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Design presentation using sketchup


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This is a slide presentation used in Udemy teaching course explaining the use of sketchup to produce the Preliminary Design Document as part of the Architects Regular Design Service. It includes other Preliminary Design Presentation Documents submitted by the architect to the client.

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Design presentation using sketchup

  1. 1. Design Presentation of a A Three Bedroom Residence using A Preliminary Design Presentation Stage of the Regular Design Practice of Architecture
  2. 2. The Plan Layout Floor Plan Space Requirements • Entrance Foyer • Living Room • Terrace • Dining Area • Kitchen with breakfast nook • 2 Car Garage • Master’s Bedroom with T&B • 3 Bedrooms (1 with own T&B) • Common Toilet • Powder Room Powder Room
  3. 3. The Elevations Front Elevation NOTE: Windows are not shown on the Left Side, Right Side and Rear Elevation Left Side Elevation Right Side ElevationRear Elevation
  4. 4. The Perspective Views A Schematic Design Presentation of a Three Bedroom Residence
  5. 5. Is used to produce all these Drawing Documents and arranged in a Presentation Format.
  6. 6. This is applied to the Preliminary Design Presentation stage in the Regular Design Practice of the Architect.
  7. 7. The Preliminary Design Presentation include other documents such as;
  8. 8. A Technical Specification
  9. 9. And A Budgetary Estimate
  10. 10. Calculated by the Total Floor Area Multiplied by The Current Cost Parameter per square meter
  11. 11. Example Total Floor Area: 297 square meter Current Cost Parameter per square Meter $500 (varies from low cost, medium and high depending on the material finishes to be specified)
  12. 12. Example Budgetary Estimate 297sm x $500 = $148,500
  13. 13. Thank You Very Much