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A Collaborative    Approach4                      www.mci-group.com/casestudies
A Collaborative        Approach        Whether a client’s strategic objective is to energize performance, share a        d...
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Building Community        As a key player in global relational strategy,        MCI helps strengthen communities by       ...
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Developing       New Products        We are driven by our conviction to help our clients strengthen their                 ...
MCI Leadership        Positions        Prominently positioned in       Idoia Rodés Torróntegui                 Frankie Gao...
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Annual report 2011
Annual report 2011
Annual report 2011
Annual report 2011
Annual report 2011
Annual report 2011
Annual report 2011
Annual report 2011
Annual report 2011
Annual report 2011
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Annual report 2011


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Annual report 2011

  1. 1. A Path to Performancewww.mci-group.com ANNUAL 2011 The Creative Factory – 2012 – Printed on FSC paper REPORT
  2. 2. Content Editorial 03 Editorial The meetings and events industry has undergone a phenomenal transformation in the last 25 years. My father Roger Tondeurs dream began when he We know that our client’s performance is supported by our quest to offer solutions and technologies that are cutting-edge and ahead of the latest trends. Our business model is founded upon innovation and founded MCI in 1987. 04 sustainability. A Collaborative Our main task when MCI started was to provide logistical support for clients, helping them to By being part of key industry associations and sharing knowledge, we stay ahead of the trends. Approach produce their events on time, on budget and on brand. Whilst this continues to be fundamental, Creating opportunities for the learning and development of our own talent through our MCI the industry offering has become much more Institute, we keep our offer relevant and skill set fresh sophisticated and global. Our complete range of for our clients. We convert these ideas into working services, including creative, technology and processes and systems that we share throughout content solutions, continues to develop to meet 14 our global teams. the evolving needs of our clients. With our fully Building integrated offices in 23 countries and growing, MCI is today considered a key global player in Personally, I am passionate about how we help our clients maximize the value of their content, Community relations and connections management. extending its lifecycle, creating new revenue streams and reaching out to new audiences. We What we do now is based on the principle of enhance clients face-to-face interactions with the building community ; that is helping our clients latest meeting design techniques, digital content create and nurture links and connections activation and audio-visual technologies. I am also amongst their stakeholders. Face-to-face 24 proud to support our commitment to Corporate interaction is the ingredient that encourages Social Responsibility (CSR). We were the first Dreaming cohesion amongst people, fosters strong teams and helps build brands and organizations that events agency to sign the UN Global Compact the Future reach higher and perform better. With the client’s and we produce an annual Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) compliant CSR report. long term strategy placed firmly at the heart of our approach, we strive to gain a meaningful What we do would not be possible without our insight into their industry – whether it’s MCI talent. The diversity of our teams gives us our healthcare, energy, technology, financial or unique approach to solving client challenges. By 32 automotive. Working together with clients to help being a team and having fun together, we find them define, achieve and build on their original and creative solutions for our clients and Highlights organizational objectives, wherever they are in strengthen our own community. We support our and Perspectives the world, we create solutions that bring measurable results. Our clients can focus on their talent’s personal and professional dreams and have created an annual “Dream Day” when we core business, knowing that they have a partner encourage our people to be inspired and to aspire. on their path to performance. MCI has been It’s amazing to see how MCI has evolved and instrumental in helping forward-looking continues to innovate and develop to take our organizations fulfill their dreams of growing customers into the future. I am excited to be part 38 globally and reaching out to new markets. of this journey. Meet MCI Sébastien Tondeur Chief Executive Officer Note to readers : Get to know MCI even better by downloading a QR (Quick Response) Code Reader for your smartphone and visiting us online and across social media networks.2 3 QR Code link on the cover : www.mci-group.com
  3. 3. A Collaborative Approach4 www.mci-group.com/casestudies
  4. 4. A Collaborative Approach Whether a client’s strategic objective is to energize performance, share a defining moment, grow globally or deliver an event of world-class operational excellence, a collaborative approach that combines our expertise with an understanding of the clients industry helps achieve greater success. Harnessing our deep local knowledge and comprehensive working experience, we co-create efficient processes, build meaningful links and more cohesive communities that attain stronger results. Customer as a focus Business with integrity Improving internal communication effectiveness, enhancing Harnessing expert tactical knowledge, regional resources Quality as a quest productivity and encouraging employee motivation helps and local infrastructures can help organizations grow energize performance within teams. For a corporate client in the ICT industry, MCI created a unique moment in time that brought together the company’s international sales and build markets across the world. Relying on proven, on-the-ground experience in its target growth regions of China and the Middle East, a global professional Commitment representatives, promoted cohesion among its people and inspired them to grow and strive for success together. financial association chose MCI to help communicate its educational offering and membership benefits to the common goal Working with the company’s leadership team to understand effectively across cultures and expand in new markets, its long term business objectives of building closer working relations between its international teams to achieve stronger results, MCI helped make a real difference to the in a sustainable way. MCI’s international expertise and capacity to operate effectively across language and cultural barriers helped the client raise brand awareness Power of trust organizations financial performance. in these regions, reach out to new audiences and Face-to-face moments are a powerful means to engage ultimately, increase membership numbers. Be a team with an audience’s hearts and minds to influence behaviour, communicate effectively and leverage human connections. In 2011, MCI worked with a high profile non-profit People around the world are more connected than ever before thanks to innovations like social media, creating an unprecedented culture of collaboration and a new balance and have fun environmental organization to create a defining moment and facilitate content delivery, culminating in a high level sustainable summit of world-class standard. Delivering of power. Knowledge and ideas can be shared universally within moments and everyone has a voice. A co-operative attitude is essential within brands, Spirit of winning the client’s message in a relevant and appropriate way companies and institutions. Working in lockstep with our helped them engage with their audience and achieve their clients allows us to bring real results and true value to their objective of promoting sustainable dialogue among key organization. business leaders in Asia. Idoia Rodés Torróntegui Chief Operating Officer (Europe) A Collaborative6 7 Approach
  5. 5. Achieving Results Association Clients Energizing Together The Climate Group Supporting Dialogue on Sustainability Performance The Business Summit on Climate Leadership, organized by The Understanding what our clients need and delivering strategic solutions Climate Group, was a high level, sustainable summit centered International Statistical Institute around accelerating the world’s transition to a low carbon Diversifying an Association Demographic to their challenges is what MCI does. However, the real value that we bring economy. It was aimed at encouraging sustainable thinking in Asia through facilitating dialogue between the relevant comes through listening to our clients and building strong relationships decision makers and business leaders in Asia. The Climate MCI worked with the International Statistical Institute Group returned to MCI for this event, building on a strong (ISI) to create a plan to drive membership and reach founded on trust. Working together with our client’s vision and strategy working relationship and shared approach to sustainable out to female members and new talent. A series of business practices. The Summit proved a successful catalyst short courses for young statisticians was held prior at heart we can create lasting connections that reap long-term results. for continued discussion and education on sustainability by to the main congress to educate young people on reaching out to over 150 business leaders well positioned to the profession. A “Women in Statistics” networking implement changes within their organizations. event was run during the meeting. As a result, 2,400 Corporate Clients delegates from 125 countries attended the 58th World Statistics Congress, with a significant increase in the proportion of female and young delegates. Siemens Inspiring Growth as a Common Goal Delivering Growing Globally The client wanted to host a motivational event in Guilin, China, to encourage its international sales representatives to achieve Operational greater performance in 2011. This was the third consecutive year that MCI managed this annual meeting for Siemens. For this Asia-Pacific event, MCI’s deep understanding of Asian Excellence International Maritime Pilots’ Association Growing Industry Networks and Engaging International Audiences markets, coupled with strong ties with local suppliers meant The International Maritime Pilots’ Association strategy including various communications that the client could avail of cost savings and be assured the (IMPA) designed a proactive strategy to and a new prospectus that would engage event would be executed efficiently, being familiar with local SKODA Auto A.S gain sponsorship and industry support to support from the industry’s leading maritime business practices. The entire event experience reinforced the Rejuvenating a Brand Image build its international network and make a organizations. MCI confirmed 26 sponsors client’s core message and in an inspiring finale, participants profit for its members. MCI worked closely and 15 exhibitors for their congress – were motivated to work closer together and achieve greater with its Local Organizing Committee to resulting in a major return on investment for results in the next year. In order to communicate a reenergized brand develop and carry out a sponsorship the association. identity, launch new products to partners and dealers and ultimately increase sales, Skoda looked for a partner who had both a good understanding of the automobile industry and Institute of Management Accountants Amway of how to bring a brand to life through live Tapping into New Markets and Growing Globally Delivering Inspiration Across Cultures communication. Seeking an opportunity to present its new logo and corporate identity at The Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) sought to develop a large European automotive tradeshow, MCI a flexible resource model to manage its expansion in China and Amway’s leading sales representatives from China attended a five-day helped Skoda develop a marketing strategy the Middle East in a sustainable manner, in accordance with its Sharing business meeting in Switzerland, which culminated in an inspirational that turned its branding into a positive and international strategy for growth. IMA’s goals included continuing an evening event. Amway wanted to simultaneously celebrate the active customer-focused experience, creating acquisition strategy, improving retention rates and offering localized fifteenth anniversary of its presence in China and the success of the sales team. Renowned artistic and staging director Luc Petit and MCI Geneva’s creative department designed a unique show that used a renewed brand engagement and reaching new audiences. Defining services through an enhanced regional office presence. MCI combined its on-the-ground experience in the target growth regions theme and staging to break down barriers between language and culture. For a diverse audience, MCI delivered an event that awed Moments with the ability to communicate effectively across languages to develop an energized marketing approach. Membership campaigns attracted 7,000 new members in both regions in a year and retention and inspired, creating a special association between participants from China with the host country. rates improved by 65%. A Collaborative8 9 Approach
  6. 6. Committed to Client Success We work hard to demonstrate our commitment to our clients and their long term goals. We go above and beyond in order to develop and nurture strong relationships. Sharing knowledge and ideas, we strive to stay ahead of the latest trends and technologies. We offer our clients Nikki Walker Richard Torriani Cathie Cusin Padraic Gilligan Vice President Association Vice President Global Congress Vice President Meetings & & Patrick Delaney strategic solutions to help them Management & Consulting, MCI Management (PCO), MCI Events, MCI Vice Presidents Destination Management, achieve their business objectives. Ovation Global DMC “ Our knowledge of how to deliver an association’s value proposition, products, programmes and communications appropriately to target audiences is critical for our clients’ growth. Our market intelligence, on- “ We design appropriate solutions that allow clients to reach out to new markets, expanding and strengthening their community. Our tailor-made delegate boosting programmes help connect clients “ We build meeting programmes which directly support client organizations’ strategic objectives. These go beyond consulting clients on cost savings, efficiency enhancing and brand alignment schemes, to “ Whether a client requires only destination selection, local transport and off-property dinners or a fully inclusive destination solution combining all services, our teams at over 100 global destinations the-ground customer feedback and with prospective delegates and redesigning meeting portfolios which are at hand to provide crucial strategic advice help associations build awareness of their association ensure that the chosen approach, local knowledge and expertise. assess opportunities and priorities and in potential growth regions. By format and vehicle serve the different VIPER, our online platform for decide, together with MCI’s consultants, integrating social media channels delegate communities in the most multi-destination comparisons and the most appropriate development such as Twitter, LinkedIn and relevant manner to heighten their solutions, allows us to instantly strategy. Through our Global Content Facebook into our registration learning experience, networking customize an offer for our clients Dissemination programme we help our systems, we encourage associations opportunities and knowledge and then review the offer in real time associations deliver on their educational to build community around retention. In some instances we with them so that amendments, mission and reach new markets in a knowledge and ideas. Clients and will add a virtual component to an changes and prices are all ” cost-effective and innovative fashion. their customers can benefit from a existing meeting, to increase the immediately available. The association benefits from a new significantly increased capacity to reach and extend the life of important value proposition and gains new revenue communicate exchange, create, content, at the same time feeding ” streams that allow it to reach a much maintain and grow their networks. conversation and interaction within ” ” broader audience. the community. A Collaborative10 11 Approach
  7. 7. Understanding Your Strategy At the heart of relational strategies, face-to-face interaction is a key, strategic component for any organization whose success is measured on performance. Organizations are recognizing the growing importance of lasting and meaningful networks to achieve and exceed their business goals. With technology and globalization, relationships are changing and new business models are emerging. Working together with clients to clarify their organization’s needs, MCI’s goal is to help define relational strategies to enable clients to manage and maximize connections to achieve their long term business objectives. MCI designs solutions that engender spirit and energy, motivate, drive innovation, push creativity, enhance loyalty and encourage the achievement of greater results for organizations. Selection of 2011 clients Companies Associations Olivier Croset Patrick Stuto Global Accounts Long Term AM&C Clients Vice President Technical Chief Information Officer, MCI Abbott ISPE International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering and Creative Production, Dorier Bristol-Myers Squibb MDRT Million Dollar Round Table IBM PMI Project Management Institute Novartis IMA Institute of Management Accountants“ “ Dorier and Perfectus (Dorier in Asia) Focusing on staff efficiency, data SAP IOF International Osteoporosis Foundation audio-visual and production services help accuracy and availability on the Long Term Clients Long Term PCO Clients clients bring their message to life and back-end, we constantly innovate AstraZeneca EWEA European Wind Energy Association successfully engage their audience. We to provide a unique feature-rich Mercedes-Benz EMBO European Molecular Biology Organisation emphasize the importance of reliability and experience to all stakeholders, Patek Philippe ISPN International Society for Paediatric Neurosurgery quality of service to safeguard a client’s ensuring they have access to the SIBOS WHF World Heart Federation brand and help create experiences that right information at the right time Vodafone Foundation WLPGA World LP GAS Association generate real results. Using our expertise and on the right platform. Some and strong network of international significant developments in 2011 to Preferred Vendors Agreements New AM&C Clients partnerships, we ensure consistent and our end-to-end event management Deutsche Bank ACP American College of Physicians cost-effective services anywhere in the platform, B-Com, include a social Kraft Foods Europe RAPS Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society world. One example is High Definition media integration and community Microsoft SCDM Society of Clinical Data Management Multi-Site Interactive Conferencing – a management element, an advanced Takeda R&D ASAE American Society of Association Executives Yahoo! SLAS Society of Laboratory Automation and Screening means of connecting participants in budget and project management remote sites without the need for module (for Strategic Meetings ” New Clients New PCO Clients expensive and time-consuming travel. Management) and the introduction Astra Tech APAGE Asia Pacific Digestive Week of the MobileApp FactoryTM allowing DSM CFA Chartered Financial Analyst Institute online or offline global access to Huawei ISTH International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis ” meeting content. Merck Sharp & Dohme UNGC United Nations Global Compact VMware World Water Council A Collaborative12 13 Approach
  8. 8. Building Community14 www.mci-group.com/associations www.mci-group.com/companies
  9. 9. Building Community As a key player in global relational strategy, MCI helps strengthen communities by drawing on resources and technologies MCI’s Global Reach to design innovative and creative solutions. MCI enables associations and companies to open up horizons and tap into new 2073 markets, generating brand visibility. 85 600’877 24’510 662 106 91’915 20’585 With our worldwide reach comes an ability to understand, anticipate and operate successfully in a changing marketplace. Connecting 23 people and places, our knowledge of cultural customs and business 6’942 behaviours across the globe, combined with our global-local approach, enables us to create relevant and powerful solutions for our clients worldwide. Understanding our clients, their industries and the 264 destination for their meeting allows us to create the perfect theatre 98’858 to stage their content. When asked to create an event in Switzerland 55 for a global client’s representatives from China, MCI designed a spectacular bespoke show that created a special correlation between 14’755 the client’s content and the host country. Linking these meant that MCI could help the client build a unique and impactful event to Projects delivered showcase their message in a way that would touch each attendee. Participant numbers MCI helped a European leader in the energy sector develop new ways to display and market its products at industry tradeshows that would appeal to different cultural audiences across four continents. Utilizing Dev Sharma our knowledge of this industry, combined with an understanding of Vice President diverse business cultures, MCI helped the client develop a tailor-made Strategic Account People will still always need to meet face-to-face Conserving, distributing, enhancing and repackaging Management display system that allowed them to successfully showcase their and in real time, but technology can improve the clients’ content capitalizes on a key asset, creates products at exhibitions across those diverse markets. experience and extend the lifecycle of the meeting new products and revenues and provides first- content. Technology is the enabler that helps class education to audiences previously unable to Providing a platform for sharing information, motivating and leverage the value of the content. Vision, creativity, participate. Content that was formerly limited to those encouraging the building of profound and enduring relations, events marketing and an understanding of local needs able to attend the live event can now be accessed by are integral to achieving business objectives. Managing these enhance that value. users from around the world. Social media channels community experiences effectively can however bring an even can be created to help build community around greater benefit. content before, during and after the event.16 Building 17 Community
  10. 10. Brand Our Partnerships The ‘Building Understanding and Shaping Communities SmithBucklin Community’ Model Association Consulting Worldwide partnership with the Globalization strategy and business planning | Global leading US-based association content dissemination programmes | Revenues management company providing diversification | Delegate boosting | Driving sponsorship seamless association and event management services worldwide Managing and Engaging Communities Ovation Global DMC, the DMC Network & the Strategic Partners Association Management Worldwide partnership among Full service management | Membership growth | leading destination management Project solutions | Content management companies (DMCs) increasing our global destination management Performance Improvement offering Creative reward and incentive programmes | Sustainable services | Content management INCON Worldwide partnership among Creating Community Experiences leading professional conference We manage Meetings & Events organizers (PCOs) and event and engage communities producers, providing ‘one-stop GLOBAL LEADERSHIP IN CONFERENCES & EVENTS Creative events | Meeting and conference planning | shop’ congress organization and Incentive travel | Live communications | Learning and content management worldwide We understand broadcasting solutions | Strategic meeting management programmes | Peer-to-peer meetings | Hybrid events & and shape communities technology solutions Blue Sky Broadcast Partnership to offer technology We create Congress Management Congress management and technology | Exhibition solutions for online content management, education portals and community experiences management | Learning and content broadcasting solutions | event streaming for association clients Hybrid meetings We bring communities LTB to life Regional partnership with a leading agency in the field of live communication based in Casablanca, MCI helps clients make it happen, globally and consistently, through a range of integrated, wholly-owned brands and partnerships. MCI Group : Morocco. Development of MCI’s creative and technical production offer the other Brands in Morocco and Algeria to provide a fully integrated service Bringing Communities to Life Destination Management Luc Petit Creation Expert destination services | Incoming Partnership with Luc Petit, renowned event organization art director, to enhance MCI’s show production offering by providing art Technical & Creative Production direction for live performance Content technology | Audio-visual and staging solutions | Media and Between communication Partnership with Between, a Geneva- Robin Lokerman Event Hospitality based furniture, decoration and fitting CEO - Institutional Division Freelance and temporary event staff solutions company. From decorative theming to the creation of the event Event Management Technology ambiance, Between provides products Integrated online event management that combine quality and originality application18 8 Building g 19 Community
  11. 11. Developing New Products We are driven by our conviction to help our clients strengthen their A Selection of New communities. We constantly reinvent our products and services to address Products for Companies : changing client needs. Responding to economic, political, social and Peer-to-Peer Meetings industry challenges, we innovate to create solutions that help our clients Targeting the right audience and reaching the highest number of delegates is an element that many companies need in order to succeed on their path to performance. increase market share for their brands and products. A peer-to- peer meeting is an innovative way to increase brand awareness by disseminating information through inter-professional collaboration. MCI works with clients to create a centrally coordinated programme of small meetings with moderators and speakers in A Selection of New Products for Associations : which a select group of peers discuss data and case studies. Strategic Meeting Management Programmes Delegate Boosting Driving Sponsorship Organizations today are concerned with increasing efficiency, Delegate boosting is aimed at attracting participants and Today, exhibition and sponsorship income usually reducing spend and eliminating risk. Corporate budgets continue expanding an association’s reach in emerging markets. In represents a significant share of overall congress revenue. to face greater levels of scrutiny, making it imperative for event line with a client’s long term business objectives, MCI helps Building strong relationships with exhibitors and sponsors planners to demonstrate return on investment. MCI works with association clients define their target audiences, develop is essential and is an ongoing process. MCI works with clients to understand, control and reduce their global meeting and execute effective local sales strategies and build association clients to identify potential opportunities to spend whilst ensuring a consistent brand experience across long term partnerships that ultimately increase delegate communicate clear-cut benefits. We help clients prioritize continents for their different audiences. numbers and return on investment. their needs by carrying out assessments and creating customized sponsorship packages to help increase Best Practice Meeting Diversifying Revenues sponsor investments. Public agencies, NGOs and corporations have begun exploring Diversifying an association’s income streams helps ensure its and implementing best practices in their organizations. Best stability and sustainability. Identifying opportunities to invest Content Management practice meetings give experts from a variety of backgrounds and in new initiatives, programmes and member services, MCI MCI has teamed up with Blue Sky Broadcast, a provider experiences a platform to share knowledge and ideas with their experts help associations build a secure future whilst staying of technology solutions for online content management, peers. MCI works alongside clients to establish meeting and event relevant for their members. Helping build connections with education portals and event streaming, to offer the platforms to disseminate their common content and best practices. potential members, MCI works with clients to better engage worldwide association community a fully integrated their community from board members to leaders and partners. digital education service. As a result, associations can Show Production leverage their conference content and extend its lifecycle, Building community around an immersive brand experience is Congress Management Technology maximizing revenue and outreach by creating spin-off hugely important for the brand to be successful. MCI has partnered Organizing large scale conferences has become more services or adapting it for regional markets. Tailored global Ajay Bhojwani with renowned artistic director Luc Petit, to produce shows that Director - and more complex. Event planners have to manage every content sharing solutions work for clients regardless of the Lindsay Seth are original concepts, combining a passionate mix of poetry, Institutional Division audience location, language or learning requirements. Director Strategic Meetings aspect of an event whilst minimizing costs and maximizing Management Programmes art, performance and technology. Each creation is specifically return on investment. To help planners achieve these goals, designed for the client according to their goals, expectations and MCI has created B-Com, an online platform that covers all budget. MCI Creation manages all aspects of creative direction operational requirements related to an event life cycle, from and delivery of a show that helps break down barriers and create project management to reporting and statistics. an emotional connection with an audience, enhancing their experience and intensifying key messages.20 Building 21 Community
  12. 12. MCI Leadership Positions Prominently positioned in Idoia Rodés Torróntegui Frankie Gao Sébastien Tondeur Philippe Fournier Aoife Delaney Chief Operating Officer (Europe), MCI Managing Director China, Chief Executive Officer, MCI President of MCI in France Director of Global Sales, many of the industry’s key Vice President of the Belgian MCI Shanghai International Chairman-Elect President of the International Ovation Global DMC Association of Professional Board Director, ICCA China of Meeting Professionals Association of Professional Society of Incentive Travel associations, MCI leaders Conference Organizers (BAPCO) Committee (Mainland) Planning International (MPI) 2010-11 Congress Organizers (IAPCO) Executives (SITE) Board Member Group for 2012-14 help drive dialogue, “BAPCO is the Belgian Association “ICCA is an association of specialists “MPI was founded in 1972 on “Education is in IAPCO’s DNA and “SITE is a global network of meetings promote knowledge and of Professional Conference in organizing and managing the belief that meeting and event we have been providing high level and events professionals dedicated generate innovation. At the Organizers, a not-for-profit international meetings and events, planners serve a critical role in the training seminars for our industry to delivering business results. The association representing its members comprising over 900 member success of organizations. MPI is since 1968 in many regions of network of SITE professionals brings forefront of the latest in institutional, legal, ethical and companies and organizations in committed to giving its members the world. Our flagship event is best-in-class solutions, insights and association matters. BAPCO’s 87 countries worldwide. Being the very best in professional the Annual Seminar in Wolfsberg global connections to maximize the trends and developments mission is to support initiatives part of ICCA means access to a development opportunities, insight (Switzerland) where, for the last 40 business impact of motivational which aspire to improve the senior and truly global networking into business trends and access to years, over 3,000 attendees have experiences regardless of client in the industry, MCI helps status of Professional Conference platform representing all sectors of a vibrant industry community. The gathered for training. The educational industry, region or culture. SITE Organizers in Belgium and defend the meetings industry. This supports latest research on the business programme is designed by the serves as the source of expertise, clients understand the their interests, not only with regard and facilitates MCI’s global-local value of meetings, corporate social members of our Training Academy knowledge and personal connections to their mutual relations, but also approach. ICCAs added value is responsibility (CSR) and strategic who are selected by the Council that catapult and sustain professional complex market offer, with other organizations and towards its unique and robust education meetings management (SMMP) of IAPCO for their knowledge, growth, and help build the value translating it into solutions their clients. BAPCO represents programme, tailor-made for the are examples of areas to which experience and expertise in our of extraordinary motivational a platform for knowledge-sharing meetings and events industry.” MPI makes a difference. Many MCI industry. Sharing their knowledge experiences worldwide. In particular, that create tangible results. and developing best practice in leaders play an active role in MPI and insight on the latest trends, they the SITE Young Leaders programme a trustworthy and transparent and regularly share the knowledge help unmask the future for PCOs and is a fantastic platform that fosters the environment.” this brings them with their teams and other stakeholders of the meetings education and development of young clients.” and exhibitions industry.” people starting their careers in the meetings, events and incentive travel industry.’’ www.iccaworld.com www.bapco.be www.mpiweb.org www.iapco.org www.siteglobal.com22 Building 23 Community
  13. 13. Dreaming the Future24 www.mci-group.com/csrvision www.mci-group.com/insidemci
  14. 14. Dreaming the Future People and Culture The cornerstone of MCI’s value proposition People and culture are at the heart of our strategy. is the strength of our convictions. We believe As such, we cherish our richly diverse MCI employees in the spirit of winning ; of challenging the as our most precious resource. status quo and never being complacent. We constantly create and develop to help our clients win. With By supporting talent via internal processes that encourage growth, development and ensure quality as a quest we evolve and innovate, pushing the boundaries safety, we commit to the advancement and wellbeing of each individual. Believing in the of our systems and procedures. Technology is core to the MCI way importance of a strong community, we promote opportunities for collaboration and fun, of delivering on time and on budget. Collaboration and co-creation upholding an open and respectful working environment. Promoting accountability and engaging are fundamental to our client approach and the power of trust is with communities beyond our own, we are dedicated to securing the sustainability of our central to this, forming the basis of all of our relationships with industry and encouraging environmental awareness. clients, stakeholders and our own MCI teams. Our commitment to ‘making it happen’ for our clients starts with our own teams and each individual therein. We recognize the Some of our 1200+ talents’ dreams* importance of personal growth and achievement. We encourage all MCI talent to reach for the stars and follow their dreams ; both personally and professionally. To honour this, MCI has declared an Take a diving trip annual company “Dream Day” as a day for all employees to reflect, be inspired, plan and take action to grow and pursue their own Learn a new language path to performance. The MCI Dream Day marks the anniversary Climb the Mont-Blanc of the foundation of MCI in 1987. The dream that we had then and still have today extends far beyond MCI itself to our industry, Fall in love driving thought and action to help shape its future and ensure its Get married and start a family sustainability. Swim 2km daily Compose my own music Take a loved one to New York Exhibit my paintings Ride an elephant See the moonbow over the Victoria falls Run the woman’s half marathon Get fit and healthy Own a home Sébastien Tondeur Chief Executive Officer Joëlle Zumwald Vice President People & Culture Sponsor children’s education *These dreams were collected from MCI talents’ dream wall, created during a workshop at the annual company meeting in December 2011. In the session, participants were encouraged to reflect upon spiritual, social, recreational, professional, health and family aspects of their lives.26 Dreaming 27 the Future