Building Real-World Skills - Increasing Collaboration within the Classroom and Beyond


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  • Do yes/no poll – do you use Skype?
  • This is the official social network of the Global Education Conference.  On the site, you can find presentations from the 2011 conference, several places to collaborate and share ideas, and just a great network of educators from around the world who are pushing the envelope in global education.
  • Building Real-World Skills - Increasing Collaboration within the Classroom and Beyond

    1. 1. Building Real-World Skills:Increasing Collaboration within the Classroom and Beyond Kim Jurczak Instructional Technology Consultant
    2. 2. Who is Kim?
    3. 3. Framework for 21st Century LearningCollaborate with Others• Demonstrate ability to work effectively and respectfully with diverse teams• Exercise flexibility and willingness to be helpful in making necessary compromises to accomplish a common goal• Assume shared responsibility for collaborative work, and value the individual contributions made by each team member
    4. 4. Why Collaborate?
    5. 5. Collaboration in the Classroom How familiar are you with Google Docs? A. Use it all of the time B. Use it sometimes C.Use it rarely D. Never use it
    6. 6. Google Docs• Multiple ways to collaborate using Google Docs: o Document o Spreadsheet o Presentation o Form o Drawing o Table• Great for 1-to-1 classrooms or for group projects• Up to 50 simultaneous collaborators
    7. 7. Today’s Weather•• Tell us a little about the weather in your area of the world
    8. 8. Collaborative Revision
    9. 9. 36 Interesting Ways to Use Google Docs in the ClassroomCreated by Tom Barrett - @tombarrett
    10. 10. Collaborating Globally
    11. 11. ePals•• Free network of K-12 classrooms• Representing over 200 countries• Students and teachers can safely connect, communicate, and collaborate• Ability to search classroom profiles and projects to find others with similar learning objectives o Project Search o ePals/National Geographic Collaborative Projects
    12. 12. e•• Free global community allowing teachers and classrooms to communicate and collaborate with others from around the world
    13. 13. Skype Classroom Collections
    14. 14. •• Contains a collection of current e-learning projects to support 21st century learning through content- driven collaboration• Special Programs include: o An International CyberFair o Online Expeditions o The Newsday Project• Use the Collaborate Now section to find partners and projects, or get involved in global learning competitions.
    15. 15. Global SchoolNet’sCollaborative Learning Center
    16. 16. •• Official social network of the Global Education Conference• Great place to collaborate and share ideas with others around global education• 2012 Global Education Conference will be held November 12 - 16
    17. 17. Questions?
    18. 18. Thank You! Twitter - @jurczak Blog – Email – Skype – kim.jurczakPresentation -