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Brosura mmm eng

  1. 1. Organisationaldevelopment consultingTraining for people and organisations
  2. 2. For each client we create an unique and D i agnosis, development, re s u l t s tailor-made solution, by applying all our resources: experience, professionals, and the most modern tools. Each client is unique!Brief Description• MMM Consulting - was founded in 2003 as a result of pioneering experience in management training in Romania• Training and consultancy projects in human resources and organizational development in Romania, FYROM, Bulgaria, Serbia and Montenegro, Austria, Moldova, TOOLS and METHODOLOGIES Greece and other projects with participants from 16 countries SEE.Projects we are proud of2005 - 2006 E.On Moldova: managerial skills audit2002 – 2008: Cefin Romania, Bulgaria and HungaryFondazione Leonardo: Cefin Sales and Management Diagnosis and investigationSchool2006 – present: Wurth Romania2003 – 2006: Syngenta Agro Srl, HR support2004 – 2006: Romcon Romania2006 - BRD Groupe Societe Generale Romania2007 - Kraft Foods2007 - present: TAROM Romania, management development (Top management) and Customer service Facilitation2007 - 2008: Helpnet, management development andchange implementation2007 - 2009: HOLCIM Romania, development centre2007- present: Pirelli Tyres: development centre, manage-ment training, Train of Trainers, organisational communication2008 Biofarm – Top management training2008 BCR – Train of Trainers Assessment center2008 – 2010: Helpnet, managment development, coaching, change management2009 BancPost – Performance Management, training for managers, Train of Train
  3. 3. Persona Global Partnership in Romania there are available: Persuasive Communicator, a workshop dedi- cated for building trust generating abilities, developing empathy and flexibility Organizational Alignment Survey, a study of the most important business dimensions that generates results with clients Management Action Profile, a profile of the way a manager acts and uses managerial competenciesProjects we are proud of Sales Competency Assessment, a methodol- ogy that includes assessment of sales2009 - 2011 Schering Plough Romania - MSD, efficiency and knowledge together with organisational diagnosis, Persuasive Communicator specific improvement recommendations2009 Interbrands, Train of Trainers, Management development2009, Softnet, Leadership Talent Management, assessment of leader-2009 Nestle, Train of Trainers ship and management potential2009 – present ITO Wien - VIG, development centre2009 Provision, Sales Competency assesment Performance Leadership Profile, assessment2009 – 2010, SAB Miller Ursus Breweries, management development of how the leader generates2009 Bucharest University: Train of Trainers performance with the team2009 Astra Zeneca: Persuasive communicator2010 RBS Bank: team development2010 Romstal: Train of trainers, mentoring2010 Ulker, top management development2010 Unicredit: Train of trainers2010 Microsoft: Persuasive Communicator2010 – 2012: Carrefour: cultural change pro-gram "Carrefour te incanta!"2010 Petrom: development program for man- Open coursesagers: competencies for maximizing profit 2010 – 2011 Zentiva: development program for middle management Performance Management – 2 days2011 – Bella Romania: Persuasive Sales Train of Trainers - 5 days2011 - Calsonic Kansei Romania: top management Lifetime clients, the future of the business 2011 – Plastipak Europe region (6 countries): top management – 2 days Labor disputes and litigations- 2 days Persuasive Communicator - 2 days Discourse on my speech – 1 day Persona Global Partnership Powerful Training – 2 zile MMM Consulting is the Human Resources Management - 14 days licensed partner for Romania. Lean Management - 3 days The network of partners is in over 70 countries Start Up Manager – 3 days Methodologies and organizational products for Talent Management – 2 days growth and efficiency, available in 39 languages including Romanian
  4. 4. Alignment and organi- zational efficiency OUR TEAM • practitioners who have spent D SCU many years in management before I A N A U LE becoming a trainer and consultant; VOI CU R AD CHE I • an accumulation of decades of ac- LU M AD tual experience, working in over 20 industries;VI • experience in hundreds of training VI AN and consulting projects A AN DO VLAD NE DUTE SCU N MIRE I STI LA G CR HEOR ALEXANDRA FUSNEICA MI GHE TO
  5. 5. Some of our clients CLAL Romania Constam metal UNIVERSITATEA DIN BUCURESTI MMM C o n s u l t i n g I nter n at i o n a l Office: D e l e a Vec h e 5 1 , b l . 4 6 , s e c to r 2 , Bucure st i 0 2 4 1 0 1 Web: w w w. m m m co n s u l t i n g . ro Email: madi.ra d u l es c u @ m m m co n s u l t i n g . ro alexan d ra .f u s n e i ca @ m m m co n s u l t i n g . ro Mobil: ( + 4 ) 0 7 2 8 . 0 3 9 . 7 4 6 Fix:(+4 ) ( 0 2 1 ) 3 2 0 3 2 3 4 Romania MGI METRO Group Information Technology Romania S.R.L.