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nationa                                gníomha      l consu                                       ireacht          mer age...
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First Year guide to                       SUCCESS                           RATH      2010 - 2011                         ...
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ily                    and a business famA family business                    Mary Leland
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D&D Creative Portfolio
D&D Creative Portfolio
D&D Creative Portfolio
D&D Creative Portfolio
D&D Creative Portfolio
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D&D Creative Portfolio


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selection of recent projects

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D&D Creative Portfolio

  1. 1. Selection of our clients We at Cognis value an empowering and rewarding work environment! Cognis’ employees should enjoy their time at work and be proud of the company.We will foster an atmosphere of openness, cooperation and trust.We will encourage managers to delegate meaningful responsibility. Employees will be expected to accept accountability for their decisions and actions. The company will invest in our employees and continuously challenge the individual with opportunities for professional and personal growth in which their comments, ideas, suggestionsCultural and positive work habits are allowed to develop.We are committed to providing a safe and secure working environment for all Cognis personnel where individual contribution is valued without regard to management level, age , gender, race or We at Cognis value a change and innovation! assion for customer We embrace change as presenting unparalleled opportunities for both corporate and personal growth. We value people who s critical to the success of Cognis. champion change, who challenge the status quo and who seek towithin our means to add value to exploit change to the benefit of the company. We will encourage ntinuously enhance their and reward creative thinking that leads to positive change. . All employees have a Unconventional and creative thinking are important sources for on, our customers in some us in becoming an innovation leader in our markets. Employees ct. Each employee must embrace will be encouraged to take calculated business risks, and will be ve to understand how the allowed to learn through mistakes. Permanent individual andmers, and continuously seek new organizational learning and knowledge sharing are essential. ease our value and service to We at Cognis value personal leadership! Leadership is critical to the ongoing success and development ofne team – one dream”! Cognis’ business. Every person, regardless of function oream – we must “Think Cognis” . organizational level, must take the opportunity and responsibilityg units counts for nothing if to challenge peers, to constructively address conflicts, to developt. Cooperation, a common consensus and to achieve performance with and through others. amwork across the organization Managers must be people who are respected not just for their mpetition and will enhance our technical acumen but also for the manner in which they conductness.The good of the company themselves, the professionalism with which they direct theiry SBU, function or affiliate. organization and develop staff.ceptional the only option. It is critical to ndividuals and teams must performance. Exceptional ate objectives will receive e expected to perform, but they oor performance will not be
  2. 2. Current Principal Clients Public Sector Private Sector Bord Gáis Éireann Bantry Bay Seafoods Cork Institute of Technology Bowen Group Cork City Council Bride View Developments Cork County Council Cognis Ireland Ltd Cork University Hospital (CUH) Dawn Meats HSE South (Health Service Executive) GlaxoSmithKline Enterprise Ireland Savills Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) Johnson & Perrott Motor Group Mercy University Hospital Lavit Gallery National Consumer Agency Millipore Ireland BV National Institute of Health Science Murnane & O’Shea/MOS Group National Software Centre Pfizer Ireland Pharmaceuticals NUI Galway Department of Education/ SPHE Support Service (Post Primary) University College Cork (UCC)
  3. 3. Cork In stitute Institiú of Tech id Teicn nology eolaíoc hta Cho rcaí| music Contin uing Ed ucation Course s 2007-2 008 21971 T: 021 48 ultants ns sign Co ling De g & Dow Dowlin contin uing to bring y ou furt her
  4. 4. nationa gníomha l consu ireacht mer age náisiúnt ncy a tomha ltóirí putting consum ers firstAward WinnersDowling & Dowling Wins Top International AwardThis logo won ‘Best of Nation’ Wolda Award 2008. Wolda, theWorldwide Logo Design Awards is the innovative graphic designawards scheme that rewards and recognises the best logos andtrademarks designed throughout the world.
  5. 5. safe system s of work How to use this folder Your Risk Ass essment and Book Quick Refere nce Guides Fold contains all er, together helping you you need to with your Haz to complete carry out on- ard & Control your job safe site risk assess ly. ment. These are vital too Each of the form ls in s has been desi the risks/hazards gned in a user friendly style, to and controls asso enable you to docu ciated with task ment on-site risk s you carry out assessment and on operational sites. Safe Syste SSW SSW The site spec ms of ificorrisk Work W k Descrip assessment – CONF tion form INED Job This is the ma in form you Location SPAC Replacement. will use on a day-to-day bas ES FO Compl is if you eted By are in Repair, Doc. BG rm N/HSQE Connections /FM/043 It should also be or completed by eng ineers, SSW supervisors and The form mus foremen where t be used for: Toxic Atmos a significant haza safe system and Quick Reference GuidesRisk Assessm phere rd exists. Work l Work deem Oxygen Order Deficie No. ed higher risk, ncy requiring Oxygen a higher leve Date Enrichm l of control (bey Yes l Work takin ent ond standard prac No n Fla g place under a mmab tice) Time __/_ (To/From _ / 20 ficatio Permit to xplok, le/EWor ) __ Rou sive At tine or Non Flowin This form can also mosph ere Routine Operatio g Liqui be used, as requ n ds or Fr ired System , by all Bord ecks /Netw Ch Gáis Excess ive He ee Flo Identi Contorks business at wing So s of w rols units. lids ork ch Other Yes Engineers, sup Adequa ecked (pleas e spec No ervisors and fore te supp (Metho ify belo ent Forms Breath men must: oxyg ly of d Stat w) emen Hazard l Ensure that in en t/Risk Yes our new Site Spec g apparatus Atmos ific Risk Assess ment) No pher worn Assessment form to on-site risks and hazards, toge e tested fo Contin is completed, reco rding the informa Checks r oxyg uousther with the cont Floo monito en mea rol sures (beyond stan tion relating d/engulfm / Cont Safety ring re ent w rols Managers mus harnes quired/ dard practice) to Wat arning be put in chers to be s of work t: s/lifelin in plac place. system Emerge e/tripod e Radio posted l Review the ncy pr /winch comm Yes ocedur No s of work form to ensure Hazard e unicatio the scontrol mea in place ou su Forced n link they visit a site bstanc sures are in plac ventila safe system Free fro in conjunction es/dep e and adequate Gaseo tion pr m with managem osits re , and sign this ovided Warni toxic/fl ammab ent safety tours. moved form every timeus flows stop ng le su Liquid ped/se signs/b bstanc flows aled Safety arriers es stoppe equipm Flamep d/seal uides roof/E ed G ent ch rence ecked X rate Protec d Quick Refe before d light tive clo ing use thing ent Forms an Adequa ent Risk Assessm te acce Lockou ss/egr Type ess quipm t of pl ant re First ai quired Manuf Equipm acture ent fo r Test ing / M SSW d in at tendan ce Record r Test E on itorin results g Atm of atm Model ossphe ospher re ic test ing Serial Numbe r Note: Calibra Confine tion Da d Spac te e traini ng mus t be co mplet ed by entran ts and lan standb Detai y pers ls of Ev on. ency P acuatio n Plan from Confi ned Sp aces Emerg Local em ergenc y num Detai ber ls of Em ergenc Confi y Resp ned Sp onse Plan Fo ace St llowin Name andb g an (capita y – I fu Evacua ls) lly un Phone tion dersta locatio Name nd th n (capita e Confi ls) ned Sp ff ace proced Sign O Confi ure an ned Sp d em ace En ergenc Name trant Signat y proc (capita – I fully ure edure ls) unde rs tand Confi the Co Signat ned Sp nfine ure ace Su d Sp emer ace pr gency pervis ocedur arrang or – I e and emen confirm emer ts and that th gency Name are pr e pers Signat proced (capita operly ons lis ure ure ls) ted ab equipp ove ar ed an e fam d trai iliar w ned to ith th carry e safe out th ty an e wor d k. Signat ure No. 0 001
  6. 6. MagazIne For the staFF and FrIends oF bord gáis éireann gasetteMAGAZIN E FOR THE STA FF AND FRIENDS OF BORD GÁIS ÉIR EA NN making the con nectio n asette Vol 17 IssUe 3 autuMn 2010 g VOL 17 ISSUE 1 SPRING 2010 page 4 renew able gas page 12 FIrMUs in this issue news page 18 coMpe tItIon AS AY IDE HOLID PAGE 20 2 page 11 gas to cahIr S NEWS FIRMU PAGE 12 page 15 energ y news VISIT SONIA’S PAGE 5 Y NEWS ISSUE ENERG PAGE 16 IN THIS custom G TEERIN VOLUN PAGE 9 er info rmatio n introduction key features of the NSC building safety and Bord Gáis Networks Services Centre Project Bord Gáis Networks intends to focus its operations in Dublin into a single The NSC building combines microclimate control, extensive external landscaping, Safety and environ location through the development of a new Networks Services Centre and a compact building volume with low energy sustainable design. Gáis Networks and (NSC) building. This new 2 storey building will be a leading example of Key features include: During the construct sustainable, energy efficient design aiming at a low carbon footprint the impact on the loc whilst also creating a modern work environment for Bord Gáis Networks l Geothermal Heat Pump. A closed loop geothermal borehole has been and its staff. employed for heating. This system takes advantage of the constant temperatures deep in the ground where water is pumped to depths over 100m The building will be located adjacent to the existing Bord Gáis Networks offices at deep and cooled or heated in a similar way to a refrigerator. Donmoy House, St. Margaret’s Road in Finglas. Planning permission was granted by l Photovoltaic Panels. On the face of the central tower there is an array of high Fingal Co. Co. in September 2009. specification photovoltaic panels to generate electricity from the sun’s solar Construction of the 5,200 sq.m building will commence in Spring 2010 and is due energy. Complementing the photovoltaic panels, there is also a series of solar- for completion by Autumn 2011. The integrated sustainable design approach for thermal panels. These use the sun to heat water, which can then be used in the the NSC reflects Bord Gáis Networks’ commitment to environmental protection, domestic hot water system. energy conservation and sustainable development. l Office Ventilation. The office environment is controlled by a low energy, low velocity displacement ventilation system. This uses significantly less energy and material than higher velocity systems. carried out on-site w l Rainwater Harvesting. Rain water will be stored in the green roof to reduce and in compliance w the impact on the city’s drainage system. The risk of flooding is further reduced by allowing the water to drain naturally on the site and to be stored in a specially designed water feature. BREEAM. How energy efficient a building is, is measured by it’s BREEAM score. l The new NSC building will have one of the highest scores in Ireland. project com The new NSC building will incorporate a number of the Bord Gáis Networks primary We will communic functions which are currently housed in the existing facility on St. Margaret’s Road, including: regular basis throu answer any querie l 24 Hour national distribution gas control for Ireland l 24 Hour emergency response for Dublin and surrounding counties A dedicated webpag l National Training Centre detailed information and images of the co l National Distribution Safety and Quality CentreFor further information on the Networks Services Centre Project drop in l National Distribution Operations and Construction Departments. Visit www.bordgais to the Public Information Evening at the Ardmore Hotel, FinglasRoad, Dublin 11, on Thursday 25th March 2010 from 4pm to 8pm.
  7. 7. First Year guide to SUCCESS RATH 2010 - 2011 sa chéad bh 2010 - 201 liain - Eola 1 í A Guide to Registration | Central Admissions Offic es | A-Z of UCC | FAQs Treoir don | MapsHandbook English artwork.indd 1 Chlárú | UCC Oifig í Riarachá Handbook in Láir | Eo 10/08/2010 11:14 Irish artw ork.indd laire UCC 1 | Ceist eanna | M apaí 09/08/20 10 16:3 6 OpenDay October Saturday 9th Octobe r 2010
  8. 8. Catalogue Layout 22/08/2007 16:46 Page 1 Student of the Year 40th Anniversary Retrospective 2010 Members Annual Exhibition February 9th – 20th Group Exhibition March 2nd – 23rd Ceramics selected by Sara Flynn March 30th – April 20th 1 Monochrome April 27th - May 18th Gallery Opening Hours: Tuesday to Friday: 10.30am – 6.00pm Saturday: 10.30am – 5.00pm T: 021 4277749 E: thelavitgallery@eircom.netWatercolour 27.5 x 37.5cm Mick O’Dea RHA: RHA Studio I, Acrylic 100 x 71cm Una Sealy: Nothing on tV, Oil on Canvas 70 x 90cm W: Dorothy Smith: Night light – Rathdangan, Mick O’Dea RHA SelectS Oil on Canvas 60 x 40cm Maeve McCarthy: Nightlit from within, Oil on linen 51 x 51cm Conor Walton: Drawing 4a, Graphite on Ingres Paper 29 x 29cm 14/10/2009 10:18:04
  9. 9. ily and a business famA family business Mary Leland
  10. 10. over Artwork 14/08/2007 12:48 Page 1 A CELEBRATION OF LIMERICK’S SILVER This book, and the exhibition catalogue it contains, showcases the work and achievements of the goldsmiths A CELEBRATION A CELEBRATION OF LIMERICK’S SILVER and silversmiths of the city of Limerick. Drawing extensively on new research, and beautifully illustrated, it highlights the achievements of an almost forgotten group of craftspeopleHunt Museum, artistry The of considerable skill and Limerick whose work deserves better. The origin in the Limerick area of so many of Ireland’s greatest treasures, such 14th September, 2007 - 13th January, 2008 as ancient hoards of gold jewellery and the incomparable Ardagh chalice, leads to the conclusion that OF LIMERICK’S SILVER skilled goldsmiths were at work in the Limerick area for many centuries. The names of these talented early craftsmen don’t survive; happily some of their work does, testimony to the high standards of their craft. Throughout the turbulent history of Limerick, goldsmiths and silversmiths plied their craft, and contributed Edited by John R. Bowen & Conor O’Brien fully to the civic life of the city, at least four serving as mayor. It is hoped that this book and the exhibition which it complements, will do much to bring to life in a new age, a solid appreciation of the work of makers such as John Bucknor, Robert Smith, Jonathan Buck, Collins Brehon, Maurice Fitzgerald and the peerless Joseph Johns. This profusely illustrated book shows rare and precious ecclesiastical pieces of both Roman Catholic and Anglican traditions, impressive and imposing civic, ceremonial and commemorative pieces, as well as a plethora of items of domestic and personal plate, ranging from a splendid soup tureen, to a modest teaspoon of simple and naive beauty. The silver and gold trophies and medals won by generations of Limerick sportsmen and women form an absorbing part of the exhibition and are uniquely showcased here, having been won in contests of one sort or another, in places as diverse as Cardiff, Calcutta, Croke Park and Clogheen! A particularly valuable element of the book is the detailed directory of the goldsmiths and allied trades of Limerick up to the present day. It also includes a bibliography for further reading and study. John Bowen is Chairman and Chief Executive of The Bowen Group, a substantial Irish construction and property group. He is a Chartered Engineer by profession and holds a BE from UCC, as well as an MBA from the University of Warwick. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Engineers of Ireland. He has long been a student of Irish provincial silver, its history and context, with a special emphasis on the silver of Cork. Conor O’Brien retired from a career in the pharmaceutical industry in County Wicklow in 1998. He holds a BSc and a PhD from University College Dublin and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry. Over the years he has devoted much of his free time to researching old Irish silver, and has published several papers on the subject in specialist journals. Cover Design: Dowling & Dowling Design Consultants Limited Front cover illustration: Sauceboat (detail). Philip Walsh, Limerick. c. 1780. Edited by John R. Bowen & Conor O’Brien The Hunt Museum, The Custom House, Limerick. Tel: 061 312833 Antiques/Irish Interest The The Hunt Museum, The Custom House, Limerick. Tel: 061 312833 Collins Press Welcome A CELEBRATION OF LIMERICK’S SILVER A CELEBRATION OF LIMERICK’S SILVER The Hunt Museum, Limerick Limerick silver is rare and treasured. Produced in the main over a two-hundred year period from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries, it is valued for the quality of craftsmanship it displays. This exhibition brings together an unprecedented collection 14th September, 2007 of the work of Limerick’s goldsmiths as well as a unique collection of the gold and silver won by generations of Limerick sports people. – 13th January, 2008 The exhibition is divided into eight sections: 1. Ecclesiastical EXHIBITION TEAM (Curation and Planning) John R Bowen Chairman Mon. to Sat., 10am – 5pm Fiona Davern 2. 3. Civic, Ceremonial & Commemorative Sports Brian Hodkinson & Sun. 2pm – 5pm Clodagh Lynch 4. Modern Michael Lynch 5. Flatware Eamonn Noonan 6. Treasury Jim Noonan Conor O’Brien 7. Miscellany Thomas Sinsteden 8. Food and Drink. Virginia Teehan Each section is self-contained and may be viewed Larry Walsh in any order. MAIN SPONSOR An information panel outlining its overall context provides background information for each section. Below this panel explanatory leaflets detail the exhibits for that section. EXHIBITION DESIGN Wilson Architecture, Cork. Please use these leaflets to enhance your enjoyment of your visit and as you move to the next section GRAPHIC DESIGN kindly return them to the appropriate holder for the Dowling & Dowling Design Consultants Ltd., Cork. convenience of other visitors. PHOTOGRAHY A fully illustrated catalogue of the exhibition is Janice O’Connell, F22 Photography. available for purchase at the bookshop at the Eamon O’Mahony, Photography. entrance level. PROJECT MANAGEMENT (Catalogue) Margaret Lantry, Thank you and enjoy your visit. Information Management Consultant. PR & MARKETING Margaret O’Brien PR Consultant; Mary Fennelly Marketing Consultant.