Transmedia Activism: Slides for MIT Media Lab presentation
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Transmedia Activism: Slides for MIT Media Lab presentation



Slides presenting my framework for transmedia activism, and case study for Lakou Mizik, transmedia platform for and about Haitian musicians

Slides presenting my framework for transmedia activism, and case study for Lakou Mizik, transmedia platform for and about Haitian musicians



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Transmedia Activism: Slides for MIT Media Lab presentation Transmedia Activism: Slides for MIT Media Lab presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Transmedia Activism: Narrative Design for Social ActionLina Srivastava | MIT Media Lab | March 2012
  • Transmedia Activism
  • Transmedia Activism Framework for strategy to -Create social impact -Raise awareness -Influence perception through storytelling by decentralized authors who share assets + create entry points into issues and solutions across multiple forms of media Transmedia Activism
  • Using Transmedia to Create Social Impact Actionable ContentIssue Awareness  Engagement  Action  Change Story Universe Transmedia Activism
  • Why is This Important?Engagement Participation Architecture: Strategy, Coordination, IntegrationEntry PointsImmersionStory Building Co-Creation Co-Production Collaboration Multiple (Diverse) Perspective Transmedia Ac-vism
  • Why is This Important?“By collectivizing ownership of narrative,transmedia breaks down the “us” and“them”It is no longer “you” supporting ”our” workto help “them.” Rather, it is all of us workingtogether to meet and overcome achallenge” --David Jammy Transmedia Activism
  • Why is This Important?Social Action: Essential Story Element Transmedia Ac-vism
  • Transmedia Ac-vism
  • Narrative + Social Action Assessing Your Social Change Model Co-designing narrative with social action is a challenging exercise in achieving simple, engaging stories that yet capture nuance, complexity, and multiple perspectives. In any social change campaign where you co-design narrative with action to create positive impact in a community, ask yourself if your campaign meets these three conditions: + Respect + Relevance + ResonanceFull model available at Transmedia Ac-vism
  • Who Is Dayani Cristal? Transmedia Ac-vism
  • Transmedia Activism
  • Content Production+ Lakou Mizik album: Joining generations of Haitian musicians toreimagine traditional folk and protest songs of Haiti. Celebrating thecontinued the strength of Haitis musical culture while creating andalbum that appeals to Haitians and the international community alike(Guest producers, fans, musicians from around the world)+ Lakou Mizik documentaries: Short form character drivendocumentaries on the featured musicians form the Lakou Mizik album.Each documentary also finding a relevant social issue faced by themusicians local community.+ Lakou Mizik Sessions: Inviting musicians to record at the studio free ofcharge, allowing them to jam and collaborate, and helping them sellthese recordings online. These will also be filmed for music videos. Transmedia Activism
  • Social Action+ Intangibles of "positive awareness" + "empathy": Shifting the narrative toa more positive picture of Haiti+ Cohesive picture of systemic change, through musicians’ stories aboutan issue in their community...+ ...with direct paths to action, as suitable ++Tangibles of actual engagement in the form of: donations, partnerships, programs, employment ++ Possible ideas: Linking Haitian groups with international movements; Expanded services: security, clean water, access to education; Environmental; Online petitions to Haitian and international governments+ Avenue for economic development through a marketplace for music+ Education, Training, Networking Transmedia Activism
  • Social Action:Culturally Relevant “Leave Behinds”/ Culture Regeneration+ Lakou Mizik Marketplace: ++Digital marketplace for musicians to sell music and reach targeted international audience. ++Distribution and marketing partnership (possibly) with PeaceTones Records a non-profit record label. ++Portion of profits is reinvested into community / issues.+ Lakou Mizik Studio: ++Seminars for Haitian producers (Recording techniques Studio design, copyright protections, artists rights, digital distribution and promotion etc.) ++Education and distribution/promotional platform will be an ongoing community benefit ++Cultivate partnerships for development of an online space for continued education and international collaboration - as well as the potential for a physical space that would be come the permanent Lakou Mizik Cultural center to be an ongoing arts/ education/ social action space. Transmedia Activism
  • Social Action+ Developed in collaboration with grassroots organizations working toaddress the social issues raised in the Lakou Mizik documentaries.+These will focus on positive work being done by Haitian organizations.+In this way we will both be addressing difficult realities while alsocontinuing to focus on positive Haitian stories. Transmedia Activism
  • The Lakou Mizik multimedia distribution platform:+Concert film shot in a classic Haitian outdoor “Lakou”+Website: music discovery and marketplace for musicians+Short-form interactive documentary films on featured musicians+LM “episodes” (downloadable song, short film+music video)+Album+Media for television and film festivals+LM Collective music tour both in Haiti and internationally+Dedicated YouTube channel+SoundCloud (download, streaming, remix) Transmedia Activism
  • Audiences | Fans: +Haitian Diaspora +Fans of World music, Caribbean music +Arts/activism +Transmedia +People who helped post- earthquake and who need to reengage Transmedia Activism
  • Activism
  • What We Need:+Site developers/mobile developers/coders+Fundraising+Corporate sponsorships+Kickstarter campaign managers+Social media buzz Transmedia Activism
  • Lina Srivastava