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Houston new arts movement powerpoint

  1. 1. HOUSTON NEW ARTS MOVEMENT Performance for a new Audience Music Dance Art Multimedia
  2. 2. ADAM VINCENT CLAY • Played piano since age 7 • B.M. from University of Oklahoma • Outstanding Undergraduate Piano Student Senior Yr • Studied Piano with: • Dr. Dean Shank • Dr. Jeongwon Ham • Dr. Ed Gates • Studied Composition with: • Dr. Lance Hulme • Dr. Marvin Lamb • Performed in Master Classes with: • Arnaldo Cohen • Nancy Weems • Jack Gibbons
  3. 3. ADAM VINCENT CLAY • Founder pianist and composer for Houston New Arts Movement • Perform Salon Concerts in River Oaks, Conferences, & Special Events • Played in a variety of venues in Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Texas • Private Piano Studio for adults and Kids • Love Russian Music and Culture • Mission: make classical music an accessible and powerful experience for all audiences
  4. 4. CONY RUIZ TAMEZ • Principal cellist of many orchestras • Performed in Mexico, USA , and Australia • Studied at Escuela Superior de Musica y Danza de Monterray • Bachelors in Marketing from Instituto Tecnologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey • Masters Degree of International Business from Macquire University in Sydney
  5. 5. LAURA CIVIDINO • Studied Violin at J. Tomadini Conser vator y of Music in Udine, Italy • Violin Diploma from Diego Masutti • Piano diploma in 2005 with prof. Ugo Cividino • Studied with Professor Helfried Fister in Klangenfur t Austria, receiving a diploma from that school • Master s in Violin Per formance with Prof. Andrzey Grabiec at University of Houston in 201 2 • Per formed in Italy, Austria, France, Spain, Por tuagal, Slovenia, China, and U.S.
  6. 6. LAURA CIVIDINO • Member of OAO (Orchester Akademie Ossiach), and of SFK (Slovenia, Friuli, Kaertner) in Austria, Piccolo Academia in Italy, Clear Lake Symphony, Houston Sinfonietta, and Moores School of Music Orchestras in US. • Masterclasses with Gustav Meyer, Helfried Fister, Rainer Kussmaul, Igor Ozim, Andrzej Grabiec, Debussy Quartet, & others • Chile tour of YOA (Youth Orchestra of Americas)
  7. 7. KOSTADIN DYULGERSKI • Performed violin and viola with numerous orchestral ensembles throughout US and Europe • Held Positions at Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra, Lousiana Sinfonietta, Acadiana Symphony, and Plovdiv Philharmonic Orchestra • Appeared with Houston Grand Opera, Houston Symphony, and performs regularly with the Mercury Baroque Orchestra • Native of Plovdiv Bulgaria
  8. 8. KOSTADIN DYULGERSKI • James Dunham • Dobrin Petkov National Music School (High • Teaches private students and School), graduated with coaches small groups in distinction several Houston area schools • Master‟s degree at Rice • Mercury Orchestra‟s outreach University Shepherd School of partnership program at Yes! Music Prep public school. • Principal positions in Rice • Teaches guest Master classes Symphony and Chamber in native Plovdiv Orchestras • Master classes with: • Hellen Callus • Hsin-Yun Huang • Paul Kantor
  9. 9. J. LUIS RAMIREZ • B.M. and M.M. from University of Houston • Studied with Fredell Lack • Studied violin since age 8 • “Esculea de musica Vida y Movimiento”, Mexico • Studied with Natalia Gbdotetskaya • Winner of National violin competition: “Hermilo Novelo” on two occasions. • Soloist in US, Mexico, and Columbia • Touring member of Orchestra of the Americas
  10. 10. J. LUIS RAMIREZ • Toured in US, Canada, Mexico, Colu mbia, Ecuador, Brazil, Per u, Germany and China • Awarded position in World Orchestra • Member of Texas Music Festival, Premier Orchestra Institute, National Music Festival, Young Euro Classics • Active teacher, and performer in Houston and surrounding areas.
  11. 11. LEAH KOVACH • Performed in orchestras and chamber music across four continents • Appeared in Spoleto USA, the New York String Orchestra Seminar, the Schleswig Holstein Music Festival, and the New World Symphony • M.M. from Rice University • Teaching Assistant to James Dunham • Faculty at M.P. Hammond Prep School • B.M. and Performer‟s Diploma from Indiana University • Studied under Atar Arad
  12. 12. LEAH KOVACH • 2013-14 Da Camera of Houston Young Artist award • Performing with Austin Symphony Orchestra this season • Dedicated to bringing classical music to underexposed communities • Teaches privately in Houston area school district • String Coach for the Kinkaid School‟s 2012 tour of China
  13. 13. BEGINNINGS • Community of musicians, artists, composers that actively create, perform, and discuss music and art. • College experience Issues: • • • • Isolation in practice rooms Separation between composer and performer Improvisation not encouraged or discussed in college • Low -brow high-brow art • “High-brow Low-brow” • Lawrence Levine
  14. 14. PHILOSOPHY • Community & Ensemble • Discuss, create, promote deeper under standing and appreciation for classical music • Suppor t network for local per formers, composer s, and ar tists • Reaches traditional and non -traditional audiences • Places classical music in new settings where once inaccessible • Ar tist‟s sales go to individual ar tists • Multinational/multicultural • B ul g a ria. M ex i c o , It a l y • Ci t y o f H o us to n – m o s t ra c i a l ly a n d et h n i c ally di ve r se c i t y i n US • Innovation • Combine work from exper ts in their fields with music • Reestablish composers and active listening to music as par t of the culture
  15. 15. OBJECTIVES • Involve audiences creatively in concerts • Participate in structure improvisations, and playing through/performing works as a means for understanding dynamics of the ensemble • Listening and discussing music together • Holding Salon Concerts with Discussion, where the audience can provide their questions and reflections on the music • Enhancing the groups experience • Establishing a safe place for new music and art to be presented and discussed. • Art = dream
  16. 16. GOALS • Host, promote, & perform Composers’ Salon Concer ts • Arrange concerts with original themed art • “Art gallery” concerts • Programing thematic concerts, with titles • Lost Voices • Transformations • Programming experimental music and improvisation alongside classical music, alongside well -known music • Performing in traditional & non -traditional settings • Calling for scores • Composers contests for young composers • Premiering new works
  17. 17. THEMED CONCERTS • Lost Voices • Poetry: • “Fears” • Never-before performed works • “A Phoenix Park Nocturne” • Arthur Lourie • Artwork: • Inspired by the music
  18. 18. THEMED CONCERTS • “Transformations” • Beethoven • Shostakovich • Schnittke • “Beginning with Beethoven”: • Composer who transformed music • Music expressing transformation • Piano Sonata “Les Adieux” • Farewell to one of his most loyal supporters • Transformation of moods • Cello Sonata: • New ideas for piano being equal part as cello:
  19. 19. THEMED CONCERTS • Music in Context: • Emotional • Historical • Philosophical • Artistic • Artwork compliments music • Beethoven foldout • Comparison to current music • Multi-sensory approach • Education = discovery = excitement
  20. 20. THEMED CONCERTS • “Surviving with Shostakovich” • History • Stalinist Russia • Zhdanov Doctrine • Shostakovich stays in Russia • Schizophrenia • Shostakovich sounds • Sarcasm • Forced happiness • Evade censorship by using Russian tunes • Hidden meanings • • • • • • Viola Sonata: Ending time M o c k i n g Ru s s i a n t u n e s S o r row Fe a r Retreat into his inner world Hollow melodies • Doublespeak
  21. 21. THEMED CONCERTS • “Surpassing with Schnittke” (In preparation for 2014) • • • • • Culmination of Shostakovich‟s ideas Quotes Beethoven and Shostakovich Modern but immediately effective Polystylism Transformative works – „surpassing‟ sounds • Includes all sounds • Rarely performed • “The real legacy of Schnittke's music is its multidimensional exploration of what musical truth in the 20th century might be, from chaotic polystylism to heartfelt spirituality” • “One of my life goals is to overcome the gap between serious music and music for entertainment, even if I break my neck doing so” – Schnittke
  22. 22. THEMED CONCERTS • “Surpassing with Schnittke” • Debuts at May, 2014 – St. Cyril of Alexandria • Musical Clips: • • • • Cello Sonata – I. Largo Concerto Grosso, No. 2 – III. Allegro String Quartet No. 2 – II. Agitato String Quartet No. 2 – IV. Moderato
  23. 23. COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS • “In C” • • • • My idea/creativity Terry Riley Composed in 1964 35 Motives • Improvisation and Composition • Minimalism • Music can be heard at any point • Motion and Music • Dancers • Moving Musicians • Rolling Piano Canvas
  24. 24. “IN C”
  34. 34. COLLABORATIVE PROJECTS • “In C” • Collaboration • • • • • Engineer-designed and built platform for piano Donated piano Dancers Artists Musicians
  35. 35. SUMMARY • Make Beautiful Music accessible to all audiences • Traditional and non-traditional audiences • Ticketed and donation only concerts • Collaborate with experts • Reestablish classical music in the culture • Recover lost music • Bring excellent multimedia experiences to audiences in a new generation • • • • Houston New Arts Movement 501c3 Available for private bookings www.artsmove.net - WATCH for the • Listen to 3 KUHA interviews May per formance of Schnittke