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Civil engineering

  1. 1. Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering EG380 Colorado State University Dr. Robert N. Meroney Click on speaker, then click on title
  2. 2. 61% are clueless about engineering Why? Civil Engineering is EverywhereCivil Engineering is Everywhere  Civil Engineering is a composite of many specific disciplines. – Structural – Waste Treatment – Transportation – Geotechnical – Water Management – Construction Management
  3. 3. Building Big!!!!Building Big!!!! Buildings & Structures: Cities Infrastructure: Transportation Culture: Art: Architecture Link: Building Big Site The Future: Without Limit!
  4. 4. What is Civil Engineering????What is Civil Engineering????  Civil engineering is a composite of many specific disciplines. – Structural & solid mechanics. – Waste treatment & environmental. – Transportation. – Geotechnical & soil mechanics. – Hydraulics & water management. – Construction management.
  5. 5. Structural &Structural & Solid MechanicsSolid Mechanics  Structural engineers design steel, concrete, or timber framed structures such as: – Tall buildings & towers, – Bridges, – Dams, – Retaining walls, & foundations, &. – Stadiums. Link: Mackinack Bridge Link: Chesepeake Bay Bridge/Tunnel
  6. 6. Waste Treatment & Environmental.Waste Treatment & Environmental.  Wastewater treatment engineers are civil or environmental engineers trained to design or analyze water treatment plants.  Water treatment plants are categorized as follows: – Sanitary waste treatment facilities, – Industrial waste treatment facilities, – Potable (drinking) water treatment facility. Largest treatment basins in the USA Link: Visit Sewage World
  7. 7. TransportationTransportation  Transportation Engineers design and analyze – Highways, – Railways, – Airports, – Urban and Suburban Road Networks, – Parking Lots, and – Traffic Control Signal Systems. Link: Transportation at work
  8. 8. Geotechnical &Geotechnical & Soil MechanicsSoil Mechanics  Geotechnical Engineers analyze the subterranean rock and soil to determine its suitability to support extreme loads.  Proper geotechnical engineering is essential for a safe and secure structure. Link: A bad engineering job
  9. 9. Hydraulics & WaterHydraulics & Water ManagementManagement  Water management involves the use of hydrologic and hydraulic principles to design: – Drainage systems, – Detention/retention ponds, – Navigational waterways, and – Flood control levees, dams, and lakes. Link: Hoover Dam Link: Flood Pictures
  10. 10. ConstructionConstruction ManagementManagement  Construction managers: – Review contracts, – Order materials, – Hire and schedule sub- contractors.  The job of a construction manager is to: – Provide quality control and insure project is completed on time and. – Within budget. Link: Golden Gate Bridge Construction
  11. 11. U.S. Civil Engineering: 150U.S. Civil Engineering: 150 yearsyears  The twelve founders gathered at the Croton Aqueduct, New York, on November 5, 1852, to establish ASCE. Link: ASCE History Site  The American Society of Civil Engineers, a pro- fessional organization representing more than 123,000 civil engineers, celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2002.
  12. 12.  A flood in Fort Collins? (click) – Dr. Darrell Fontane  An earthquake in Fort Collins? (click) – Dr. Wayne Charlie  A tornado in Fort Collins? (click) – Dr. Robert Meroney Natural Disasters &Natural Disasters & Civil EngineeringCivil Engineering Link: Visit Ft. Collins Flood
  13. 13. Next a Tornado in Fort Collins!Next a Tornado in Fort Collins!  Between 1950-1995 there were 28 tornados in Larimer County  In July 1979 an F3 scale tornado hit Cheynne injuring 40 and killing 1
  14. 14. Click on ovals
  15. 15. Related Web Sites:Related Web Sites: Click sites below to visit Civil Engineering related web sites: Link: Discover Engineering Online Link: West Point Bridge Designer Link: Engineering Case Studies Link: National Engineering Week Link: Engines of Our Ingenuity Link: Virtual Laboratory Click on picture Click? >>