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Google apps


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Google apps

  1. 1. Google AppsIntroduction
  2. 2. Google Apps• What is it? – Collection or a group of hosted communication and collaboration applications.• Education Edition – Free – The entire Google applications • Docs (docs, spreadsheets presentations & forms) • Calendar • Gmail • Contacts • Chat • Sites • Video
  3. 3. What does it give students & teachers?• Use of Google tools in a secure network• Use of Google docs without email login• Docs and website shared within domain• E-mail accounts for students used only to contact teachers and students – “walled garden for school”
  4. 4. Suggestions for Google Apps• New domain for apps - $10 per year. – Prevents conflicts – Private network
  5. 5. Administration Hints• Acceptable Use Policy for students – Publishing guidelines – Communication guidelines – Chat – Email – Sharing vs. Plagiarism – Video – Private vs. public
  6. 6. Administration Cautions• Chat and Gmail – Communication within and without school – Public vs. domain use – E-mail security/Postini
  7. 7. Seven Factors Contributing to Success1. Necessity2. Leadership3. Efficacy – The plans were capable of producing the desired results – Google Apps communication creativity collaboration
  8. 8. Seven Factors Contributing to Success4. Expertise – Team between administration and faculty5. Support – WEEKLY professional development • Focus on the daily need of the teachers6. Reliability – Technology and support7. Critical Mass – The actual need to get what needs to be done
  10. 10. Google Docs• Collection of applications similar to Microsoft Office: Word, Excel and PowerPoint• Forms and Drawings• Create, store, collaborate• 50 people can work same time – see changes in real time
  11. 11. Google Docs• Students need to add teacher as collaborator• Create a convention how to name electronic docs – Period, name, title of paper – 3-Sarah Smith-Macbeth• Practice procedures – Create handouts – AUP
  12. 12. Google Docs• Promote honesty among students by having them compose their work within Documents – Time stamped• Wiki – Electronic portfolios – Marking work – Teaching reading – – 1 GB free (25 mgs) -- $.25 per gb per year
  13. 13. Presentations• Create, upload, save and print PowerPoint slide shows• Real time chat• Collaborative editing• Uploaded presentations
  14. 14. Presentations• Chat – Comments on slide presentations while its being given• Publishing and Embedding a Presentation – Publish prevent it from being edited – Embedded into any blog, wiki
  15. 15. Presentations• Using Chat feature – Show actual video and images • Google Video or YouTube • Images from Picasa or Flickr• Ideas: – Pg. 55
  16. 16. Spreadsheets• Incredible range of functionality• Most robust among Google Docs
  17. 17. What can Spreadsheets do?• Engage in real-time editing with multiple collaborators simultaneously• Chat with collaborators while editing• Create animated movie charts, depicting up to six variables at the same time• Create surveys and questionnaires feed live data into a spreadsheet
  18. 18. Spreadsheets• Gadgets – Data as gauges – Organizational charts – Translate data from English• Publish spreadsheets with own URL• Search Google from any cell
  19. 19. Spreadsheet Gadgets• Flash Cards• Gauges• Interactive Time Series Chart• Word Search• Motion Chart• Organizational Chart• Timeline• Gannt Chart – Illustrate the start and finish dates of the terminal elements and summary elements of a project• Pie Chart
  20. 20. Spreadsheet - Images• Google images only• Need URL of JUST the image• Motion Charts –
  21. 21. Spreadsheet• Chat – Work on a spreadsheet together – See names of people – Collaborator must be actively logged into the spreadsheet for his name to appear
  22. 22. Spreadsheets:• Experiment with numbers without redoing calculations• Permit the explorations of “what-if”• Enable graphic layouts• Identify patterns and trends• Real-time data• Simplify sorting and filtering data
  23. 23. Spreadsheets:• Comparing, contrasting, classifying timelines• Organize interviews of multiple people• Creates digital worksheets• Plan trip, keep track of expenses• Develop/maintain budget• Keep track of passwords
  24. 24. Forms• Allows a user to create a questionnaire and send it to a list of people or make it public via the web.• Responses are automatically fed into a spread sheet• Self-scoring worksheets, quizzes and tests.• Video
  25. 25. Blogger• What is a blog? – Diary or journal maintained on the web – Dynamic – regular postings • Critical thought, opinion, observation or accolade – Used as the following • Bulletin board • Discussion center • Personal expression journal • Notebook
  26. 26. Blogs• Defaulted for the public• Window to the world
  27. 27. BlogsBlogging may bring us into a new community of learners, but it also drives us from a “regular” place of comfort where the rules are steady, change is slow, and things are predictable. Instead, we leave this behind and are driven towards trying to understand concepts of change in all of its facets and its impact on our lives, the lives of our students, and what we are trying to accomplish in our classrooms. This process is not easy or steady, and it provides us with little comfort outside of the constancy of change. Clarence Fisher
  28. 28. Maps• Provides searchable and customizable maps• Conduct research and identify problems• Participate in civil discussions on current events• Use spatial tools and math skills to solve problems
  29. 29. Google Earth• Downloaded software• Views satellite images and information about the Earth• Version 5 – you can turn back time
  30. 30. Maps vs. EarthMaps Earth• Viewed in browser – • Software that is connected to internet downloaded• Create custom maps • Realistic with tilt, rotate,• Collaborate with others zoom and 3D• Map, satellite and street- • Virtual flights level views • Use of overlays – great• Share – web links opportunity for learning• Embed within a website/wiki
  31. 31. Maps• Google Lit Trips – Grapes of Wrath – Lewis and Clark expedition – Explore • Flight simulator • Moon • Mars
  32. 32. Advanced Search• Information literacy – top priority – Searching one aspect • Affectively evaluate the relevance and reliability of what they encounter – Evaluate and Application of knowledge
  33. 33. Calendar• Create, share, and collaborate• Automatic reminders of updates and events• Create a task list• Embed calendar in wiki or website• Color coded• Scheduling – Class assignments
  34. 34. Groups• Share ideas, resources, look for information• Diocesan Groups
  35. 35. Other Apps• iGoogle• News• Picasa• Sites