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Sheffield Doc Fest: Business Models and Financing


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Sheffield Doc Fest: Business Models and Financing

  1. 1. BEST PRACTICE: How To Finance, Produce, and Distribute Cross-Media Projects Internationally? Lina Srivastava Sheffield Doc Festival 14 June 2012
  2. 2. Best Practice:Build Your Business Model“A business model is the story of how value is created, delivered, and captured.” -- Saul Kaplan, The Business Model Innovation Factory Best Practice | Transmedia
  3. 3. Best Practice | Transmedia
  4. 4. 5 Case Studies: Lakou Mizik18 Days in Egypt | GroupStream The Iran Job America 2049 Who Is Dayani Cristal? Best Practice | Transmedia
  5. 5. Lakou MizikBest Practice | Transmedia
  6. 6. Lakou MizikContent Production+ Lakou Mizik music+ Lakou Mizik webisodes+ Lakou Mizik SessionsDistribution platforms+ Album+ Concert film shot in a classic Haitian outdoor “Lakou”+ Website: music discovery and marketplace for musicians+ Short-form interactive documentary films on featured musicians+ LM “episodes” (downloadable song, short film+music video)+ Media for television and film festivals+ LM Collective music tour both in Haiti and internationally+ Dedicated YouTube channel+ SoundCloud (download, streaming, remix) Best Practice | Transmedia
  7. 7. Lakou MizikSocial Action+ Tangibles++Culture Regeneration++Economic Development++Community Vibrancy++“Leave Behinds”+++ Direct paths to action+++ Lakou Mizik Marketplace+++ Lakou Mizik Studio+++ Education, Training, Networking+ Intangibles: Awareness-Raising++ "Positive awareness" + "empathy"++ Shifting the narrative to a more positive picture of Haiti++ Cohesive picture of systemic change++ Musicians’ stories about issues in their communities Best Practice | Transmedia
  8. 8. Lakou MizikAudiences | Fans: + Haitians in-country + Haitian Diaspora + Fans of World music + Fans of Caribbean music + Arts/activism + People who helped post- earthquake and who need to reengage Best Practice | Transmedia
  9. 9. Lakou MizikBest Practice | Transmedia
  10. 10. Lakou MizikBest Practice | Transmedia
  11. 11. Lakou MizikFinancing:+ Corporate Sponsorship ***+ Audience Funding / Crowdsourced Funding+ Philanthropic Funding + “Film Philanthropies” + Foundations Supporting Aid/Development in Haiti + Impact investment funds: LM Fund+ Income Revenue model Best Practice | Transmedia
  12. 12. Best Practice | Transmedia
  13. 13. Successes:+ Content: ++ The platform is up, active, alive ++ People know about it: It’s fulfilling a need ++ Filled with 1000 stories ++ Starting to get interest from established partners+ Technology: ++ Forward movement is to become a service provider on group storytelling+ Lesson Learned:++ Can become commercially viable off the back end Best Practice | Transmedia
  14. 14. Challenges:+ Content: ++ Funding: $120,000 ($100K from TFI, 20K from Kickstarter)+ Technology: ++ Even harder raising funds from VCs if you’re “successful” on other sources-- they want to be the first ones in+ Lesson learned: ++ “Who are you?” +++ Combined a technology company/documentary company, but didn’t distinguish the two enough +++ Combined management +++ Combined philanthropic funding with VC asks Best Practice | Transmedia
  15. 15. “Kickstarter is not for everyone.” -- Sara Nodjoumi. Best Practice | Transmedia
  16. 16. The Iran JobSuccesses:+ Funding: Doubled their Kickstarter ask 4 days before the deadline+ Audience: Had a built-in, existing audience Best Practice | Transmedia
  17. 17. The Iran JobMixed blessings:+ The film will most likely be self-distributed+ Have pursued traditional avenues for distribution, but it’s too slow.+ Audiences respond well, so they’re not going to wait.+ Need USD $100,000 to put it into 10 cities.+ They are going back to their grantors: ++ None of the “traditional” funders ++ Personal contacts, Iranian-American orgs Best Practice | Transmedia
  18. 18. The Iran JobChallenges:+ Management: ++ 2-3 people working full time for 3-4 weeks before launching the Kickstarter campaign ++ Spent a lot of time on the rewards ++ Every detail was studied, but delivery deadlines were pushed back+ Catch 22: ++ The money gets spent. ++ And people think you’ve already got the money+ How to keep momentum after the Kickstarter campaign Best Practice | Transmedia
  19. 19. The Iran JobLesson learned:+ Your rewards are your donor engagement, your marketing tools(even in pre-production). Best Practice | Transmedia
  20. 20. AMERICA 2049 Best Practice | Transmedia
  21. 21. AMERICA 2049Successes / Impact:+ Over 20,000 throughout the world played through the 12 weekrun+ 110,200 unique Facebook interactions. 5,200 twitter followers+ 86% of players indicated at least some willingness to becomeactive on an issue they encountered in the game+ 56% reported they had spent time reconsidering their views onthe issues raised in real life+ Generated mainstream press coverage from 120 outlets
  22. 22. AMERICA 2049Lessons Learned:+ Balancing Engagement with Message to Increase Impact+ Moving Players from Clicktavism to Activism+ Transitioning from Expected to Novel Application of Platform+ Exploring New Distribution Models & Unlikely Partnerships+ Accounting for volunteer hours+ ROI: Project management to Scale to Impact
  23. 23. Who Is Dayani Cristal? Best Practice | Transmedia
  24. 24. Who Is Dayani Cristal? Best Practice | Transmedia
  25. 25. Who Is Dayani Cristal?Inside Comayagua Prison, Honduras
  26. 26. Who Is Dayani Cristal?Successes:+ Funding: Film has strong funding and investment+ High aesthetic quality and innovative narrative form+ “Flipped the Model”: Strategic Planning: ++ Social action and cross-platform strategy developed alongside film development and production ++ Audience engagement planning developed alongside film development and production Best Practice | Transmedia
  27. 27. Who Is Dayani Cristal?Challenges:+ Need to flip the model of funding:++ Social action, cross-platform, audience engagement needfunding earlier in the process Best Practice | Transmedia
  28. 28. Who Is Dayani Cristal?Lessons learned:+ Strategic planning needs to be done earlier in the process+ Impact planning and measurement are a specialized skill+ Build strong, cross-sector teams Best Practice | Transmedia
  29. 29. Lina Srivastava Best Practice | Transmedia