Global Knowledge Management at Danone


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Issues in the case study of "Global Knowledge Management at Danone" has been discussed. The issues are:
1- Creating knowledge cultures
2- Knowledge application
3- To extend the Networking Attitude

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Global Knowledge Management at Danone

  2. 2. Company where making the product, costume and operational available. Old employees useDanone was stepped into the traditional method need system in the year 2002. more time in organizing and learning a new items.Danone employees did not Benenati said “we had to find use portal and felt most a way to encourage people tocomfortable talking to each share”. other.
  3. 3. • Able to communicate direct or indirectly to each others • Exchanging the problem solving, decision making, preparing the facts for meeting, Sharing gather the survey and other things that capable to do with the network. • Culture need to be developed first for ensure that people in the organization Encourage sharing • Taylor (anthropology has become the central focus to the culture. ) • that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, law, morals, custom, and Culture any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society. • Infrastructure in build up the knowledge management.Organizational • Developing the trust and togetherness between the employee. Culture
  4. 4. One Haworth Center•Build the new headquarters,•Top management did in their best tocreate: • A welcoming environment • Supports collaboration and communication • Enhances cohesion throughout the organization • Intentionally shifted from safe, rigid design to one that reflect towards their flexibility, innovation, and global customer focus.•New space nurtures the collaborative,competitive team that need to be in orderto ensure the success in the years ahead.
  5. 5. Knowledge-sharing culture Growing Managers need importance of Measure the to use knowledge intellectual sharing and get leadership cue capital to the value Need to have self cards thatorganizations and proposition right knowledge- remind them the need for also recognize sharing regarding the effective the stages of the importance of knowledge knowledge- their own management sharing. behaviours practices
  6. 6. Networking Attitude Issues: Determine theAimed to make sure that the firm can share good impact of networking practices and circulate information with each to the company and other how networking has helped Danone. Used networking wasn’t Makes use of it does not fully aware of how such Causes: Knowledge necessarily need to technology should be used application comprehend it. and what are implications to the business.
  7. 7. Knowledge organization is activities such as document description, indexing, and classification; and the broad meaning of knowledge Danone utilize knowledge, organization in the sense of howdiscover applications, and develop Human creativity and innovation knowledge is socially organized technologies to make their or are very important inputs to their and how reality is organized, other organizational operations processes which means when the and functions more effective and management style that is practiced efficient. in contemporary operating organizations was being developed, intellectual preparation of a large majority of the worker population was low.
  8. 8. Need to decide if these principles and practicesRestudy and reintroduce Reintroducing the can be transferred exactly,the networking concept networking concept or only after they are adapted, or should they be fully discarded
  9. 9. Mouginnad Benenati believed that the Networking Attitude had the potential to be taken further that the sharing could be taken deeper, wider or richer Mougin believed that all90,000 Danone employees Extend the networking could benefit from the attitude networking attitude to share the good practices.
  10. 10. • More employees• participants received Wider • For innovation • Mougin and e-mails in advance Benenati going a step asking for good further by inviting • Outside the company practices employees from • Mougin and various divisions to• Debarge reported “It Benenati using tier network with the was very useful for tools to build aim of coming up me to participate in external bridges to with new processes this marketplace and partners, suppliers, or products. share with my customers and colleagues” consumers. Deeper Richer
  11. 11. Getting good practice:- Seeking not only opinion from employees but withsupplies Effective Danone’s strategy:- Invited consumers to discuss products in developmentshould be continuous Deheunynck “ If we just keep sharing practices we arenot going to survive, because the good practice of today are not going to be good practices of tomorrow”.
  12. 12. Q&A