Minutes March 20, 2013


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Minutes March 20, 2013

  1. 1. Minutes Academy for Lifelong Learning Advisory Committee March 20, 2013 11:15 AM CASA, Room 121CPresent: Noemi Silva, Anne Criddle Donn Peterson, Evelyn Carrington, Connie Nelson, SarahWalter, Sharon Samson, Gene Chism, Genevieve Chism, Beverly Lewis, Pat Chandler-via phoneconference11:20 AM Call to OrderNoemi Silva called the meeting to order (in the absence of Cheryl LeJune) and invited PatChandler, Program Manager over ALL, via phone conference. Sarah Walter had made a changeto the February minutes, removing a part about chair capacity in HSC, room 106.Committee Reports:CurriculumClass changes are inevitable and continue this semester. Following are the changes noted as of thisdate.1. March 18th, 10:00 - Vintage Jewelry class cancelled for this semester but has been rescheduled forFall Semester.2. March 25th, 1:30 - Military War Dog class cancelled but is rescheduled for April 22nd at 1:30.3. March 26th 1:30 & April 2nd 1:30 - Dog Training classes will be on the Patio of the CASA building, notin HSC 106.4. April 2 & 4 - Science of Miracles - Classes on Tuesday / Thursday mornings are cancelled.....they havebeen rescheduled for the Fall Semester.5. April 11th 10:00 - Amazing Folding Photo Album - class added to Spring schedule since it wascancelled last semester. This was a fee-based class so those paid participants will receive private noticesof this class.6. April 16th 10:00 - Class on BioMed Nutrition has been added to the Spring schedule. Details will soonbe sent to Donn so he can include it in the Classes Blog.7. May 1st 2:00 - The class on First Ladies will be postponed until Fall Semester; however, ProfessorHeidi Green will present the class on Supreme Court Justices.Sarah handed out the updated Fall 2013 "working" calendar. There are still several class openings.Please continue to inquire with people of interest to see if they will provide a class for ALL Academy forLifelong Learning. Remember to complete the Speaker Information Form for each of the speakers. Iveupdated the form to include an Emergency Contact for the visiting speaker....please use the new form.Remember that the deadline for finalizing classes for the Fall Semester is April 15th.....all info must besent to Sarah by that time.Sarah WalterALL Curriculum ChairmanHome Phone 281-304-2788Cell Phone 281-323-8086Email sarahwalter@comcast.net
  2. 2. Sharon Samson is working on setting up an evening dulcimer class at the Copperfield Church thisFall. It would be 4:30 to 6PM on Tuesdays for 6 weeks. There is no current room for multi partclasses in the Fall schedule.Bus TripsOn March 18 we traveled to Nacogdoches for the Azalea Trail. Our first stop was the HotelFredonia for a delightful buffet lunch. Then we drove through some residential neighborhoodswith a docent and ended with a guided tour of the Ruby Mize Azalea Garden at Stephen FAustin UniversityOur bus dates for next three months are as follows: Saturday, April 20: San Jacinto Day Festival Wednesday, May 15: Shangri La Gardens, Stark Museum of Art, Stark Mansion Thursday, June 6: Painted ChurchesOn April 2 we call for our third quarter bus dates. Our committee is currently researchingpossible trips. On the way back from Nacogdoches we passed around paper and asked for tripsuggestions. We received some excellent ones.Submitted by: Sharon SamsonCommittee members: Joan Camenson, Marsha Dugger, Ann Liner, Kathy Morley, Louise Rugaard, Sharon Samson, Evelyn CarringtonEvents – No reportHeritage Liaison – No reportCommunication and MembershipGene reports that we have 688 members on the rolls. Gene and I entered the new members inour records and checked the registration forms of current members for new phone numbers,street address, etc.We have made the change over to the new blog for sharing of information with our members. Iam still in the process of "tweaking" the process and I expect that I will continue to do so forsome time.As always we continue to carry information regarding other programs on campus that are ofinterest to our members.Respectfully submitted,Donn Peterson
  3. 3. The blog has been a great success. Donn is concerned about how new members as registrationwill know about the Blog. It will be worked out.OutreachI contacted Cheryl McClure, Project Coordinator for the United Ways Elder Service ProviderNetwork. This was in response to her inquiry to Cheryl LeJune asking us to participate in herprogram "technology and seniors". She was looking for senior volunteers to make individualhouse calls to other senior citizens for teaching the use of the cell phone, email, amplifier forphones, etc.....teach technology to seniors at home, in Nursing Homes, or Retirement Homes. Iexplained the ALL Program and I did send her brochures to distribute at the meeting. She saidshe would get in contact with me later. She (Cheryl McClure) was under the impression wewere a different type of organization.There was no other Outreach activity this month.Judy Dankers and Connie NelsonPublicity – No reportMeet You ThereWe had a Meet You There event on Friday, March 8, 2013.There were 4 people in attendance.We went to the movie at Cinemark Theatre in Cypress TX, and then went to lunch at NewksExpress Café.For April I am planning for the participants to attend a late afternoon symphony concert onApril 7, 2013 at 4:00pm. It is held at the Northwood Presbyterian Church. We will attend adinner after at a local restaurant. More information to follow.I am having partial knee replacement on March 19, so hopefully I will be able to participate, ifnot I will try to make arrangements for another member to oversee. (Evelyn Carrington will betaking on this position some time in the future)Maureen CummingsMeet You There ChairpersonAdditional Items:Student Parking – New information is on the blog. Sarah would like to know where to turn inparking forms so members can pick up their stickers (as the campus people are not always intheir office). Pat said she is waiting to be given their schedule. A pass can be printed on lineeach semester, but doing it in person with proper documentation (car license, student ID)provides a hang tag that is good through August 2014.
  4. 4. On line Registration – Our campus has not yet tried on-line registration for ALL classes butguidelines to do so will be coming soon. The goal is to have as many members as possible usingthis method for the Fall semester. Pat Chandler would like to have a “boot camp” during theSummer for members to learn how. We would still have some opportunity to register at theFall Open House, September 14, 2013. Bus Trips and fee classes would still have to be signedup for at the open house.12:10 PM AdjournedThis meeting was adjourned at 12:10 PM. The next Advisory Committee meeting is scheduledfor Wednesday, April 17, 2013 at 11:15 AM. These meetings will be held in CASA 121C untilfurther notice, to accommodate conference calls with Pat Chandler.Respectfully submitted,Anne Criddle, Secretary