FARAH FADZLIA JALALUDIN                        MH101098        MATAHATI MAHBOL                                MH101097    ...
INTRODUCTIONEven though it has Human Resource (HR) departmentbut the focus of the work scope has been mixing betweenboth s...
MALAYSIAN SCOPE IN HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT                  American Society for                  Training and Developm...
MALAYSIAN SCOPE IN HUMAN      RESOURCE DEVELOPMENTHRD and Small MediumEnterprise (SME)       HRD & Large Scale Industry (L...
MALAYSIAN SCOPE IN HUMAN           RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT                                  Supported from:                  ...
Ramunia Holdings BerhadCelestica Electronics(M) Sdn. Bhd                        TWI Training & Certification              ...
B                                                                                  A                               Provide...
A                                                                                           C                             ...
A                                                                         C                                               ...
A                                                                                                                         ...
A                                                                                             C                           ...
A                                                                                                                R        ...
B                                                           A                                                           C ...
A                                                                                                                         ...
A                                                                                        R                                ...
ANALYSIS                                                                       Malaysia                            Sector•...
CONCLUSION      3                             Malaysia ableorganization                          organizingbeen choose    ...
Mini study 3organization
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Mini study 3organization


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Mini study regarding 3 organization that been choose for HRD.
1- Celestica Electronics (M) Sdn. Bhd
2 - TWI Training & Certification (S.E Asia) Sdn. Bhd
3- Ramunia Holding Berhad

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Mini study 3organization

  1. 1. FARAH FADZLIA JALALUDIN MH101098 MATAHATI MAHBOL MH101097 NURUL HIDAYAH SALLEH MH101095This presentation slide able to download at: http://www.slideshare.net/mtati_m
  2. 2. INTRODUCTIONEven though it has Human Resource (HR) departmentbut the focus of the work scope has been mixing betweenboth scope of Human Resource Development (HRD) andHuman Resource Management (HRM) within organization.Subject of mini study:Celestica Electronics (M) Sdn. Bhd (Manufacturing firm)TWI Training & Certification (S.E. Asia) Sdn. Bhd (Training Provider)Ramunia Holdings Berhad (Oil & Gas)Studying the HRD in the organization. is for making understandingtowards the HRD on the organization, and we need to know theflow and activities of that organization.
  3. 3. MALAYSIAN SCOPE IN HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT American Society for Training and Development by a task team headed by Patricia Mclagan in 1990
  4. 4. MALAYSIAN SCOPE IN HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENTHRD and Small MediumEnterprise (SME) HRD & Large Scale Industry (LSI)
  5. 5. MALAYSIAN SCOPE IN HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT Supported from: Ministry of Education Ministry of Under seven (7)Controlled by Ministry of Entrepreneurship thrusts, NVP emphasize Human Resources Ministry of Youth and two (2) of it related to HRD Sports Ministry of Higher Education Empowered to impose and Human Resources Act collect human resources (1992) from employers to Support the Government’s promote employees plan and policies for HRD training and development
  6. 6. Ramunia Holdings BerhadCelestica Electronics(M) Sdn. Bhd TWI Training & Certification (S.E. Asia) Sdn. Bhd
  7. 7. B A Provides its customers with Provides services to C printed circuit customers in the Located in the assembly enterprise, telecom KTampoi Industrial (PCA), box munications, consu Estate build, repair mer and industrial G services, systems sectors assembly and test R O Celestica integrated U global supply chain is Celestica help their N adaptive and customers stay ahead responsive to continuous in a dynamic world D and adapt to changes change, tailored to quickly. meet their customers’ unique requirements
  8. 8. A C T I • Combine strengths and diversity to drive success for the customers and for themselves. V • Encourage and reward the contributions of everyone on the team. Teamwork • Communications with each other need to be clear, timely, honest and accurate. I • Performance culture allows them to anticipate their customers’ requirements with speed, agility and flexibility and their business E partners are recognized as an extension of their own team. S O • They are committed to providing their employees a rewarding environment of trust, personal growth and work-life balance. F Trust & • Attract, retain and develop the highest caliber talent in the industry. • Capable to treat each other with dignity and fairness and trust eachCommitment other and are accountable for their results. • Respect and care for each other as individuals with personal lives. H • Act ethically, with integrity and social and environmental responsibility R D
  9. 9. A C T I • Encourage creativity and embrace the dynamic of change. • Generate innovative solutions to thrive in a changing V business environment. ICreativity • Take initiative and strive for simplicity. • Create, adapt and continuously enhance tools and E processes to enable their customers’ success without sacrificing quality. S O F • Take informed risks and challenge boundaries to achieveCourage breakthrough results. • Confident, decisive and act with the courage of their convictions. H R D
  10. 10. A R T I Manufacturing sector in India HRD mechanism ------------------ ************* C * Training L * Performance appraisal and E feedback * Potential appraisal and C career planning O * Rewards and also employee welfare M P welfares - Implemented around HRD mechanism - Consists of the - Have rated as a goodTraining Performance & Feedback Potential & career Rewards & Employee 62% frameworks and average * Training plans, goals, standards A - It have the units * Performance and competence were sponsored the appraisal and requirements R training and took feedback, potential seriously and tried to appraisal and career - It take fewer efforts I learn from the planning, rewards and to find out their program that they also employee welfare strength and weakness S attended. O N
  11. 11. BACKGROUND
  12. 12. A C T I Technology It build through V reputation creativity, dedication I & innovation and continued learning EAim to improve the SUKs innovationperformance by Knowledge Members Ensure to goincreasing the Transfer HRD help in and through O Networks customerbreadth and depth of (KTN) productivity focus professionalknowledge exchange excellence, int Fbetween companies egrity and independence H Gain through motivation, teamwork, r Ambition R & flexibility espect and discipline D
  13. 13. A R T I C L Multi Bintang Indonesia (MBI) E C MBI has adapt the Total OMission: To reach the first rank of BOEM (Brewery Operational Productivity Management Excellent Model) in Asia Pacific. (TPM) M P Objective: Strategy: Steps in TPM A Involved in Skill Training Center R To improve the technician’s Development consists of - Planned maintenance knowledge, skills, and concentration in relation to the identification of equipment on the - Autonomous maintenance I brewerymaintenance. The prepare teaching process, specification, type, capacit - Focus improvement,materials and multimedia, prepare y, load, process of - Progressive quality S teaching aids, also provision of work, installation of O “Training Modules”, “Supporting - Education and training electrical, identification ofMeans” and “Professional Training equipment problem and equip - Safety, health and environment N Instructor”. stocking strategy
  14. 14. B A C Parent company of Ramunia K Fabricators Sdn Bhd ("RFSB") G R O U Awarded its first fabrication Main operating company N contract by Petronas for the Group was Carigali for Kinarut KINDP-A Dincorporated on 17 January Platform and EWAC Module 2001 in the year 2002
  15. 15. A C T I V I E SEndeavour to pursue an Provide forum toobjective of no harm to Protect and preserve employees, customers Implement safe and Promote safety & health Provide necessary people or damage to the surrounding and contractors to healthy systems of work awareness training to employees plant, equipment and environment actively participate in all property HSE programs O F H R D
  16. 16. A R Stewardship T Core competencies I C -Need to define the Developed Cambodian role, mission and their L National Petroleum focus on its competencies -CNPA need to guide E Authority (CNPA) -- only focus towards the by principles of most critical parts and stewardship which important aspects of its natural resource C mission wealth, CNPA’s O decision & regulatory action M Human Resource Development -- Wisely using PDevelopment of CNPA consider stewardship it will A principles of focus on its core - Need the highly competent playing a critical andcompetencies, invest in human professional in almost all vital role in R resources and see itself as a aspects. Cambodias long- I steward of Cambodian -lack of human resources term economic S resources for development presents constraints to the development development of CNPA as well as O the industry N
  17. 17. ANALYSIS Malaysia Sector• India • Every sector has aspect• Indonesia the different HRD• Cambodia applied in the • Manufacturing organization • Human Resource • Training Provider Act (1995) developed for HRD • Oil & Gas • Been developed since Malaysia achieve independent country from British To achieve Comparison what they Country want in the end of result
  18. 18. CONCLUSION 3 Malaysia ableorganization organizingbeen choose andin these mini managing HR study department Able to in more understand the efficient ways concept of HRD occurred within those organization