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Advisory board minutes february 2014


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Advisory board minutes february 2014

  1. 1. Minutes Academy for Lifelong Learning Advisory Committee February 19, 2014 11:15 AM HSC, Room 106 Present: Cheryl LeJune, Anne Criddle, Donn Peterson, Maureen Cummings, Pat Chandler, Stephen Ruback, Lou Master, Evelyn Carrington, Noemi Silva 11:20 AM Call to Order Cheryl LeJune called the meeting to order and welcomed members and guests. There were no corrections to the January minutes. Committee Reports: Curriculum Committee Sorry I am not in attendance at the February Advisory Board meeting….I have two doctor appointments this morning. The Spring Semester turned cold for our Houston/Cypress residents. We had two bouts of cold icy weather that caused us to cancel several days of classes. Those classes have been rescheduled. The information on new class dates has been posted on the two ALL blogs and handouts are available in the classroom. Postings on class changes are made as soon as we learn about them; however, there may be times when changes are not known until the last minute and we ask members to understand that “things happen” when you have a volunteer program. Last month we announced that we would have a Curriculum Committee Meeting on Wednesday, February 26…..however, this has now been changed to be a Volunteer Light Lunch and will encompass all areas of the ALL program. We want more of our members to participate in the “behind-the-scenes” activities of the program. We need to get more members involved. Please encourage everyone you talk with to attend the Volunteer Light Lunch on February 26 th, at 11:15 in our classroom HSC 106. I’ve made announcements in each class. At this time I have not asked for RSVPs because I didn’t want anyone to use the excuse of not replying early enough. Please discuss this issue at the AB meeting and let me know what you decide. Since we are now having the Volunteer Light Lunch on Feb 26th, let’s now have a curriculum meeting on the following Wednesday morning, March 5th at 11:15 in our classroom, HSC 106. Go ahead and contact potential speakers so that you can present that info at the March 5 th meeting and make reservations for class times. Closing date for submitting classes is Friday, April 25th because the final schedule must be submitted to the System Office by May 1 st. Remember that multi-part classes need to be on the calendar first so that other single shot classes can be scheduled around them. Submitted by Sarah Walter
  2. 2. Bus Trips On January 21 we took a full bus on a Hill Country tour guided by Larry Gurka, a former Harris County Precinct 3 bus driver. The weather was wonderful and the guide was very entertaining and full of information. The feedback from our members was excellent and we will plan more trips using Larry’s services, which are free to us. The trips we currently have planned for 2014 : Sunday, Feb 23: Play in Conroe with dinner afterwards Wednesday, March 12: Broadacres Walking Tour with Preservation Houston, lunch and a museum visit in the afternoon Thursday, April 24: Cuero (Wildflower Capitol of Texas) Thursday, May 15: Glass bottom boat rides in San Marcos Tuesday, June 3: Houston Mounted Police demonstration, lunch and a tour of St. Arnold’s Brewery Sign up for the second quarter trips is April 8 at 10AM to noon, HCS, 105 & 106. Submitted by: Sharon Samson, committee head Committee members: Joan Camenson, Marsha Dugger, RJ Eckhardt, Judy Holmes, Ann Liner, Kathy Morley, Louise Rugaard, Evelyn Carrington, Deanne Rosenberg Communication and Membership After reviewing the last three (now four) print outs from the Registration Department it appears that our 2013/2014 paid membership stands at approximately 688. In terms of our Gmail account(s) we have 540 current (paid) contacts and 287 last year contacts which did not renew their membership. As is usual we have had a number of changes to our schedule this spring session. In addition to the usual reasons such as instructor illness, etc. we have had a number of changes due to weather conditions. Such changes are, of course, reflected on our blog. In addition the Library LIFE program has had a fair number of changes which have been reflected on our blog. Respectfully Submitted: Donn Peterson
  3. 3. Outreach On Jan 15, 2015 Connie Nelson and Maureen Cummings spoke to the Texas Retired Teachers regarding what A.L.L. had to offer their members. A few people in the audience were already A.L.L. members, but there were many who were just learning about our program. Hopefully, some of the retired teachers may soon be joining us. Outreach Committee Maureen Cummings Connie Nelson Meet You There On Monday January 20th a group of ten of us went to the Cypress Cinemark Theater to see the movie "Lone Survivor", and afterwards we had lunch at Candelari's Pizza. Tuesday February 18th, there were also ten in our group, and we again went to the Cypress Cinemark Theater, this time to see "The Monuments Men". We had a late lunch at Newk's Cafe. For March's event I am trying to arrange a tour of the Pearl Fincher Museum of Art. I heard that a family from the Champions area has loaned their collection of European furniture, paintings and tapestries to the museum. Thank you, Evelyn Action Items 1) There will be a Volunteer Recruiting event on Wednesday, February 26 th in HSC 106 at 11:15. A light lunch will be served. We need to invite members to come and see if they might be interested in serving on or with the Advisory Committee. Current committee chairs who are looking to leave can send in a job description to Cheryl LeJune or Sarah Walter. 2) With the approaching need to fill the Fall catalog schedule, please start recruiting instructors. A member has expressed an interest in having a couple of remote classes for ALL members at the Cypress Center (Clay and Fry roads). 3) Cy-Fair College 10th Anniversary celebration: ALL will be invited to the next campus event if held – TBD. 4) ALL members are being asked to volunteer in other areas of campus life such as the ARTS center and the library. There is also a part time paid position available. Additional Items: Pat Chandler is looking into some suggestions made at our last meeting such as changes to the registration forms, and using lighter paper for the class schedule catalogs. She is still asking for any input on problems with on-line registration. The title “Fun and Recreation for Seniors” will be changed to “Lifelong Learning for Seniors”. The class schedule will be mailed to each member rather than one per address.
  4. 4. We need an emergency contact number on hand for all instructors while on campus. Maureen Cummings brought up the topic of using name tags. This might be useful for Evelyn Carrington as well for Meet You There outings. They can speak with Cheryl about re-using the plastic name holders that ALL has for open house events. 12:00 Noon Adjourned This meeting was adjourned at 12:00 Noon. The next Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 19, 2014, at 11:15 AM, HSC, Room 106. Respectfully submitted, Anne Criddle Secretary