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mci sustainability report 2011

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Mci Sustainability Report 2011 Creatingvalue.Ashx

  1. 1. 2011 Sustainability Report
  2. 2. Sustainabilityisn’t a fad.It’s not a ‘nice-to-have’.And we don’t do it to look good.Sustainability is a business imperative.It’s a competitive advantage, an economicopportunity and a driver of innovation.It’s part of a fundamental shift in the waywe work and how we do business.Through sustainability we create value forMCI and the communities which we serve.This is the story of our successes, Guy Bigwoodlearnings and ambitions. MCI Group Sustainability Director 2
  3. 3. Contents Message From Our CEO 2011 Highlights Our Approach Our Progress 5 7 11 18 Scope of Report and Additional Disclosures 40 Key to icons Weblink: Find out more information online Interactive: Hover your mouse over hotspots to see more information Video: The document may ask your permission to make a connection with the internet Image: Click the exapnd button for a bigger view and more information In line with the sustainability principles we respect, this report is intended to be viewed online.
  4. 4. 47 1114 62 52 3256 Cities Employees Nationalities Languages EventsMCI’s Business Creative Production, Event Hospitality, Event Furni- ture and Decoration and Registration a Glance With offices currently in 47 cities in Europe, theMCI is a globally integrated Association, Commu- Middle East, Asia-Pacific and South America, MCInication and Event Management Company. Since is a thought leader in building community around1987, MCI has created corporate events, meetings brands, products and services for companies andand incentives, association and governmental con- institutions. In 2011, MCI organized 3,256 Eventsventions, congresses, exhibitions and managed and with over 857,293 participants and had a volume ofprovided consulting to associations. MCI’s mission business of €307 million (non-audited figure). MCI’sis to help companies, governments and associations 1114 employees represent 62 different nationali-bring people together to create meaningful connec- ties and speak 56 different languages offering lo-tions and win. MCI provides many stand-alone solu- cal knowledge in a completely international team.tions designed for those who only need a specific MCI is a private company. The Tondeur Fam-service to complete their projects such as Destination ily holds 56% of shares with 44% being owned by For more information, download theManagement, Sustainability Services, Technical and MCI Annual Report 2011 – “A Path to Performance” management, employees and equity investors.Contents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report 4
  5. 5. Message from our CEO At MCI, our purpose is building community; that is helping our clients create and nurture meaningful and long lasting connections with their stakeholders. By embedding sustainability into our culture, operations and client services we run a better business and we can help organizations perform better within a sustainable development reality. Sebastien Tondeur This, our third sustainability report, tells the Chief Executive Officer story of how our people are integrating sustainabil- ity into our services and operations. This year’s tal- ent survey revealed an astounding 99% of our staff think MCI should be concerned and held account- able about our environmental and social impact. It moves me to see how we have responded to this and how our CSR programme is changing MCI. 74% of our staff say that they have changed their work habits due to the CSR programme. It has brought our values to life, it motivates our talent and helps us build trust. Perhaps most importantly, it ensures that we make better business decisions based on the simple balancing of people, planet and profit. In 2007, we became the meetings and events in- dustry’s first signatory to the United Nations GlobalContents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report 5
  6. 6. Compact. Since then, these values have served as events for safety and sustainability. With the imple-a foundation for our commitment and are manifested mentation of new technology and processes we willin our Code of Conduct that guides how we do busi- evaluate the risk and performance of our teams, theness. MCI has also become an Organizational Stake- meeting venues, caterers, destinations and clients.holder of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) andI am delighted to see us pioneer this level of CSRreporting for our industry and our clients. We pro- “We are proud of our achievementsduced 20 sustainability reports for our clients in 2011. given our resources and theAn excellent year for our CSR programme, 2011 saw85% of our offices report on their environmental and constraints that we face. But wesocial impact, we gained commitment from our larg-est supply chain partners to support our sustainabil- know that we have a lot more workity strategy and our management participated in the to do and a long road ahead.”development and implementation of new sustainableevent standards. Our staff supported over 52 com-munity programmes with pride and contributed thou- What we do would not be possible without our di-sands of hours of industry development programmes. verse teams who motivate us and give us our unique approach to solving operational and cli-It is a real honour to see how governments, as- ent challenges that drive sustainability. It’s amaz-sociations and corporations with clear sustain- ing to see how our CSR programme has evolvedability visions are choosing MCI to be their event and continues to innovate to take our businessand association management partner. This year into a better future. We know that long term profit-MCI will support the United Nations at the RIO+20 able growth can be enhanced with responsibil-Corporate Sustainability Forum, the CoP11 Con- ity and sustainability at the heart of what we do.ference on Biodiversity and over 80 meetingsabout sustainability and renewable energy. Sebastien Tondeur Chief Executive OfficerWe are proud of our achievements given our resourc-es and the constraints that we face. But we know thatwe have a lot more work to do and a long road ahead.I envision an MCI where sustainability is part of Watch: Sebastien Tonduer introduceseveryone’s day-to-day work. With this in mind, we MCI’s 2011 Sustainability Reporthave set ambitious goals to continue to innovateand improve our sustainable performance. This year Can’t view the video? Click to watch on YouTube.we made the commitment to assess 100% of ourContents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report 6
  7. 7. 2011 HighlightsKey Successes,Objectives andScorecard.
  8. 8. Sustainability ScorecardGoals 2015 Progress 2010 Progress 2011 Goal 2012Governance: Drive performance through leadership in sustainability reporting 100% offices to have active CSR plan 38%: 18 Offices 65%: 31 offices 85%: 40 offices 100% offices undertaking sustainability reporting 55%: 26 Offices 74%: 35 offices 85%: 40 offices Managing Directors evaluated on performance of office sustainability programme n/a n/a 50%Sustainable Operations: Integrate sustainability consistently into operations 100% of events assessed for sustainability, health and safety risks n/a 12% 90% 100% of major RFP responses and sales proposals to include n/k 54% 80% content on sustainability and MCI solutions 80% of suppliers compliant with MCI Code of Conduct 23 hotels All 67 partners with preferred Top 10 suppliers in all major offices supplier agreements Reduce operational carbon emissions per talent by 20% by 2020 4.09 tonsCO2e/talent 3.61 tonsCO2e/talent 3.42 tons CO2e/talentEmpowering Clients: Develop sustainability services to support our clients and the industry shift toward improved sustainability performance Increase market share of events about CSR, Energy and Sustainability 15 events organized 89 events organized Not Defined 100% of t op 10 MCI accounts to include sustainability clauses in MCI contracts 0% 0% 10%Serving the Community: Build a vibrant culture of responsibility and care that generates value for the community 16 hours of pro-bono or community service per talent per year 1 hour / employee 1 hour / employee 8 hours / employee 880 hours total 1253 hours total 9600 hours total Funds raised by MCI Talent € 74,086 € 208,597 n/k Invest 2% of net profit to MCI sustainability programmes € 115,000 5% - 173,000€ 165,000 €Talent development and wellbeing 85% employee retention 87% 83% 83% 78% talent satisfaction with MCI sustainability performance and strategy n/k 78% 80% Gender balance of women in senior management 27% 38% 34% 50% talent participation in Health and Wellbeing Programmes 1 office had programme 4 offices had programmes 20% 14,200 hours of development and learning 5,018 hours 8,624 hours 9,930 hours 8
  9. 9. 7. GovernanceOf our 47 offices, 35 measured their social and environmental footprint and CSR perfor-mance in 2011, an increase from 26 in 2010. 85% of our offices have a detailed CSR planfor 2012, while 65% of them were in full compliance with our own internal criteria for sus-tainability planning, community actions, measurement and reporting policies. Followingthe release of the 2010 Sustainability report “Taking Action”, MCI became the first interna-tional agency to produce a GRI compliant and externally evaluated sustainability report.Contents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report 2011 Highlights 9
  10. 10. Key Objectivesfor 2012 vices 1. Develop su stainability ser and the to su pport our clients improved indu stry shift toward e 2. Integrate suustainability performanc s stainability cons istently into operations begrate sustainability consistently 3. Int y au diting 90% of a l MCI events forinteaour sales Deliposall by detailing o . pro e h lth and5safetyvris an f r out culhere o d ntiu ,kservicesnalld vibran r CSR cree S als s exter an y c tu ck de 4. Build a g o eratesstaina ilit posals prore tctsttinten80% R salesbproy Report and ca du ha o Global of responsibility L 70ins 0€ing epor i g Level ir (over bvel apd U Grostsnmargin) C nity ey ,00n of e co mmu value for th N8 s a imam of Global Compa r a mtinndurds b oluntee ct ou r talent to v r y ice per yea April 31st 2012 ity serv hours of commun Rollover to find out moreContents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report 2011 Highlights 10
  11. 11. Our ApproachOur approach to Corporate SocialResponsibility and Sustainability isbased on the principles of the triplebottom line: People, Planet, Profit.
  12. 12. Using our values to create value At MCI we are convinced that there is no contradiction between running a financially viable businessWe believe our values and and contributing to sustainable development.our win-win approach to We recognize our responsibility sustainability into our events we im-CSR allows us to create when it comes to our environmental prove efficiency, enhance the partici-value for our clients and impact towards employees, busi- ness partners, stakeholders and pant experience. For the associations we manage and consult, we have anfor society. the communities where we oper- ate. We believe that this approach opportunity to initiate discussions, raise issues and place sustainability is essential to being an attractive firmly on their agenda. For the com- business partner, to building endur- munities in which we operate we can ing and meaningful relationships, use our skills, resources and talent and ultimately to our growth. to influence and advance sustain- able development to make a more CSR is increasingly important to en- positive contribution to society.  sure MCI’s competitiveness. It allows us to us build a responsible brand, re- Ethics – the backbone duce cost, capture new business op- of our CSR approach portunities, encourage innovation and The MCI Code of Business Eth- strengthen stakeholder relationships. ics is the Group’s policy for Corpo- rate Social Responsibility. Based CSR – the path to sustainability on the UN Global Compacts 10 The overall objective of our CSR principles, the Code expresses programme is to contribute to the the values and principles for con- sustainable development of MCI ducting business in an appropri- and the communities we serve. Our ate, responsible and transparent vision for global sustainable develop- manner. It is the minimum level of ment is of a sustainable planet, just behaviour and is mandatory for all society and a growing economy. MCI employees. We apply our poli- We strive to be an industry role cies to our supply chain through the model for corporate social respon- Supplier Code of Conduct. Jacqueline Choy sibility. We have been a pioneer in Regional HR Manager (Asia-Pacific), Director & CSR Champion sustainable event management for our clients’ events. By embedding 12
  13. 13. Changing Leadershipbehaviour Be a pioneer, stand up for what we believe in, lead from the front.79% of MCI staff say theyhave changed the way Recognitionthey work and have Showcase best practice. Awardincreased sustainable achievement. Share stories.practice in their everydaylives as a direct result ofour CSR programme Strategy Take a long term strategic approach. Set few butSustainability is a dynamic and continu- carefully selected targets. Sustainabilityous process that is at the heart of ourstrategic vision and business practice.Ultimately it is about changing the waywe work, our attitudes and behaviour.To guide and support this process, Governance Engagementwe have researched and built onthe experience of fellow sustain- Measure, evaluate, Take a collaborativeable organizations to develop our own communicate using the approach with stakeholders. Global Reporting Initiative Establish open dialogue.MCI Sustainability methodology. framework and the UN Ensure understanding. Global Compact principles. Inspire participation. Integration Embed sustainability into operations, don’t ‘add on’. Apply continuous improvement, embrace innovation, invite efficiency.Contents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report Our Approach 13
  14. 14. Leadership simpler and easier to read. and ideas for improvement ofMCI’s sustainability agenda is our CSR strategy and initiatives.grounded in the organization’s As signatories to the UN We engaged our clients, sup-visions and values. Led by Global Compact, we report on pliers and meetings industryour Group Sustainability Direc- the implementation of the ten partners in various meetingstor, Guy Bigwood it is directed principles through our annual and 22 industry sustainabilityby our Executive Committee UN Communication on Progress events that MCI managementand implemented locally by Report. To enhance comparabil- led, facilitated or presented at.over forty dedicated and pas- ity, rigour and transparency, thissionate CSR Champions in sustainability report is producedour offices around the world. using the Global Reporting Initiatives G3.1 Framework.GovernanceThe CSR programme is meas- Stakeholder Engagementured and appraised monthly by Our approach to sustainabilitythe Executive Vice President is driven by our assessment ofand reviewed by the Executive materiality which is regularlyCommittee and Management reviewed and refined. In the Material IssuesBoard on a quarterly basis. assessment, we examine our Ethical business practicesThe External Advisory Board position and responsibility to- Talent wellbeing & retentionchaired by MCI’s founder and wards our stakeholders, evalu- Diversity in management ating how our business practices Sustainability EnlargePresident Roger Tondeur, re- Community citizenshipviews our sustainability strategy affect them and their organiza- Environmental impact & performance of offices & eventsand performance annually tions. We look for potential op- Supply chain performance portunities to align our business Business ResultsThis Sustainability Report repre- goals with our efforts to help Client Success & Satisfactionsents an important component create a more sustainable world. Employee Engagementof our stakeholder engagementand governance. To identify and For this year’s materiality as- Reputation & Trust Revenue & Marginprioritize the issues we address sessment, we focused on fivein this report we interviewed MCI key stakeholder groups with Trends & Opportunitiestalent and clients. We discovered whom we are engaged in vari- Increasing client demandthat 63% of our talent read the ous formal and informal ways. Forthcoming sustainability regulation Innovation2010 MCI Sustainability Report In 2011, we surveyed over 300 Growth in meetings about sustainability issuesand this year we responded to employees and 60 of our largest Stakeholder expectationstheir request to make it shorter, corporate and association clients who provided valuable feedback Material assessment of key impacts, risks, and opportunitiesContents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report Our Approach 14
  15. 15. Listening to our stakeholders We have to make 99% 79% 64% CSR simpler and of employees say that of employees say they report having changed it is important that feel more engaged to the way they work ** easiertoto out more Rollover find implement. MCI is concerned work for MCI due to and accountable the CSR programme** Sandra Veloso for social and MCI Sao Paulo, Project Manager environmental impacts of the business** Talent Suppliers Clients Meetings Industry Insights from talent meetings and We engaged our suppliers through Valuable information was gathered Industry insights were gained workshops, online survey, and the annual procurement discussions and meetings. through proposals received, through participation in association MCI International Business Meeting. meetings and workshops boards, conferences and meetings*Data collected from Meetings Professionals International 2011 survey of 1,100 meeting and hospitality organizations.. **Data collected from MCI 2011 Client and Talent questionnaire.Contents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report Our Approach 15
  16. 16. “The opportunities for change are vast. We are not passive, helpless victims of the impersonal, determinist forces of history. The exciting thing is that we can choose our future.” Global Trends: Balancing The challenges we face are great, but Risk with Opportunity? so too are the new possibilities that ap- pear when we look at old problems with “As the global population grows from new and fresh eyes. These possibilities 7 billion to almost 9 billion by 2040, include technologies capable of pulling and the number of middle-class con- us back from the planetary brink; new sumers increases by 3 billion over markets, new growth and new jobs em- the next 20 years, the demand for anating from game-changing products resources will rise exponentially. By and services; and new approaches 2030, the world will need at least 50 to public and private finance that can per cent more food, 45 per cent more truly lift people out of the poverty trap. Read the United Nations report on energy and 30 per cent more water creating a new blueprint for sustainable — all at a time when environmental The opportunities for change are vast. development and low-carbon prosperity. boundaries are throwing up new lim- We are not passive, helpless victims its to supply. The current global de- of the impersonal, determinist forces velopment model is unsustainable. of history. And the exciting thing is that we can choose our future”Contents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report Our Approach 16
  17. 17. StakeholderDriven StrategyOur analysis of trends, issues andopportunities has driven us to developa strategic sustainability plan for ourbusiness based on five pillars:Operations Talent Clients Industry CommunityWe commit to integrate We commit to the advance- We commit to developing We commit to being a We commit to workingprinciples of sustain- ment and wellbeing of sustainability products and leader and champion for together to build a vibrantability consistently into each individual in MCI. solutions that empower our the implementation of sus- culture of responsibilitythe daily work of our clients and their organiza- tainable and responsible and care that generatesteams and operations. tions to better engage stake- business practices and value for the communi- holders, accelerate innova- will use our influence to ties where we work. tion and improve results. actively encourage meet- ings industry stakeholders to follow our example.Contents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report Our Approach 17
  18. 18. Our ProgressSuccesses, lessons andchallenges on the roadto sustainability.
  19. 19. OperationsWe strongly commit to integrating We believe in the spirit of winning: of challenging the Collating the employee flight information proved status quo and never being complacent. With quality challenging, but also an opportunity to im-our principles of sustainability as a quest we constantly evolve and innovate, push- prove and simplify our processes. We are learn-consistently into the daily ing the boundaries of our systems and procedures. ing from our experience and now focus on im-work of our global teams Since 2011, we require our offices to report quar- proved measurement of fewer material issues.and working processes. terly on sustainability impacts and progress. Our goals 100% offices to have 100% offices performing 100% of events assessed 100% of major RFP 80% of suppliers compliant 2015 active CSR plan sustainability reporting for sustainability, health responses and sales with MCI Code of Conduct for and safety risks proposals to include content on sustainability and MCI solutions Our progress in 2011 55% 54 % 38 % 26 offices Included 67 Key partners 12% 18 offices AssessedContents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report Our Progress 19
  20. 20. Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Kg/CO2e) MCI report using Carbon Dioxide Equiva- 2,907,172 110,926 32,700 861,437 29,474 78,093 3,608 lents CO2e, which includes carbon emis- kg CO2e kg CO2e kg CO2e kg CO2e kg CO2e kg CO2e Avg. tCO2e sions and other more potentially damag- Per employee ing greenhouse gases. The 2011 carbon footprint of the events organized by MCI for clients is estimated at 257,188 tons CO2e. For more information on measure- ment methodology please consult the Additional Disclosures document. Air Travel Car Travel Train Travel Office Electricity Office Gas Office Fuel Oil Average tCO2e Per Employee “At MCI it is doubly important that our talents are engaged in CSR. Not only because as individuals we can lead the way and make a difference, but also because through the events we organize we can touch hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. That’s a huge responsibility. And a huge opportunity.” Jurriaen Sleijster Executive Vice PresidentContents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report Our Progress 20
  21. 21. MCI Leadership procedures of all events. MeetGreen® calcula- tor assessment of four events and planned on anin CSR Award additional twenty. Roll out displays were createdPresented each year at MCI’s International Business to communicate the importance of sustainabil-Meeting, the CSR award motivates and generates ity to delegates at MCI organized events.enthusiasm for CSR within the company. The qual- Salesity of the projects entered has increased significantly MCI’s CSR reputation and deliverables as-over the last few years, posing a welcome challenge sisted in winning a master agreement cover-for the judging panel. In 2011, MCI Berlin was recog- ing eight projects.  A client campaign was tar-nized as the office that most impressed the judges geted at the 100 German members of the UNwith their inspired and enthusiastic CSR efforts. Global Compact, offering them free MeetGreen®Their best practice included: calculator measurement of their event.CSR Strategy Power of ActionDevelopment of a team plan with compulsory Over 80 hours were dedicated to five communityinvolvement of all staff and departments. outreach projects, raising 4,000€ for charity.Measurement and communication X-FactorSetting of performance indicators and transpar- Gerrit Jensen, Managing Director of MCI Berlin be-ent communication of progress. The team ac- came a member of the ISO20121 German Technicalcomplished 90% of their green office objectives Advisory Group. Presentations were given at indus-and 85% of their event operations goals. try events and over 15 articles were published about sustainability in industry media to support the devel-Green Office opment and promotion of this new industry standard.Purchase of 100% renewable energy (tools/sources e.g.). Reduction of costs through the in-stallation of energy meters, heater regulatorsand water filters. Switch to 100% Eco-labelledcleaning materials, 70% organic/free trade foodand beverage, 100% of paper recycled or FSC,emissions from management travel offset.Standard Operating PracticesCSR checklists and policy documents translatedinto German and integrated into the standardContents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report Our Progress 21
  22. 22. “The Berlin team is very proud to have won this prestigious award. It recognizes our team for their hard work and success in transforming our event operations and office environment. This award proves to clients and other stakeholders that we really do take action – we don’t just talk the talk!”Matthias KuehneProject Managerand CSR Champion 22
  23. 23. Sustainability Principle How we can apply it to Meetings and Events Improving the Eliminate our contribution to the • Reduce the need to extract, process and burn fossil fuels. sustainability of progressive build-up of substances • Eliminate single use plastic water bottles our events extracted from the Earth’s crust (eg, • Choose signage not made from plastic and/ heavy metals and fossil fuels) or re-use signage once it is created What can we do to increase the • Promote alternative energy at venues and hotels sustainability results of our events? by choosing suppliers who invest in renewable MCI Sustainability Services has been collaborat- energy and efficient technologies ing with The Natural Step. A Swedish based Eliminate our contribution to the • Require hotels and venues to eliminate toxic and persistent NGO, that pioneered in the development of a cleaning chemicals, paints and adhesives from their operations progressive build up of chemicals scientific approach and systems thinking meth- and compounds produced by society • Support the growth of organic foods by working with odology towards sustainable development. The (eg, dioxins, PCBs, and DDT) caterers to increase the number of menu items which are grown without use of harmful pesticides and herbicides Natural Step identifies four keys conditions criti- • Collaborate with printers who have achieved cal to enabling sustainability. In collaboration with certification that demonstrates their commitment the Green Meetings Industry Council and the to eliminating harmful industrial chemicals Natural Step, MCI assisted to adapt these condi- Eliminate our contribution to the • Create demand for products produced in a tions or principles for the meetings industry. progressive physical degradation sustainable and responsible way. and destruction of nature and natural • Choose venues, hotels and other suppliers who processes (eg, over-harvesting forests meet criteria of a recognized third party eco- and paving over critical wildlife habitat) certification (GreenGlobe, ISO, GreenKey etc) • Choose Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified products for any printing required for the event • Serve only seafood which meets criteria for being sustainably harvested Eliminate our contribution to • Ask suppliers for evidence that they provide fair wages and a conditions that undermine people’s safe workplace for their employees before contracts are signed capacity to meet their basic human • Create an event activity or community action needs (eg, unsafe working conditions which contributes to the local society and not enough pay to live on) • Ensure that if gifts are purchased for event participants, that local handicrafts made by people earning a fair wage are considered • Serve fair trade coffee and tea Watch: Sustainability in Two Minutes • Draft contracts which require a donation to charities for any violation of agreements reached between event planner and supplier Can’t view the video? Click to watch on YouTube.Contents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report Our Progress 23
  24. 24. Talent Embedding CSR into MCI talent management societies in which we operate. We value and actively promote diversity employment contracts, 15% have fixed term contracts and 10% are in- Our HR and Sustainability teams have in all its forms which includes culture, tern trainees. We integrated a codePeople and culture are at been working together to integrate race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual of ethics into our employee inductionthe heart of our strategy. CSR into all aspects of the talent man- orientation, gender identity and physi- and in 2012 we will work to imple-As such, we recognize agement process. This starts with cal ability. As a company, we strive ment improved anti-corruption pro- recruitment and proceeds to include for gender balance at all levels and cedures and control processes.that our richly diverse induction, training, career develop- throughout all of our global teams. Inteams represent ment and performance management. the mid-term we need to monitor andour most precious In 2012, we are improving our IT sys- improve that balance in our Asian and tems to allow us to improve the meas- South American offices, as well asresource. We commit urement of these new processes. across our Executive the advancement Championing diversity A responsibleand wellbeing of Diversity fosters an international employer and suppliereach individual. mind-set that enhances innovation At MCI, we strive to create mean- and our ability to work cross-culturally ingful relationships that build un- and expand into new markets, giv- derstanding and trust. 75% of our ing us a better understanding of the workforce currently have permanent Goals 2015 Progress 2010 Progress 2011 Goal 2012 Talent development and wellbeing Programmes 85% employee retention 87% 83% 83% 78% talent satisfaction n/k 78% 80% with MCI sustainability performance and strategy Gender balance of women 27% 38% 34% in senior management 50% talent participation in 1 office had programme 4 offices had programmes 20% health and wellness programme 14,200 hours of learning 5,018 hours 8,624 hours 9,930 hours and developmentContents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report Our Progress 24
  25. 25. Developing talents Zealand, blackouts and power outages in BrazilThe development of our talent is powered by and a tsunami in Japan. Our crisis managementthe MCI Institute. Through robust and prov- procedures were put to the test, with our teamsen training and development programmes, worked around the clock to ensure the safety ofThe MCI Institute achieved the following: our clients and employees. Leveraging other of- fices and our talent we were able to reschedule8,624 hours of learning and development and reallocate events and workload to support ourwere delivered (a 72% increase over 2010). client projects and ensure business continuity.1865 people enrolled in MCI Institute Mind, body and spirit.workshops (a 270% increase over 2010). Delivering events with tight deadlines can be highly pressured and demanding. We have piloted health,In 2011, the number of online topics and hours nutrition and exercise programmes in 5 offices todelivered increased by 530% from 2010. This help keep our talents fighting fit and healthy. Thisresulted in a 333% increase in enrollments to concept will be expanded on a group level as theonline sessions compared to 2010. Overall in Boost programme and rolled out in late 2012.2011, online enrolments accounted for 67% ofall MCI Institute learning programmes. This shift For the second time, the MCI Brussels office organ-to online learning can help us to reduce the ized its Health Week. Various activities took placecarbon emission generated by our education within the office: a nutrition workshop, sporting activi-programmes and their associated travel costs. ties, Zumba, yoga, running and badminton. A special healthy morning gift was placed every64% of all training was for female day to help staff start the day the right way.employees: 36% for men. “Ama Sana InCorpore Sano” became the new MCI Brussels office motto.Every manager is responsible for assessing anddeveloping talent in the organization. In 2011 MCI Singapore talent participated in90% of all employees received regular perfor- the Yellow Ribbon Run, a sociallymance and career development reviews. responsible cause focused on building healthier communities.Promoting health & safetyWe take our responsibility for health and safety seri- 79% of employees say they feelously. Today there are 22 office-based health and more engaged to work for MCIsafety coordinators and over 500 MCI employees due to the CSR programme.have participated in health and safety training.2011 was a challenging year in terms of natu-ral disasters. There were earthquakes in NewContents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report Our Progress 25
  26. 26. Bringing it together MCI Dubai launched “Yalla MCI” meaning ‘Let’s Move MCI’ in Arabic. It was created by MCI Dubai to en- gage staff and create a CSR culture and experience for MCI Talents to be proud of. It integrated greening, wellness and community action projects. As part of the programme MCI staff participated in 3 awareness campaigns focusing on major health concerns preva- lent in the UAE: Cardiology, Osteoporosis, Diabetes. Hannah Fani MCI Dubai CSR Champion Watch: Yalla MCI Can’t view the video? Click to watch on YouTube.Contents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report Our Progress 26
  27. 27. responsibility and sustainability. Sustainability Services and our local offices have been build- ing relationships with many of the most important ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and energy organizations around the world. Clients In 2012, MCI will provide logistical and strate- gic advisory services to the UN Conference on Bringing added value to clients and Biodiversity (CoP11), the UN Corporate Forum their communities, our sustainability on sustainability at Rio+20 and the GRI Australia Conference on Sustainability and Reporting. programmes are designed to empower organizations to Expertise and experience MCI Sustainability Services is our business unit better engage stakeholders, that provides expert advice to our clients and sup- improve operational efficiencies, pliers, who want to become leaders in the field of accelerate innovation and sustainability and gain competitive advantage. The team works globally supporting our association and increase return on investment. corporate clients but also industry associations, na- tional tourism organizations, convention bureaux and Continuing our efforts to support organizations congress centres on bespoke consulting projects. promoting the transition to a more sustainable and responsible global economy, MCI organ- ized over 89 events about energy, corporate Goals 2015 Progress 2010 Progress 2011 Goal 2012 Empowering Clients: Develop sustainability services to support our clients and the industry shift toward improved sustainability performance Increase market share of 15 events organized 89 events organized Not Defined events about CSR, Energy and Sustainability 100% of top 10 MCI accounts 0% 0% 10% to include sustainability clauses in MCI contractsContents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report Our Progress 27
  28. 28. Our Systems,Tools & Methodologies Sustainable Event Management Personal SustainabilityMCI CSR commitment and leadership Wellness and exercise programmesStandard operating procedures & compliant supply chain Health InitiativesSafety & sustainability risk assessment on all events Sustainable Event Consulting CreationStrategy co-creation & development Sustainability communications & brand developmentPerformance Improvement Meeting design & content animationMeasurement, reporting & certification Programme & Content development Community Outreach Sustainable Destination ConsultingCommunity action Strategy development and stakeholder engagementSustainable development projects Market analysis and researchStakeholder engagement Measurement strategies & GRI reporting See more information on our portfolio of systems, tools and methodologiesContents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report Our Progress 28
  29. 29. The Climate Group – Delivering Transforming destinations anddialogue on sustainability accelerating innovationFor the last three years the Climate Group hasselected MCI Hong Kong to help organize the “Here at the Gothenburg Business Summit on Climate Leadership.The annual meeting gathers over 150 regional Convention Bureau, we want toand international leaders with an objective be the leading sustainable eventsto foster dialogue, share knowledge and ac- destination. In 2010 we reachedcelerate the world’s transition to a low carbon, out to MCI’s sustainability teamsmarter and more prosperous future. Lever- to help us to develop a strategicaging MCI’s sustainable event management plan and engage our city andframework, MCI Hong Kong carefully selectedsuppliers and partners that displayed com- industry leaders in the businessmitment to delivering sustainable events and of sustainability. So far, we havecost effectiveness. The Hotel Intercontinental increased hotel eco-certificationHong Kong was selected as the venue. Over to 91% of our total city inventory65% of recycled materials were used including and venue certification to 100%name badges, lanyards, napkins and environ- and this year we will certifymentally-friendly decoration. The unavoidableemissions from the production of the event and all six city-organized events.from delegate travel were offset accordingly. In 2011 we were recognized as Europe’s number one Eco- Destination by Business Traveller magazine. There is now an unstoppable energy in the air which will help us toward achieving our goal of being the world’s greenest city by 2021.” Lennart Johannson Director Gothenburg Convention Bureau Lennart JohannsonContents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report Our Progress Director Gothenburg Convention Bureau 29
  30. 30. “In Copenhagen, we’ve investeda great deal in creating whatwe think of as the ‘WorldCapital of Sustainable Meetings’Sustainability is an importantdifferentiator for us and bringsa number of important businessbenefits to our city. Our team atWonderful Copenhagen is nowwell versed in the fundamentalsof sustainability and embracesthe need to think differently tocreate new solutions for thebenefit of Copenhagen’s future.Thanks to the infectiousenthusiasm, kinetic creativityand expertise of MCI we havecontinued to develop oursustainability initiatives andnow are again working togetheron a bigger, more ambitiousproject called the DanishSustainable Events Initiative.”Steen JakobsenDirector of Conventions, Wonderful CopenhagenContents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report Our Progress 30
  31. 31. Pioneering sustainability standards, Measuring and reporting progress 80 saving money and driving innovation. Having produced over 20 Sustainable event reports, With a vision to the first Sustainable European MCI has become a leader in sustainable event meas- 60 Union Presidency, MCI and the Danish Ministry urement and reporting. Since 2009 MCI Sustainability of Foreign affairs worked together to develop a Services have been working with the 40 sustainable event management system that com- European Wind Energy Association to embed plies with and will be certified to the new ISO20121 sustainability into the organization of their annual 20 standard. Covering over 100 meetings, this will be conferences. Event environmental and social impacts the world’s largest implementation of the standard were assessed before and after the event using the for a government or corporate organization. The MeetGreen® tool, which measures and benchmarks Average EWEC Offshore EWEC EWEA score 2009 2009 2010 2011 Danish approach to organizing the EU Presi- over 150 areas of event sustainability. Effort over non-EWEA events* dency in a more sustainable and strategic man- the last 4 events has seen a steady improvement of ner is estimated to have saved over $70 Million. sustainability practices, with a noteworthy 89% of Event sustainability performance for the EWEA event waste being recycled including over 31,340m2 conferences has been measured and improved annually of carpet in their 2011 conference in Brussels. using the MeetGreen® calculator and approach. Fighting poverty MCI Madrid helped to organize the Global Mi- crocredit Summit in Valladolid, Spain. The event supports a campaign to ensure that 175 mil- lion of the world’s poorest families, especially the female members of those families, receive credit for self-employment and other financial and business services by the end of 2015.Watch: Pioneering sustainability standards, Careful financial management helped MCI to con-saving money and driving innovation trol budget and reduce expenses so that over one million euro could be invested in grants to Can’t view the video? Click to watch on YouTube. participants and microcredit development. Her Majesty Queen Sofía of Spain, No- bel Peace Prize Laureate Professor Muham- mad Yunus, and more than 2,000 delegates from over 100 countries attended the event. MCI Madrid management with Professor Muhammad Yunus at the Global Microcredit Summit. Contents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report Our Progress 31
  32. 32. Meetings IndustryRepresentatives of MCI occupy many prominent positionswithin industry associations, a fact that has enabled us to use ourvision, expertise and action to share our sustainability strategywith a much wider audience and contribute to education andto the development of best practices within the industry.Being at the forefront of the latest industry Highlights and engaged with some of the most importantdevelopments and sustainability trends, MCI is able to sustainability initiatives in the meetings an active role in encouraging our clients, partners, MCI became an organizational stakeholder They were involved in the development of industrysuppliers and competitors to commit to adopting a in the Global Reporting Initiative. frameworks and standards including ISO20121, thehigher standard of sustainable business practice. Our Group Sustainability Director, Guy Bigwood, GRI Event Organizers Sector Supplement was the President of the Green Meeting Industry and the APEX/ASTM Environmentally Council (GMIC) until July 2011. Sustainability Sustainability Standards. MCI experts assisted Manager, Michael Luehrs, was elected President in the development of learning resources and of the GMIC from July 2011. Three MCI managers guides for the GMIC, United Nations Environmental held board positions and helped to develop GMIC Program (UNEP) and the Natural Step. chapters in Sweden, Holland and Spain. Since 2008, MCI leaders have delivered over 129 In addition, Philippe Fournier - President of MCI in keynote sessions and workshops on sustainability France became the President of the International to over 18,000 people, inspiring change and better Association of Professional Congress Organizers business practices in the meetings industry. In (IAPCO), Sébastien Tondeur – MCI Chief Executive 2011 we reduced our speaking engagements to Officer became Chairman of Meeting Professionals focus on internal engagement and client projects. International and Aoife Delaney - Director of Global Our opinions and experiences implementing Sales for Ovation Global DMC joined the board of sustainability have been published on our the Society of Incentive Travel Executives (SITE). ‘Less Conversation, More Action’ CSR MCI Brussels participated actively in the steering blog, which attracted 12,327 visits in 2011. group of the recently founded UN Global Compact Belgium Network.Our business leaders co-createdContents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report Our Progress 32
  33. 33. Community Goals 2015 Progress 2010 Progress 2011 Goal 2012 Serving the Community: Build a vibrant culture of responsibilityAs part of a global community, we and care that generates value for the communitywant to make the world in which 16 hours of pro-bono 1 hour / employee 1hour/employee 8 hours/employee or community servicewe live a better place. We commit 880 hours total 1253 hours total 9600 hours total per talent per yearto working together to build a Fundraising by MCI Talent € 74,086 € 208,597 n/kvibrant culture of responsibility Invest 2% of net profit to MCI € 115,000 5% - 173000€ 165,000 €and care that generates value. sustainability programmes This philosophy has become an integral part of the Power of ActionBertrand Mbiaffie MCI way. We regularly and proactively engage with Power of Action is the name we give toMCI Brussels, non-governmental organizations to create community our community outreach initiatives.Community Manager action projects, and use our expertise to help com- munities develop and become more sustainable. MCI teams are encouraged (but not obliged) to consider the following three criteria when developing community projects: Building community: Does the project create links and relationships that will bring benefit to people by facilitating business, creating networks, offering guidance and/or core MCI skills and resources? Education: Will the programme provide enhanced access to information? Will it share or develop knowledge that can stimulate life chances and development? Fun: Is the initiative engaging and positive, providing participants with buoyancy of spirit, increased optimism, hope and esprit de corps?Contents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report Our Progress 33
  34. 34. Believe in your heart – Developing creative anddreams can come true socially responsible leadersFor the 2011 International Business For the 2010 International BusinessMeeting, MCI talent from around the Meeting (IBM) in Istanbul, MCI part-world provided ideas which were nered with The Young Guru Academyused to write an MCI song around (YGA), to support their programme tothe event theme. With the help of create more socially responsible andprofessional musician Corinne Gib- innovative young leaders. MCI officesbons, the MCI CSR team recorded organized an eco-build activity forthe song, “Dreaming on the Outside” 80 children, raised over €6,500 andwhich was then performed by 84 MCI funded the construction of a new crea-Talents and Partners to thousands tive learning library for YGA’s Read-of visitors at the Montreux Christmas Think-Share in Sivas, Turkey. Classesmarket. Uniting together to create and started at the Kizilirmak Elementarysing this song, the activity unlocked School in February 2011 with 4 uni-passion in the participants, as well versity student moderators teachingas some hidden singing talent. To- 12 elementary school students. A totalgether over 15,000CHF was raised of 13 weeks of classes were held infor the Little Dreams Foundation. The 2011 and one student achieved suffi-money is currently being used to fund cient results to be accepted and at-the No Difference campaign which tend the YGA Young Stars Leadershipsupports children with disabilities. Camp that took place in Istanbul in July. Classes started again in 2012. Watch: Dreaming on the Outside Can’t view the video? Click to watch on YouTube.Contents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report Our Progress 34
  35. 35. Irish Autism Action Annual Gala Engaging suppliers and having funBall tops €1,000,000 target The Ovation marketing team teamedMCI Dublin reached a fundraising up with merchandising supplier Sta-landmark in December. MCI has pro- tionery 365 on a project where forduced the Keith Duffy IAA Annual Ball every €150 spent by MCI a new cuddlyfor the past five years. Last Decem- toy is donated to a child in need. Theber the event raised over €120,000 to Stationery 365 team came into the of-help Children with Autism in Ireland. fice to present the toys & share in theThis brings the grand total to over MCI Music Madness Day, which was€1,000,000 raised since 2007. The created as a fun way to raise moneyevent took place in the Ritz Carlton for the Little Dreams Foundation.Hotel (Location?) and had its highest “One of the after dinner speakers at the IAA Autismattendance to date with 400 people at- Annual Gala Ball spoke about the positive impact oftending the Gala Fundraising Evening. iPads and how the special apps can help children with Autism. We invited our client CISCO to the event, and they were inspired to help, offering to donate five iPads to the Irish Autism Association. Last night I received an emotional call from our client. He and his wife had just dropped off two of the iPads to a family who have two boys who suffer from autism. They set up the units and downloaded some Autism friendly apps. The two boys loved the iPads and took to them like ducks to water. The boys’ mother couldn’t believe it; it was one of the first times both kids looked so happy as they sat quietly playing away with their new technology. Its great to get such positive feedback from a client, sometimes the small things can mean the most.” Mark Egan MCI Dublin, National Events DirectorContents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report Our Progress 35
  36. 36. Leverage delegates to leave a legacy On 4th Oct, MCI Singapore organ- ized an event where by 130 Mon- santo leaders congregated to build 27 bicycles for underprivileged children at two orphanages in Lang- kawi, Malaysia. The children were thrilled to receive the bicycles and enjoyed the event immensely. Working together In June, MCI Barcelona organ- ized a community project for sales and marketing managers from SAP who worked together to redecorate and build furniture for the Nova Es- perança children’s home. Due to bad weather the project was not finished, so MCI Barcelona staff returned a month later to finish the work. Subsequently, the MCI Bar- celona team choose to make Nova Esperança their core CSR partner, and will be offering them additional hands-on help and fundraising as- sistance in 2012 and beyond.Contents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report Our Progress 36
  37. 37. When People Meet, Magic Happens. MCI Buenos Aires supported the Supervielle Bank to develop a CSR team building activity to engage their 450 staff in an activity to support disadvan- taged children. The event participants worked to- gether to build and decorate furniture that was then donated to a foster home in Mar del Plata. Materials were also donated to finish the bedrooms and bath- rooms. Children and families from the foster home joined the team to celebrate all the hard work. Having fun! MCI is serious about sustainability. But for success, we have learned that you must make it fun! We believe that many small ac- tions aggregate to create lasting change. In November, MCI Barcelona invited partners, friends and family for a special MCI Mad Music day in or- der to raise money for the Little Dreams Founda- tion. The MCI CSR champions convinced a local karaoke bar to provide them with a free space and then negotiated a split on the drinks revenues. Staff then donated CDs which were auctioned to raise cash. Sustainability – the entrepreneurial MCI way!Contents MCI 2011 Sustainability Report Our Progress 37