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Google final presentation


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Google final presentation

  1. 1. Google Tools in the Classroom Brandi Hamnett Final Presentation
  2. 2. Google DocsGoogle Document Google Form Google Doc Template – Central Archive• I needed to • Every year I send out Document create a unit plan a student with a classmate information form • I wanted to create a template for students to• My family • I need to flip summarize books obligations made through 30+ read with their it difficult for me handwritten pages group to meet outside any time I need to of class time use the information • I edited a google template to create• By creating a • By creating a form I my template google document can now easily my partner and I access and analyze • I added a Table of were able to the information in a Contents to make work on and edit spreadsheet finding / grading the document in current entries real time easier
  3. 3. Google Doc – Collaborative Work• I created a unit template for my partner and I to use as we completed our work• I saved my work to word before sharing the document because I didn’t yet know I could revert to previous versions and wanted to be sure my work wasn’t “messed up” or “lost”• I later accidently deleted the document (while learning to create/delete folders) and thank goodness had the backup copy• Luckily, my teammate had made very few changes to the document!• Lesson learned – NEVER say yes I want to delete permanently
  4. 4. Form –Organized Information
  5. 5. Template – CentralArchive Document
  6. 6. Google Earth• I chose this tool because I teach social studies for the entire fourth grade – I made placemarks for my US Geography lesson• Our textbook is titled “Regions of the United States” – Google Earth will enrich every chapter!
  7. 7. Google Calendar• Although I already had been using Google calendar with my son and husband, I learned about new features – invitations and private verses public sharing options
  8. 8. Google Groups - joiningLove the Google tools education group – so helpful for someone just learning tointegrate this into my classroom. Most essential tip – for form tests make the firstquestion the student’s name.
  9. 9. Google Groups - creating• I plan to also use google groups once school begins to give the same permissions to a group of people for some of my google docs• For example: I created a google group for my grade level partners/PLC team to use for collaboration• For example: I think it would be useful to make a classroom parent group for sharing information
  10. 10. Google ReaderI love to research, but often spend a ton of time finding all these greatresources and then forget about them soon after – by using the chicklets/RSSlinks Google Reader will import and remember for me!
  11. 11. Reflection• I have to say that Google Docs is my favorite tool – probably because it is so similar to Office - I already feel comfortable and see a ton of possibility• Google Reader and Groups are definitely new ideas for me – being part of my very first attempts at social networking. I have so much more to explore and am looking forward to becoming more involved• I already love my personal Google calendar. I see a possibility for creating one for school to keep parents and students up to date on assignments and even curriculum topics being covered in class throughout the year.• Google Earth is definitely an amazing tool for social studies – I just love that such a vast array of visuals are at my fingertips and FREE