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All minutes 3 19-14

  1. 1. Minutes Academy for Lifelong Learning Advisory Committee March 19, 2014 11:15 AM HSC, Room 106 Present: Sarah Walter, Cheryl LeJune, Donn Peterson, Anne Criddle, Maureen Cummings, Donna Smith, Olli Peirce, Al Pitre, Lou Master, Evelyn Carrington 11:15 AM Call to Order Cheryl LeJune called the meeting to order and welcomed members and guests. New members included Donna Smith, Olli Peirce and Al Pitre. There were no corrections to the February minutes. Committee Reports: Curriculum Committee We had the Volunteer Light Lunch on Wednesday, February 26th (20 people) and the Curriculum Committee Meeting on Wednesday m Marc h 5th (10 people). Between those two meetings we have several new volunteers for the ALL program. I am happy to let you know that Al Pitre has volunteered to manage the Curriculum Calendar as we plan the Fall 2014 semester. Lou Master joined the committee last semester and will again be handling preparation of the Class Building Spreadsheet and the Catalog Text. Donna Smith has volunteered to take over Anne Criddle’s secretarial position. Give “thanks” to these members for their participation. Several other ALL members are busy planning classes for the Fall Semester. However, since we need approximately 80 unique classes to fill the semester, it will take many more people planning classes. Please remember to ask your neighbors, friends, businesses where you shop…all of these are potential speakers for the ALL program. Also, there is a campus full of professors that love giving classes for us. If you would like to learn about an academic field of study, look up the professors on the college website and ask them to give us a class. If you would like to learn more about how to schedule speakers, contact Al, Lou or Sarah and we will go into more detail with you. Speakers for the Fall Semester MUST be finalized by Friday, April 25th . Dates and times for classes are handled on a “first come – first served” basis…so talk to your potential speakers and get them on the calendar ASAP so we can give them their preferred dates. If you have questions, email us at – Al Pitre – Lou Master – Sarah Walter – Thanks for your participation with the Curriculum Committee.
  2. 2. Submitted by Sarah Walter, Chairman Bus Trips On March 12, 2014 we took 33 people on a bus trip to take a tour of the Broadacres area. We had lunch at Cleburne’s Cafeteria, saw artwork at The Menil Collection and viewed handmade items at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft. There will be a sign-up for the second quarter trips on April 8th at 10:00 AM to noon, HSC105 and HSC106. The trips planned include: Thursday, April 24: Cuero (Wildflower Capitol of Texas) Thursday, May 15: Glass bottom boat rides in San Marcos Tuesday, June 3: Houston Mounted Police demonstration, lunch and a tour of St. Arnold’s Brewery Submitted by Sharon Samson, Committee Head Events Committee We are currently looking for a Chairman to head this Committee. ALL will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in the Fall of 2014. We are planning a potential Open House party which may be more formal. We will be checking with Dr. Levy for involvement from the college. Communication and Membership Absent any new information, our membership count will stand at approximately 688. We continue to carry information of events around campus and of the number of schedule changes this session. Many of those caused by the weather we have been having. As a result of the volunteer lunch we had last month, Mr. Ollie Peirce has been involved in the Communication blog. We met with the Advisory Committee Chair and discussed our blog and organization and how it all interacts with the College. He has shown a real interest and involvement. After the usual problems getting the “handshakes” established between gmail, blogspot and his personal email he has made several entries to the blog. We will be meeting soon to discuss how we will proceed. As for now, I would request committee heads copy Ollie on anything sent to me regarding the blog. His email is I see an “Action Item” for a volunteer recruiting position. I have often wondered why the College doesn’t have such a position. I know that many hospitals and other organizations do. Submitted by Donn Peterson Outreach The Outreach Committee has no news to reports for this month of March, 2014. Submitted by Maureen Cummings Meet You There
  3. 3. Our next “Meet You There” event will be Thursday, March 27th from 10:30 – 11:00 AM. We will be viewing an exhibit of European furniture, paintings and tapestries at the Pearl Fincher Museum of Art of Cypresswood Drive. Afterwards, we will have lunch at Gringo’s Restaurant nearby. Submitted to Evelyn Carrington Action Items 1. Al Pitre said we have about 66 classes left to fill. Members are reminded to submit classes by April 25th . 2. Chery LeJune mentioned needing help with the mock job fair and dinner on April 16. This is to help college students with appropriate interview dress, dinner behavior and conversation, to name a few. Get with Cheryl if you are interested. 3. Registration form – members commented on destroying the bottom portion of the form with credit card info. Also, can the Social Security number blanks be removed? It does not apply to ALL members. Change wording at top of form to read “I AM NEW” or “I HAVE AN ID #” instead of “Currently an ALL member” 4. Pat Chandler commented we have 58 global members. 12:00 Noon Adjourned This meeting was adjourned at 12:00 Noon. The next Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, April 16, 2014 at 11:15 AM, HSC Room 106. Respectfully submitted, Donna Smith, Secretary