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Tvs scl

  1. 1. Chronology Concept & achievements: Open courtyard Landscape Natural contours Individual classrooms Natural ventilation 2007 Expansion of library and higher secondary classrooms 1999 The Multi Purpose Hall is completed and 1st Theatre presentation directed by Mr. Prayalan staged. 1996Junior School moves into its present class room 1990 TVSA begins functioning in Bethalapalli The journey to tvsa is exhilarating experience as the school is away from the commotion and disturbances of the city as the school has adopted its shelter in the heart of the nature .As we take nose dive to this panoramic area we could see a school which is completely blended with nature. The school welcomes us with the exotic beauty of the nature that it blends with. The TVSA is located in a ten acre campus. The pre- primary, primary and middle school classrooms are each located in an independent building which opens into a landscaped garden . All classrooms are spacious and designed to facilitate movement and group work. 1 TVS
  2. 2. On site features: Different contour levels which were effectively utilized during the planning stages.existing forest areas and trees were not destroyed, but instead used for landscaping OFF SITE FEATURES: The site of the school is surrounded by the national highway on one side,forest area on the other,vegetable market and service road on one side. SANITARY FACILITIES: Washroom facilities of this school differed from others with separate toilets for staffs, students and helpers. Sanitizers and incinerators were also provided for hygienic purposes. Place: bathalapalli, Nh7,hosur. Landmark: next to vegetable market Phase 2 ,sipcot, Hosur. Climate: squama (aug 82 ®f & aug rainfall 84km) Latitude : 10® 43” Longitude: 75® 41” Distance from terminal: Airport - 65km Hosur busstand-6km Hosur railways-9km Approach: oblique Axis: non-symmetrical STAFF ROOMS The staff rooms are rectangular in plan with One cubical per teacher. Computer facility was also given to the teachers for effective teaching methods .These staff room were also provided with attached restrooms. location 2 TVS ACADEMY
  3. 3. THE SCHOOL COMPRISES OF : •Kindergarten •Primary •High school AUDITORIUM: The auditorium is one of the highlighting feature of this school. The plan is rectangular in shape and built like an amphitheatre with depressed area for the is a multi-purpose hall with the backside used as a as a pantry section and also as a green room during the shows Measures were also taken to reduce the heat by the use of tar and acoustical wool. Earthen pots was used as a method of sound absorbtion. Bamboo mats were provided instead of screens. For the flooring they preferred to use yellow and red Ferro oxide. LABS This school had four different labs for physics , chemistry, biology and computer labs respectively. These labs were all situated along the same line. The required ventilation for these labs were provided with presence of large windows on one side and a large courtyard on the other. Each lab has tables and stools according to the basic standards. CLASSROOMS: The kindergarten classrooms are isolated and free from the beast of burden. The classrooms are known as “pigeon houses” and they were designed in such a way that oidal shape it doesn’t allow any restrictions to the kids.specialised areas known as activity zones are provided to make them understand the art of alma matter. There were two doorways to the classrooms which acts as entry and exit for the classrooms.chairs weren’t provided and kids were made to sit on the floor as it allowed them to interact without any restrictions. Skylights were also used in classrooms. the windows were placed such that the sunlight was angled towards the blackboard. The primary classes classrooms are trapezoidal in shape so that it provides focus on the board and wider view of vision mezzanine floor were provide where lockers for the students were kept. these mezannine floors also proved to be activity zones for the tables weren’t of the usual rectangular shape but rather it was the same shape of the classroom . TVS ACADEMY 3
  4. 4. LANDSCAPING Landscaping is the most attractive feature of the school that attracts the students and the outsiders. landscape planning has helped for easy movement of places and outside circulation. Plants have been carefully chosen and planted in particular area based on its function The trees present are blended well with the artificial landscape. The school has been divided into different zones with the use of fragrant flowers. The toilets have been segregated with the use of fragrant flowers on both sides of the pathways leading to the classrooms, small bushes have been planted. Coconut trees have been used at the entrance to provide The toilets have been segregated with the use of fragrant flowers on both sides of the pathways leading to the classrooms, small bushes have been planted. Coconut trees have been used at the entrance to provide 00 TVS ACADEMY 4
  5. 5. Library was also present along the same line. It was a rectangular space which was clearly divided according to its function. The library had a a separate mezannine area which had stacks of books used for borrowing. the lower floor had the reference section and books for the primary students. Principal’s office was a part of the high school block which had a private waiting area and the principal’s desk. It had a spiral staircase that lead to another floor which was used as a storage room. Library The school gave lot of attention to co –curricular activities, hence the art room had paintings of the students. the art area was divided into working space, display area and storage space. the students were provided with small tables for working . The music room is located below the auditorium as they wanted to use the basement space effectively. It also provides link to the auditorium during stage shows. ART & MUSIC ROOM TVS ACADEMY 5
  6. 6. Conclusion: Our recent visit to the tvs academy has helped us in getting a practical knowledge of how schools are actually built and their different planning strategies and stages. It helped us realize that it is important to give more unbuilt spaces and utilize the area for landscaping and for outdoor activities. This school also shows the different methods of landscaping and how to utilize space efficiently. The different classroom layouts for different grades was also arranged in according to the respective standards. one main disadvantage of this school was the placements of the blocks. Each individual block was isolated to prevent disturbance but due to this the distance between each block increased and led to greater walking space. 6 Layout plan