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Andra Manoj Kumar

Andra Manoj Kumar

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  • 1. Civil Engineering Andra Manoj Kumar 2nd Sem Civil Eng. AIT, Tumkur
  • 2. Civil Engineering is Everywhere  Civil Engineering is a composite of many specific disciplines. – Structural – Waste Treatment – Transportation – Geotechnical – Water Management 61% are clueless – ConstructionWhy? Management about engineering
  • 3. Building Big!!!!Buildings & Structures: CitiesInfrastructure: TransportationCulture: Art: ArchitectureThe Future: Without Limit!
  • 4. What is Civil Engineering???? Civil engineering is a composite of many specific disciplines. – Structural & solid mechanics. – Waste treatment & environmental. – Transportation. – Geotechnical & soil mechanics. – Hydraulics & water management. – Construction management.
  • 5. Structural & Solid Mechanics Structural engineers design steel, concrete, or timber framed structures such as: – Tall buildings & towers, – Bridges, – Dams, – Retaining walls, & foundations, &. – Stadiums.
  • 6. Waste Treatment & Environmental. Wastewater treatment engineers are civil or environmental engineers trained to design or analyze water treatment plants. Water treatment plants are categorized as follows: – Sanitary waste treatment facilities, – Industrial waste treatment facilities, – Potable (drinking) water treatment facility. Largest treatment basins in the USA
  • 7. Transportation Transportation Engineers design and analyze – Highways, – Railways, – Airports, – Urban and Suburban Road Networks, – Parking Lots, and – Traffic Control Signal Systems.
  • 8. Geotechnical & Soil Mechanics Geotechnical Engineers analyze the subterranean rock and soil to determine its suitability to support extreme loads. Proper geotechnical engineering is essential for a safe and secure structure.
  • 9. Hydraulics & Water Management Water management involves the use of hydrologic and hydraulic principles to design: – Drainage systems, – Detention/retention ponds, – Navigational waterways, and – Flood control levees, dams, and lakes. Hoover Dam
  • 10. Construction Management Construction managers: – Review contracts, – Order materials, – Hire and schedule sub- contractors. The job of a construction manager is to: – Provide quality control and insure project is completed on time and. – Within budget. Golden Gate Bridge Construction