Corporate Profile Press Kit


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Corporate Profile Press Kit

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Corporate Profile Press Kit

  1. 1. KINGDOM FORTUNES DEVELOPMENT GROUP CORPORATE PROFILE 2012 Kingdom Fortunes Development Group We provide integrated business and trainingCORPORATE PROFILE development solutions and services to maximizeKingdom Fortunes Development Group (KFDG) a tested provider of value and profitability instrategic, tactical, and integrated training and development solutions to your school, nonprofitmaximize value and profitability in your school, nonprofit and business and business enterprise.enterprise. KFDG, a learning company, finds the professional anduncomplicated solution that suits your needs. Our services are organized in KINGDOM FORTUNES DEVELOPMENT GROUP, afour areas: Administrative Management and General Management learning company, findsConsulting Services; Human Resources Consulting Services; Professional the professional andManagement Development Training and Personnel Employment Services. uncomplicated solutionsAs a Local Small Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (LSBE) firm with a MBE, that suits your concernsSBD and DBE certifications, KFDG is committed to excellence and creatinginnovative and flexible solutions for our clients.
  2. 2. C Professional management development training Propose courses and seminars for management and professional development. Training for career development may be provided directly to individuals or through employers training programs; and courses may be customized or modified to meet the special needs of customers in diverse settings, such as the establishments or clients training facilities, educational institutions, the workplace, or the home through diverse Our services: reliable and means, such as correspondence, television, the Internet, or other individual electronic and distance-learning methods including the use of simulators and simulation methods KINGDOM FORTUNES DEVELOPMENT GROUP LLC offers professional and reliable services in the business and industry sector, Human resources consulting services tailored to suit your Supply human resource, personnel policies, practices, procedures, individual situation is a given. employee assessment consulting services, organizational development We offer in-depth consulting services, personnel management consulting services consultations to understand your business and training development goals and Data processing, hosting and related services current situation and craft a long-term solution that is Make available hosting or data processing services provide specialized right for you. hosting activities, such as web hosting, streaming services or application Our services in overview hosting, provide application service provisioning, general time-share mainframe facilities to clients, provide complete processing and specialized KFDG offers Business reports from data supplied by clients or provide automated data Advisory Services, processing and data entry services Educational Advisory Services, Personnel Employment Service, Teaching and Instructional Vocational rehabilitation services Services, Strategic Propose educational vocational rehabilitation and habilitation services, job Technology Planning counseling training Consulting Services, Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Management Technical and trade services Consulting, Small Business Consulting, Human Services Facilitate job specific certification, computer training Consulting, Business Consulting, Course Development Services, Instructional Services, Educational Research Services, Partnership Workshop Facilitation Services, and Education and Training Consulting
  3. 3. Your partner for business and training development matters You can benefit from our more than twenty years of experience, as well as from the professional and reliable manner in which we conduct business. KINGDOM FORTUNES DEVELOPMENTAdministrative management and general GROUP helps you find the right solutions for yourmanagement consulting services company needs.Provide advice and assistance to businesses, organizational on administrative An overview of our benefitsmanagement issues, financial planning and budgetary, records management, Business and Trainingoffice planning, strategic/organizational planning, site selection, new business Solutions On-Demandstartup, business process improvement, human resources, logistics, High-Level Organizationalreorganizational services, policy review development, program evaluation, Performancetechnical assistance, lecture for training, personnel testing, vocational-technical Unparallel Servicetraining, training curriculum development and aids training ExcellenceEmployment placement servicesDeliver executive search, recruitment, placement services, and referralemployment services What sets KFDG apart from the competition? Our People Performance-Based Processes Integrated Solutions Teams Client Relationship Management Strategic Mix of Technology and Business Business Intelligence Enterprise Resource Planning
  4. 4. Some of our clients 2012 Edition© KINGDOM FORTUNES DEVELOPMENT GROUPRashid Franklin Brown CEO/Managing Consultant 260 Peachtree St NW, Suite 2200 Atlanta, GA 30303-1202 (404) 855-0739 (404) 527-6201