Introduction to Civil Engineering


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"Introduction to Civil Engineering" is a PowerPoint that provides an overview of civil engineering, and areas of specialization within the field, for primary and secondary students. Designed by Dr. Larry Rillet - Director of the Nebraska Transportation Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln - and his educational outreach team members, the aim of this PowerPoint is to provide students with further exposure as to who civil engineers are and what they do. This lesson can be paired with a "Penny Boat" activity.

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Introduction to Civil Engineering

  1. 1. Introduction to Civil Engineering
  2. 2. What is Engineering The word engineer originates from the Latin term ingenerare, meaning to invent, to create or to regulate It is the professional art of applying scientific principles to every day things to help make life easier
  3. 3. Engineer vs. Scientist • Deviations between engineers and scientists arise through the differences in the ways both apply their educations in mathematical and natural sciences to their work Scientists Engineers Use their education to acquire new knowledge Use their education to develop usable devices, structures and processes Seek to know Aim to do
  4. 4. What is a Civil Engineer? • One who improves the quality of life through the production of infrastructure – Buildings, bridges and other structures – Highways – Dams and levees – Water treatment plants, waste disposal • This infrastructure must be safe, functional, elegant and economically sound
  5. 5. Why We Need Civil Engineers • Make sure our human habitat is livable • Make sure we use resources wisely – Sustainable development • Help maintain our competitiveness in the global economy – Increase productivity
  6. 6.  Construction Engineering  Structural Engineering  Geotechnical Engineering  Transportation Engineering  Environmental Engineering  Water Resources Engineering Specialization in Civil Engineering
  7. 7. Structural Engineering Design of new structures Upgrading existing structures Intelligent use of new technologies and materials to control structural behavior Structures include buildings, bridges, offshore platforms, transmission towers, and other specialized facilities
  8. 8. Dubai Towers Dubai, United Arab Emirates
  9. 9. Burg al Arab Dubai, United Arab Emirates A self proclaimed 7-star hotel
  10. 10. Nebraska State Capital Lincoln, Nebraska
  11. 11. Construction Engineering Concepts and designs become reality Management skills project cost estimating and scheduling financial planning, labor coordination and supervision
  12. 12. Eiffel Tower Paris, France
  13. 13. Dubai’s expansion from 1991 to 2005
  14. 14. Geotechnical Engineering • Geotechnical Engineering is concerned with engineering behavior of earth materials • Geotechnical engineers: • Investigate existing subsurface conditions (tunnels excavations, pipelines) • Determine physical and chemical properties relevant to project considered • Assess risks posed by site conditions • Design earthworks and structural foundations • Monitor earthwork and foundation construction
  15. 15. The World Islands A modern marvel of geotechnical engineering!
  16. 16. The World Islands Fun Facts •Located 2.5 miles off the coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates •The 300 islands are composed of 321 million cubic meters of sand and 31 million tons of rock •The land used to create the islands largely consists of sand dredged from Dubai’s shallow coastal waters •Overall development costs are estimated at $14 billion USD •Cost for full ownership of one of the undeveloped islands ranges between $10 million and $45 million USD
  17. 17. Transportation Engineering Planning, Design, Operation and Maintenance of safe and efficient transportation systems Incorporating new technologies to improve system performance Intelligent Transportation Systems
  18. 18. Environmental Engineering Protect & improve environmental quality  natural systems  engineered systems Protect human health & well-being  provide safe drinking water  waste water treatment systems  hazardous waste site clean-ups
  19. 19. Environmental engineers turn disease into delicacy!
  20. 20. 1956 1936 2010
  21. 21. BP Oil Spill Cleanup
  22. 22. Water Resources Engineering Physical control of water public water supply flood control irrigation, navigation etc. Computer modeling of water flow Performance requirements for lock and dam structures
  23. 23. Hoover Dam Clark County Nevada Mohave County, Arizona
  24. 24. Panama Canal Isthmus of Panama
  25. 25. • Lesson: – Goals the same, techniques change One last example …
  26. 26. Pretty Amazing! A WATER BRIDGE .. OVER A RIVER!!!
  27. 27. Activity – Penny Boats • Construct your boat using only one piece of the heavy duty aluminum foil provided. • Predict how many pennies your boat will hold: _______________ • Slowly add pennies to your boat. Once water enters the boat, or if any part of the boat touches the bottom of the container, your turn is over. • The last penny added will not count in the total amount held.
  28. 28. ANY QUESTIONS?