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Dropbox Tutorial






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  • I’ll be talking about Dropbox. I recently discovered Dropbox and I *love. it.* Before we get started, how many of you have used Dropbox or know a little about it?  Move on to Agenda

Dropbox Tutorial Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Store your documents in the cloud and access them from any computer or compatible mobile device
  • 2. Agenda
    • Overview and context
    • Features and benefits
    • Tutorial – How to Use
  • 3. Have you ever...
    • needed to access a file ASAP but realized you forgot your USB drive or forgot to email the file to yourself?
    • emailed a file around a study group, only to lose track of the latest version?
    • wanted to reverse changes to a document, but not had a backup copy?
    • Dropbox can help.
  • 4. What is Dropbox?
    • Dropbox is a web-based service that syncs files across multiple platforms, regardless of filetype. But you’re not limited to the web — there’s a desktop application for PC, Mac and Linux AND apps for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android.
    • Dropbox allows you to save a file on your home computer, open it and edit it at work or school, and view it on your smartphone.
    • Dropbox also automatically creates backup versions of your files.
  • 5. File syncing
    • Edit and save a file on one device, and it automatically syncs to your other Dropbox-enabled devices.
  • 6. File sharing
    • Any file you save to the Public folder is assigned a public link you can share with others
      • Go to bit.ly/dropboxdoc for an example
    • You can also invite specific people to share any other folder in your Dropbox folder
  • 7. Photo sharing
    • Move folders of images to your Photos folder to create galleries you can share easily with a public gallery link
      • Go to bit.ly/dropboxphotos for an example
  • 8. Online backup
    • When you save a file to your Dropbox folder, it’s automatically backed up to Dropbox’s servers.
  • 9. Undo and undelete
    • Dropbox keeps a history of every change you make so that you can undo any mistakes and even undelete files.
    • Default history is 30 days, but they offer other packages.
  • 10. What it replaces FTP programs USB drives Google Docs External hard drives Emailing files to yourself Saving multiple versions
  • 11. Security and privacy
    • Uses the same secure methods as banks and the military to send and store data
    • Files are backed-up, stored securely, and password-protected.
    • Nobody can see private files in Dropbox unless they are invited, or they’re in the Public folder. (Everything in your Public folder is, by definition accessible to everyone.)
  • 12. Viewing files on the web
  • 13. Uploading files on the web
  • 14. Viewing files on a Mac
  • 15. Viewing files on a PC
  • 16. Viewing files and faves on the iPhone
  • 17. Need more storage space?
    • Dropbox offers paid Pro subscriptions:
  • 18. How do you use Dropbox? Let’s find out!!
  • 19. Go to www.dropbox.com
  • 20. Click Play Icon to watch Dropbox Video Presentation
  • 21. Click Download Dropbox
  • 22. Click Run
  • 23. Click Install
  • 24. Wait until dropbox finishes to install
  • 25. Select I don’t have a Dropbox Account
  • 26. Click Next
  • 27. Create Dropbox Account
  • 28. Fill out the form
  • 29. Click the box - I Agree to the Terms of Service
  • 30. Click Next
  • 31. Choose your Dropbox size
  • 32. Click Next
  • 33. Click Next after you read Dropbox Welcome Page
  • 34. Read more Dropbox info then Click Next
  • 35. Follow the instruction then click next
  • 36. Click Next
  • 37. Click Get Started
  • 38. Complete the required steps to get 250mb bonus storage
  • 39. Click Files
  • 40. Click Upload to start uploading for files
  • 41. Click Choose files to upload files from your computer
  • 42. Select the file you want to upload
  • 43. Click Open
  • 44. Click Start Upload
  • 45. Wait until the file finishes to upload
  • 46. Now the files are saved in your Dropbox
  • 47. Click New Folder to create new folder for your files
  • 48. Type the filename for your new folder
  • 49. Click Create
  • 50. Click Show deleted files to view deleted files history
  • 51. Click More Actions to do other task
  • 52. Click the box of the file
  • 53. Select the task you want to do with your file
  • 54. Click Events to show all your Dropbox history
  • 55. Click Sharing to share files to others
  • 56. Click Share a folder
  • 57. Choose whether you want to share a new/existing folder
  • 58. Click this option to share a new folder
  • 59. Type the name of the new folder
  • 60. Then click Next
  • 61. Type the email address of the person to be invited
  • 62. Type your message
  • 63. Then click Share folder
  • 64. If you choose this option
  • 65. Then click Next
  • 66. Choose a folder to share
  • 67. Then Click Next
  • 68. Type the email address of the person to be invited
  • 69. Type your personal message
  • 70. Then Click Share folder
  • 71. Click help for Dropbox Assistance
  • 72. Choose from the Categories for your Dropbox inquiry
  • 73. Or simply type your Dropbox inquiry
  • 74. Then you can view the Search Results for your inquiry
  • 75. Choose for the other options for further Dropbox assistance
  • 76. Click Account to view your Account Info
  • 77. Click Account Setting to change/update Dropbox account
  • 78. Enter the necessary details in the forms provided
  • 79. Then click Change Settings
  • 80. Click My Computers to view computers linked to your Dropbox
  • 81. Click Referral Status to view your Invitation History
  • 82. Questions for me?
  • 83. Thank you!