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  1. 1. 8 th Employee Engagement Enhancing performance, productivity and loyalty through an engaged workforce “Acquired a great “Heard broad perspectives background on employee on employee engagement. engagement. Presentations Benefited from networking were good. Learned new opportunities.” vocabulary and heard about - 2009 DelegateCourse Leader challenges from other DaveMilé Komlen, Rocheleau,McMaster organizations.” Royal BankUniversity - 2009 Delegate of CanadaCourse Leader Ronnie Mahabir, Pitney BowesJulie RubenRodney, December 8 & 9, 2010, Toronto Two-Day Event! CanadaMaximumPeople Perfor-mance Inc. Patricia Workshop Included: Engagement and talent retention in turbulent times McQuillan, Brand MattersStacey C.Karpman,Future participating organizationsElectronics Inc. Air Canada Maximum People Performance Inc. Brand Matters ® McMaster University Bruce Powell, Centennial College Royal Bank of Canada IQ PARTNERS Future Electronics Inc. Pitney Bowes Canada Inc. HPM Associates PricewaterhouseCoopers LLPYvesDeschênes, IQ PARTNERS Inc. St. Andrew Goldfields Ltd. (SAS)Centennial Maple Leaf Sports + Entertainment Ltd.College Doug Kube, who should attend Air Canada VPs, Directors & Managers in HR, diversity, employment equity, compensation & benefits, recruitment & retention, talent management, staffing, workforce planningGeoff Ramey,St. Andrew & strategy, organizational development, training & HR communicationsGoldfields Ltd. Debra(SAS) Watkinson, course highlights Maple Leaf Sports + Enter- • Hear from some of Canada’s engagement leaders on what it takes to enhance performance, tainment Ltd. productivity and loyalty through an engaged workforce as well as: • Look at how employee engagement impacts your organization’s ability to retain talent Philip E. Hunter,Jake Cole, Pricewater-HPM • Hear how you can raise the bar in the level of performance and employee engagement houseCoopersAssociates through your career development program and retain talent at all levels of your organization LLP
  2. 2. FACULTYCOURSE LEADERSMILÉ KOMLEN YVES DESCHÊNES helps clients develop superior business andMilé Komlen is a Canadian lawyer specializing Yves Deschênes is Associate VP, HR and HR strategies through workforce measurementin human rights law, corporate social respon- Organizational Development at Centennial and benchmarking solutions.sibility and diversity management. He is cur- College.rently the Director of Human Rights & Equity PATRICIA MCQUILLANServices at McMaster University. GEOFF RAMEY Patricia McQuillan founded Brand Matters in Geoff Ramey is currently the Director of HR for 2000, staffing client teams with deep expertiseJULIE RUBEN RODNEY St. Andrew Goldfields. in all aspects of marketing, branding, employ-Julie Ruben Rodney is CEO and Founder of ee and market research.Maximum People Performance Inc. She is DOUG KUBEa behavioural change expert, experienced in Douglas Kube is Director, Occupational Healththe areas of Interpersonal communication, BRUCE POWELL Services at Air Canada. Bruce Powell is Co-Founder and Managingteambuilding, leadership development andcreativity. Partner of IQ PARTNERS Inc., an executive DAVE ROCHELEAU search & recruitment firm. Dave Rocheleau is the Senior Manager for Talent Management & HR Initiatives at the Royal Bank DEBRA WATKINSONCO-LECTURERS of Canada. Debra Watkinson has been Manager, People Engagement with Maple Leaf Sports and En- RONNIE MAHABIR tertainment ltd.STACEY C. KARPMAN Ronnie Mahabir is Senior Manager, Inbound CareStacey C. Karpman, CA, MBA, is a profession- Centre with Pitney Bowes Canada. He is re- JAKE COLEal with over 25 years of international experi- sponsible for all call centre operational activities. Jake Cole of HPM Associates spent 33 yearsence in auditing, business processes, strategic working in the federal public service. In 2006, heplanning and HR. She is currently a Corporate PHILIP E. HUNTER started his own business consulting on healthVP at Future Electronics. As a Manager for the Saratoga Team at Price- and wellness issues to a variety of clients. waterhouseCoopers LLP, Philip E. HunterCOURSE PROGRAMCREATING A SUSTAINABLE CULTURE FOR IMPROVING PRODUCTIVITY & PERFORMANCE IN YOUREMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT WORKPLACE THROUGH EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENTEmployee engagement is far more than a talent recruitment and reten- The impact of an engaged workforce on company performance is com-tion strategy. It is the strategic outcome of an enterprise that recognizes pelling and very real. Through employee engagement, your companythe value and the power of creating a corporate culture built on trust can inspire and sustain a higher level of individual commitment andand brand commitment felt at every level of the organization. This ses- productivity that will contribute to improving your bottom line. This pre-sion looks at the key success factors for creating a sustainable engage- sentation will discuss the connection between employee engagementment culture. and gains in performance.· Living up to the corporate brand and identity: A must for engagement · Focusing upon the drivers for personal fulfillment in the workplace· From C-suite to back room to customer: Mission fulfillment · Channeling employee enthusiasm into increased productiveness· Putting people at the centre of your engagement efforts · Performance improvement engagement and enablement strategies· Key approaches for successful engagement · Engaging employees to contribute to creating process improvements· Increasing accountability for sustaining engagement at all levels · Partnering with line management to reinforce and monitor engagement strategies SUPPLEMENTARY COURSE MATERIAL Federated Press is now providing delegates with access to an innovative new database containing at least 25 interactive multimedia presentations by leading experts and approximately 20 hours of lectures on the topics covered by this course, including all slides and speakers’ papers. See the list of presentations on page 4. Delegates will also receive a trial subscription to the HR Channel, a much broader resource representing hundreds of hours of interactive multimedia lectures on leading edge HR topics as delivered at our many recent HR conferences and courses.
  3. 3. USING COMMUNICATIONS TO INCREASE EMPLOYEE COMPETITIVE EDGE: LEVERAGING ENGAGEMENTENGAGEMENT TO INCREASE CUSTOMER LOYALTYWhat increases the value and the power of communications in em- Is it any surprise that the level of loyalty and commitment engenderedployee engagement is that it entails an active dialogue. This session will by your employee engagement program will have a viral effect, touch-examine how to guide the transition of your internal communications ing your customers and giving you a competitive edge in the domesticstrategy to enhance its effectiveness in employee engagement. and global marketplaces? Find out how your customers can "catch the fever" from your employees, taking loyalty to a whole new level.· Starting with employee engagement surveys, or throwing them out altogether · Linking your internal and external branding strategies· Leveraging two-way communications · Improving customer service responsiveness and needs fulfillment· Improving channel effectiveness in engaging the internal audience · Increasing customer trust and confidence in the business relationship· Measuring the effectiveness of internal communications · Turning employee engagement into a customer retention strategy· Increasing the role of line managers in the employee connection LEADING YOUR PEOPLE WHILE OVERCOMINGINTERNAL BRANDING FOR INCREASING EMPLOYEE EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT CHALLENGESCOMMITMENT If you are a business leader committed to achieving your businessAn increasing number of successful companies have implemented goals, retaining your top employees as well as creating a dynamic work-internal branding strategies to increase engagement and inspire exter- place is imperative. In this session you will learn how to effectively pro-nal brand advocacy among employees. Simply put, if your employees vide your people with guidance and coaching to build an engaged workidentify with your brand, then their level of commitment and loyalty will environment. The discussion will explore how to overcome employeeincrease. This session will discuss: engagement challenges through exceptional leadership practices.· Internal branding techniques: what’s in your toolbox? · Current trends on what employees are currently saying· Ways to engage employees to identify with the brand about their managers and leaders· Increasing employee involvement to revitalize your brand · Challenges managers encounter in creating an engaged workplace· Motivating employee brand loyalty and advocacy · The five key elements to building employee engagement· Driving brand fulfillment for customers · How to effectively assess your current level of employee engagementGENERATIONAL EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT STRATEGIES ‘RECRUITER-PROOF’ YOUR COMPANY: BUILDING LOYALTY THAT HEADHUNTERS CAN’T BREAKAs the demographics of our workforce have changed, we have experi-enced greater diversity and greater challenges in using a "one size fits Retaining top performers is difficult enough, and even more so whenall" approach to engaging and motivating employees. Each of us hear a headhunters are calling trying to lure them away. This session discuss-somewhat different message filtered by our values, priorities and level es the best way to "recruiter-proof" your top talent and to ensure thatof experience. This presentation will outline strategies for tackling these they stay, regardless of the tempting opportunities headhunters maychallenges for effective employee engagement. present.· Developing core drivers that cross cultural and generational divides · The thing that matters most to top talent and· Making it fresh and relevant to older, experienced knowledge workers how to make sure you provide it· Identifying ways to engage attitudes and values of · Why job satisfaction trumps more money almost every time younger employees · Why employees talking to headhunters is okayEQUIPPING MANAGERS TO ENGAGE, CASE STUDY: IMPACT OF BENEFITS AND WELLNESSINSPIRE AND MOTIVATE PROGRAMS ON ENGAGEMENT AT AIR CANADAThe value of training and development to equip managers to inspire, Recent news reports have probed into innovative health and well-motivate and engage employees is twofold because it also serves to ness programs being introduced by employers to increase employeeengage the managers themselves as the leadership talent of the pres- engagement. This case study presentation will review a very successfulent and future. This presentation will discuss: pilot health program at Air Canada.· Refining leadership skills and ability to work effectively with others · Developing and communicating wellness incentives· Improving managers’ ability to communicate openly and credibly · Engaging employees in support for their health and well-being· Linking delegation with employee job satisfaction and empowerment · Increasing employee access to fitness and wellness programs· Inspiring staff through periods of change and uncertainty · Reducing claims and controlling benefits costs through wellness programsA MODEL FOR EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT AT RBCEmployee engagement is an important indicator of overall performance. WORKSHOPBy incorporating employee engagement into your business strategy,both your employees and your organization will see the results. Draw- ENGAGEMENT AND TALENT RETENTIONing on RBC’s experiences, this discussion will look at the key drivers ofemployee engagement and how to implement strategies for fostering IN TURBULENT TIMESand measuring its growth in your organization. It takes more than money to keep top talent. Through an exploration· RBC’s positioning of employee engagement of real life examples from participant’s workplaces, this practical and· Recent transformation: client first interactive workshop will allow participants to identify realistic options· Tracking engagement: employee surveys and RBC’s findings through which they can increase employee engagement. · Assess the vital needs of an organization during turbulent times · Expand the role of management style on employee focus · Brainstorm strategies to engage and then retain younger workers
  4. 4. MULTIMEDIA PRESENTATIONSYour registration includes an interactive multimedia database comprising the following presentations from recent Federated Press courses andconferences. They are presented in their entirety with complete audio or video and accompanying slides. You may also purchase the multimediaproceedings of the course which will be available on CD-ROM 60 days after the course.Decreasing Absenteeism with Effective Employee Data Collection and Analysis Linking Career Development withStress Management Programs Kami Ramcharan, Talent ManagementSusan Stewart, Public Service Human Resources Management Timothy R. McConnell,Ministry of Citizenship & Immigration Agency of Canada McConnell HR Consulting Inc.Linking Leadership and OD in Leveraging Employee Engagement to Creating a Sustainable EmployeeCulture Change Initiatives Implement Your Diversity Strategy Engagement CultureRaji Ramanan, Virginie Bronsard, David Perry,Lafarge North America Sodexho MS Canada Ltd. Perry-Martel International Inc.Using an Online Career Management Recognizing the Value of HR Metrics to Identifying, Implementing & CustomizingPortal to Drive Employee Accountability the Organization and the Bottom Line Employee Communication ChannelsAlex Milic & Tammy Heermann, Giselle Kovary & Adwoa K. Buahene, Jennifer Bell,Knightsbridge n-gen People Performance Inc. Alliance AtlantisCulture Change Breakthroughs Integrating Web 2.0 at Bell Improving Productivity & PerformanceSherrill Burns, Johanna Segerström, Through Employee EngagementCulture Strategy Fit Inc. Bell Canada Susie Naaman, The TDL Group Corp.Designing and Implementing Becoming a Superior OD CoachOnline Development Plans Joe Xamin, Equipping Leadership to Engage,Emanuele (Manny) Campione, City of Hamilton Inspire and MotivateLoyaltyOne Inc. Cindy Suurd, Best Practices for Managing Excessive National DefencePerformance Management: Linking People Short-Term Disability AbsenteeismManagement to Corporate Change Samara Kaplan, Measuring Your Culture Change and its BottomPauline Holman, City of Barrie Line Impact on Employee Engagemeneasyhome Ltd. Diane Whidden, Transforming Your Organization Through Learning Holt Renfrew & Co. LimitedHow To Recruit and Retain a Diverse, Judy Holcomb-Williams,Well-Qualified Workforce Trillium Health Care Products Inc. Case Study: Enhancing Commitment andJudy Laws, Engagement to Reduce AbsenteeismGraybridge Malkam Using Effective Communications to Charles Marful, Increase Employee Engagement Ernst & Young LLPEmbracing Change & Fostering Dave Perfetti,Risk to Improve your Business Canadian Blood Services Engagement Through Internal BrandingJay-Ann Fordy, Mark Thompson,BC Lottery Corporation Improving Employee Engagement and Loyalty McKinley Solutions Exchange Susan O’Dowd, Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd.Registration: To reserve your place, call Federated Press toll-free at 1-800-363-0722. Cancellation: Please note that non-attendance at the course does not entitle the registrant to aIn Toronto, call (416) 665-6868 or fax to (416) 665-7733. Then mail your payment along with the refund. In the event that a registrant becomes unable to attend following the deadline for cancel-registration form. Places are limited. Your reservation will be confirmed before the course. lation, a substitute attendee may be delegated. Please notify Federated Press of any changes as soon as possible. Federated Press assumes no liability for changes in program content orLocation: Metropolitan Hotel, 108 Chestnut Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1R3 speakers. A full refund of the attendance fee will be provided upon cancellation in writing re-Conditions: Registration covers attendance for one person, the supplementary course ma- ceived prior to November 24, 2010. No refunds will be issued after this date. Please note that aterial as described in this document, lunch on both days, morning coffee on both days and 15% service charge will be held in case of a cancellation.refreshments during all breaks. The proceedings of the course will be captured on audio or Discounts: Federated Press has special team discounts. Groups of 3 or more from the samevideo. Multimedia proceedings with all slides and handouts can be purchased separately on a organization receive 15%. For larger groups please call.CD-ROM which will also include the course material. Payment must be received prior to December 1, 2010Time: This course is a two-day event. Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. The morning sessionsstart promptly at 9:00. The second day ends at 4:00 p.m. Phone: 1-800-363-0722 Toronto: (416) 665-6868 Fax: (416) 665-7733 TO REGISTER FOR EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT REGISTRATION COSTS Name NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: Title Department COURSE: $1975 Approving Manager Name COURSE + PROCEEDINGS CD-ROM: Approving Manager Title $1975 + $175 = $ 2150 Organization PROCEEDINGS CD-ROM: $599 Address NOTE: Please add 13% HST to all prices.` City Province Postal Code Proceedings CD-ROM will be available 60 days after the course takes place Telephone Fax e-mail Please bill my credit card: AMEX VISA Mastercard Enclose your cheque payable to Federated Press in the amount of: # Expiration date: / Signature : Payment enclosed:  Please invoice. PO Number: GST Reg. # R101755163 PBN#101755163PG0001 WHEN CALLING, PLEASE MENTION PRIORITY CODE: MAIL COMPLETED FORM WITH PAYMENT TO: Federated Press P.O. Box 4005, Station “A” For additional delegates please duplicate this form 8EET1012/E Toronto, Ontario M5W 2Z8 and follow the normal registration process