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Google Docs in the Classroom



This is my introduction presentation for my Google Docs in the Classroom educational technology professional development session.

This is my introduction presentation for my Google Docs in the Classroom educational technology professional development session.



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Google Docs in the Classroom Google Docs in the Classroom Presentation Transcript

  • Google Docs Melanie Wiscount Wilkes University
  • Essential Questions
    • What are Google Docs ?
    • How can each application in Google Docs be used in the classroom?
  • Google Docs is a Natural in the 21 st Century Classroom
    • Collaborative
    • Creative
    • Productive
    • Online – cloud computing – the new Buzz word in education technology
    • Helps you be a facilitator
    • Teaches critical thinking among editors
    • Synchronous & Asynchronous
    • Web-based
  • Ways to Use Google Docs in the Classroom
    • Writing piece by one student (teacher acts as facilitator through the writing process)
    • Team project – Team, not group ;)
    • Collect data with a spreadsheet or form
    • Commensurate on a presentation
    • Creative with Google Drawing
    • Design a web page for a topic
    • ePortfolios
  • Ways to Use Google Docs in the Classroom
    • I am unique because... Writing prompt to get to know others in class
    • Collaborative homework
    • Collaborative class notes
    • Published presentation
    • Collaborate prior to a field trip
    • Create web pages of content
    • Collaborate and share with other teachers
  • Ways to Use Google Docs in the Classroom
    • Teach information management with folders
    • Peer edits
    • Use a document like a blog posting having students make additions (like comments on a blog)
    • Website evaluation with use of forms
    • Create widgets for blogs/wikis/Moodle/Webpage
  • Ways to Use Google Docs in the Classroom
    • Archive presentations with backchannel for review/relearn
    • Visual literacy with Google Doc Drawing
    • Integrate with links to documents with hyperlinks
    • Publish online to share
    • Create a webinar environment with presentation & chat
  • Ways to Use Google Docs in the Classroom
    • Group projects
    • Time management spreadsheets
    • Create documents to share with parents/guardians – Classroom Newsletter
    • Student Drop Boxes with use of folder
    • Note: Students need accounts
  • Google Templates
    • Teachers create
      • Students save as a copy
    • Click on Teachers & Students for templates from other classroom
    • Create visual appeal to already created document
    • Critique already created Google Docs
    Google Templates
  • Google Word Processor
    • Up to 50 synchronous collaborators at one time
    • Up to 200 viewers/editors
    • Adding a table in this type of document aids collaboration
    • Readability – revert to old version (Settings>Editing)
    • Chat
    Google Word Processor
    • Add footnotes – copyright, plagiarsm & citations
    • Insert comments
    • Create a draft or rough copy
    • Perfect for brainstorming with teacher and/or peers
    • Import, or Export, Embed or Publish
    Google Word Processor
  • Google Spreadsheet
    • Up to 50 synchronous collaborators at one time
    • Up to 200 viewers/editors
    • Create visualizations by importing data into spreadsheet and combine it with Exhibit
    • Couple with form for easy input
    Google Spreadsheet
  • Google Presentation
    • Up to 10 synchronous collaborators at one time
    • Up to 200 viewers/editors
    • Publish & control what they see and when they see it
    • Use a backchannel with chat
    Google Presentation
    • Inline videos in chat window
      • YouTube and Google Videos
    • Inline images in chat window
      • Flickr and Picasa Web
    • Import, Export, Embed, or Publish
    Google Presentation
  • Google Form
    • Up to 50 collaborators at one time
    • Collect data which can be viewed by the class with the corresponding spreadsheet
    • Very visually appealing
    • Have students create forms to collect data from peers which they can analyze
    • You can embed the form and not share the spreadsheet
    Google Form
  • Google Drawing
    • Up to 50 collaborators at one time
    • Visual literacy
    • Students exhibit creativity
    • Create infographics
    Google Drawing
  • Google Website
    • Any document can be published as a web page
    Google Web Page
  • Let’s Begin to Create a Google Doc of Every Type!