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Siemens ShareNe


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Introduction of Siemens organization

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Siemens ShareNe

  3. 3. Triumph of heavy Growth throughBeginnings & initial current engineering consolidation and expansion and partnerships (1847 - 1865) internationalization (1890 - 1918) (1865 - 1890)
  4. 4. Return to the The National Reconstruction world market Socialist and emergenceand unity within economy and as a global the “House of the war years player Siemens” (1933 - 1945) (1945 - 1966) (1918 - 1933)
  5. 5. Return to the The National Reconstruction world market Socialist and emergenceand unity within economy and as a global the “House of the war years player Siemens” (1933 - 1945) (1945 - 1966) (1918 - 1933)
  6. 6. New markets Deregulationand areas of and business globalization(1966 - 1989) (1989 - 2008)
  7. 7. 1970 Firms increased levels ofKnowledge management is Result: have poor data computerized has made all not a new idea history kinds of data Mid 1990s Telecommunication industry was fairly straight forwards 1998Restructuring. Merge into a new group called information and communication networks (ICN)
  8. 8. End of decade Telecommunication industry had shifted significantly End 2001 Restructuring and layoff had hit evey group and division Jan 2002ShareNet placed into Competence & Knowledge Management
  9. 9. Industry changing quickly and radically: new carriersICN knew it had reams of were cropping up across experience to tap into: the globe, offering New skills and a new mind- there had to be a way to service, solutions and set were required. exploit the extensive products and market expertise and experience volume was moving away from incumbents to start – ups Serious attempts at evaluating the worth of KM efforts were rare, given notoriously difficult to Competitions, deregulatio attach a value to the n & a surge in data traffic benefits delivered. KM was wrought global changes a topic that tended to ebb across the industry. and flow in popularity along with the general business cycle.
  10. 10. Division not adapt to the ShareNet need to pay more to ensure the Besides challenge in deciding a network’s cost were covered. Thisprice, the strategy entailed several would reduce the return from risked. ShareNet, increasing the likelihood that the remaining divisions would also turn it down. Limited resources at its Some staff belief that SHareNEt disposal, ShareNet had some hard should continue to operate as a decision to make about where to corporate level service. They need to focus in the coming year. persuade the board that the project Manith, Widuch & Doring packed warranted continue funding at a timeaway their notes, having devided up when other corporate-level initiatives the work to be completed in were being cut preparation for the board meeting.
  11. 11. SHARENET
  12. 12. Problem Focus Living Bids Core Idea Expand the reachConcept About Future SHARENET
  13. 13. More aboutmanagement system& processes than the technical platform
  14. 14. • Poor reuse of customer solution Decided across over sales region• Best practices sharing in sales • KM focus on sales & marketing was non-existance staff have designed well in KM• What little sharing & solution system: spread its bid & exchange has was not strengthen its proposal institutalized BTP
  15. 15. Knowledge Management processIT infrastructure (Discover, capture, share & apply)
  16. 16. • Both tacit & experiencedCapturingknowledge • Transferred through social interaction • Knowledge LibrarySolve TKM • Urgent request tools • Forum sharing knowledge
  17. 17. Cut cost Fund The questions over its broader ShareNet impelementation Getting people to contribute Getting Employee still use the traditionalpeople to rely way compared the techologies onIncentives to Managers: Users: use Provided for local country Collected points called ShareNet Rewarded a overall participation in SharesBonus-on-top knowledge sharing
  18. 18. Siemens Munich HQ focus on developing core platforms for switching systems for telephony and data networks. ShareNet team had structured much knowledge library’s architecture to reflect sales and marketing processPlans virtual workshop. Presentations were posts with linksto knowledge objects and discussion threads. Organized by time sequence.Nowadays, ShareNet has to achieve is getting the knowledgethat is concentrated in the lab in Munich to those who need that knowledge.Have question regarding security, confidentiality and little incentive for them
  19. 19. Corporate climate had worsened, with the Sign up for high-bandwidthtelecommunications sector access, encouraging firms to particularly hard hit. quickly build out network infrastructure, the market collapsed, demand dried up overnight,