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All minutes 11.20.13

  1. 1. Minutes Academy for Lifelong Learning Advisory Committee November 20, 2013 11:15 AM HSC, Room 106 Present: Cheryl LeJune, Noemi Silva, Anne Criddle, Pat Chandler, Sarah Walter, Jennifer SniderBatula, Maureen Cummings, Evelyn Carrington, Sharon Samson, Lou Master 11:15 AM Call to Order Cheryl LeJune called the meeting to order and welcomed members. There were no corrections or additions to the September minutes. Committee Reports: Curriculum First, please add Lou Master to the distribution list for Advisory Meetings (normally the 3rd Wednesday morning of each month at 11:15 in room HSC 106).....he is an integral part of the Curriculum Committee. Lou did the preparation work on the catalog text and the spreadsheet for class building and this was a big help for the Spring 2014 catalog. The draft for the Spring 2014 catalog was submitted to the System Office last month before the deadline. They prepared the first proof and return it to us last week for review and edit. Edits were submitted on a one-day turnaround on November 15th. They should return the next proof within a few days for our final approval before it goes to print. The catalog will be a "joint" catalog with class schedules for all of the active ALL groups on the Lone Star College campuses. There are several open time slots in the Spring so if you find someone interested in presenting a class, check to see if one of the open dates will work for them. The class info will not appear in the catalog, however, we can announce additions to the schedule via the blog and word-ofmouth in classes. And, or course, planning for the Fall 2014 semester begins now with formal meeting starting in March. We will need lots of keep looking for potential speakers. ALWAYS BE ON THE LOOK OUT FOR POTENTIAL SPEAKERS. Also, please continue the discussion with new & old members and let them know that they can make a difference by becoming more involved with the ALL group behind the scenes on the curriculum committee or other committees. It is time for transition to new participants.
  2. 2. Update: A class listing by dates will not be included in the Spring 2014 catalog, but we have been given an addition to the budget to print our own list. Sarah Walter LSC-CyFair ALL Curriculum Chairman Bus Trips We have had two bus trips since the last advisory board meeting: Saturday, October 19: Harvest Festival at Heritage Village in Woodville Saturday, November 2: Wimberley Market Days The October trip to Woodville was led by Sharon Samson, assisted by Kathy Morley. The weather was very good despite the rain that was forecast. We enjoyed live entertainment, visiting the period buildings and the family style meal at Pickett House. The November trip to Wimberley was led by Evelyn Carrington, assisted by Judy Holmes and Deanne Rosenberg. They had great weather and great shopping. Unfortunately, there were only 23 on the bus despite having 39 sign up in September and over 35 on the wait list. Our last trip for 2013 will be Saturday, December 21: lunch at Saltgrass Steak House followed by the Christmas show at the Liberty Opry. The committee is now planning our first quarter trips for 2014 (second quarter dates will be added later as these are not currently available from the county). Here is what has been decided so far: Tuesday, Jan 21: Hill County tour with guide Sunday, Feb 23: Play in Conroe with lunch before Wednesday, March 12: Broadacres Walking Tour with Preservation Houston, lunch and a museum visit in the afternoon Our committee is discussing the idea of charging $10 at sign up to hold a spot on trips for which we would not otherwise be charging. This money would be returned if they go on the trip. There were over 30 cancellations on the November trip. Hopefully upping the amount to hold a spot will discourage this in the future. (This will be discussed in an upcoming bus trip committee meeting) Submitted by: Sharon Samson Committee members: Joan Camenson, Marsha Dugger, Ann Liner, Kathy Morley, Louise Rugaard, Sharon Samson, Evelyn Carrington, Deanne Rosenberg, Judy Holmes
  3. 3. Events As we have no committee chair at this time, there is no Events report. Communications According to the print out we received from the Registration Office of the College we now have approximately 537 (from the system) members in our organization. We have a number of contacts on our list who did not renew this fall. As the year progresses some of those may reregister. We continue to provide coverage for other programs on campus who may be of interest to our members. Sarah and I received an email from another ALL group (Montgomery) who is thinking of starting their own blog. They were interested in how we do our blogs including the time necessary, where it is done, etc. Respectfully Submitted: Donn Peterson Communications Outreach On September 19th, I (Connie Nelson) spoke at the AARP Group Meeting at their monthly meeting at Bear Creek Rec. Center. They had approximately eighty people present. I explained our program and passed out class schedules. The Outreach Committee was asked by Good Shepherd Methodist Church in Fairfield to give A.L.L information to their group on Jan 6, 2014. Maureen and Connie will be there for the discussion. This is in conjunction with a L.I.F.E. presentation to the same group. Connie Nelson, Maureen Cummings Meet You There There was a Meet You There event on Monday November 11th. A group of 9 of us met at the Cinemark Theater to see "Last Vegas" starring Robert Deniro, Kevin Kline, Morgan Freeman and Michael Douglas. Since December is such a busy month with holiday activities we will not have another event until January. Evelyn Carrington Action Items
  4. 4. 1. Volunteer recruiting – We are always looking for members to serve as new committee chairs and on subcommittees. Our chairman and committee chairs have been do this for a long time and need to be replaced. We also are looking for an Events Chair. 2. ALL Holiday Party – It has been proposed that ALL members be invited to a Pot Luck (finger foods) holiday party on Friday, December 13, from 11AM to 1PM, in rooms HSC205-206. As we do not have an Events chair at this time, a group will need to get together to plan this. 3. LCS-CyFair ALL Budget – Pat Chandler handed out copies of the 2013-2014 budget for the ALL programs on each Lonestar campus. 4. Cy-Fest – To keep from competing with too many other activities in the Fall, the annual campus Cy-Fest event has been moved to December 7th from 10AM to 2PM. ALL will probably have a table there. 5. Open House – The Open House for the Spring 2014 semester will be held on January 11 from 10AM to noon. 12:15 PM Adjourned This meeting was adjourned at 12:00 PM. The next Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, December 11, 2013, at 11:15 AM, HSC, Room 106. Note that due to the holidays, this is being held on the second Wednesday, rather than the usual third. Respectfully submitted, Anne Criddle, Secretary