for the staffs. Display charts are provided regarding the subject. Chemistry lab: As it was dealing with the chemicals and reagents some safety measures been followed. One of them was the providing the wash porcelains and first aid kit, and fire extinguisher in case of any fire accident. All the reagents and chemicals are arranged in a separate cupboards to provide any chemical accidents. Lab was provided with the charts displaying like periodic tables, reactions table etc.. LIBRARY Library may be yesterdays term for yesterdays services, for the school library has become the information and resource center for the school ,and Is more appropriately now called as learning resource center. In addition to the books and periodicals there are now records, tapes and production films , cameras & projection equipments. EXIT OF ONE LIBERY WHICH CONNECTS THE ANOTHER LIBERY TO THAT’S EXIT WITH PARGOLA AS AN MAIN AESTHATICS ELEMENT There are two liberty which are interconnect by a common corridor outside with pergola one for primary and another grown ups PHYSICS LAB BIOLAB AV ROOM WELL VENTILATED MATH LAB
  5. 5. LANDSCAPE Landscape is the one of the main feature in any structure.  There is an alternation of landscaping with classrooms either sides of the corridor PLAYAREA L A N D S C A PI N G There were ornamental plants at the entrance, namely golden Durante + araucaria ,for decorative purpose. There were also pergolas with creepers provided at the entrance. Many useful plants like banana, cabbage and brinjal were also planted beside the art room to cook food for children's. Kinder garden was provided with a central courtyard with a sand pit which is very attractive. Many tall trees used as sound barriers were planted around the playground. The alternation of landscape with class rooms provided the class room with good shade and cooling effects. There were plants like paper flower and casuarinas with provided good effects on the auditorium. The trees are provided with name boards, containing both specific and common name, it is useful for students to know in a lively atmosphere. The entrance was beautifully decorated with violet color flowers which was like a pleasant welcoming. CREEPERS IN PARGOLAS LANDSCAPING ALONG THE EXTERIOR WALLS WITH BANANA AND COCNUT TREES ENTRANCE LANDSCAPING WITH PARGOLAS LANDSCAPING IN THE CENTRE OF THE CLUSTER LANDSCAPING TO PROVIDE SHDE IN THE CORRIDOR Auditorium with landscape
  6. 6. Lighting and ventilation Light in school buildings traditionally is from a combination of daylight and electric light to illuminate classrooms, hallways, cafeterias, offices and other interior areas. Light Fixtures currently in use usually provide students and teachers with satisfactory visual performance, i.e., the ability to read a book, have lunch, or play basketball in a gymnasium. However, the impact of light on students’ circadian—which may affect test scores, attendance and behavior—also needs to be considered. LIGHT AND VENTILATION SPACE LINKED BY A COMMON SPACE TO GET LIGHTING IN TO THE CLASS LIGHTING IN THE 3RD STD CLASSES WITH RAGS BESIDE INTERIOR OF 6TH STD CLASS WITH GREAT LIGHTING CLASS PRE-PRIMARY Day LIGHTING LANDSCAPING AUDITORIUM WITH BOTH LIGHTING AND LANDSCAPING In auditorium: sky lighting was introduced in auditorium and lobby space to make those spaces lighter. In Classroom: Each classroom was accompanied by a common courtyard and balcony spaces to have the space in space .pergolas are used to avoid direct sunlight and for aesthetics and to play with light and shadow. With well ventilated class rooms cross ventilation was used in staffroom and class room. labs have linear ventilation. Windows were open to courtyard staircase were ventilated. In library: When skillfully introduced, daylight creates an ambience of quiet contemplation and visual comfort, and links the modern library user psychologically with the pretechnological past. The alternative to day lighting, namely the use of electric power for library lighting, contributes to the strain on electric generation capacity as well as the inefficient use of nonrenewable energy resources. DAY LIGHT: Natural ventilation and lighting was used in the form of courtyards and large windows. their was a minimum of SIX windows in each classes. The courtyards was placed at regular intervals such that each class room would have courtyard on either sides. NATURAL VENTILATION IN STAIRS DAY LIGHT IN CORRIDOR
  7. 7. INTERIOR OF ACTIVITY SPACE ALUMINIUM WINDOW FRAME AUDITORIUM Materials The school was provided with the location of a security room at the entrance .The gates were made of steel. The compounds wall made up of hollow block. Security room:. The flooring was made up of kotostone.the; kadapastone were used for the stairs; the basic requirements are table,chair,newspaper racks were present. Sanitary: Sanitary were closed with air tight inspection chamber. The cupboards of AV room was made of wood. The flooring were made up of granite. Ramps were used for most of the pathways. Wooden cupboards were used. Partitions were made up of wood and glass. The furniture's where made up of metal. The partitions of computer lab was made of steel grills. These partitions would differentiate the computers from the UPS room. SECURITY ROOM
  8. 8. interior