2013 Webinar: Leading from the Inside Out


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Leadership is the ability to align and inspire others towards common goals. The most effective social change leaders possess a clear sense of purpose, and an awareness of their strengths and learning edges as individuals, which leads them to build strong partnerships. Join this webinar to learn more about Rockwood Leadership Institute's approach to foster transformative leadership for a just, equitable, and sustainable world through encouraging leaders to "lead from the inside out."

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  • 3 minPurpose is to share with you the power of developing leadership through cultivating self-awareness and love in order to be more effective in creating social change out in the world.Probably this approach will be familiar to you – in fact it’s not new. But we’ve been doing a lot of learning and testing at Rockwood that we wanted to share with you what we’ve been learning in hopes of creating a space for learning.
  • 2 minStacy and Pia introduce selves.ASK if anyone has been through a Rockwood program?Background on Rockwood:Rockwood was founded in 2000 by Andre Carothers and Robert Gass to serve progressive leaders and to change the way social change has been done. Over the last 13 years, we’ve trained over 4000 leaders across the country and have partnered with hundreds of organizations to support individual leaders, organizations, and networks. Public trainings, fellowships serving sectors, cross movement programs with national leaders.Flow of presentationTalk about 4 key challenges facing progressive social change leadersShare Rockwood’s six Leadership PracticesShort exericse to give you sense of our approachQuestions and conversation to share your experience with transformative leadership
  • 1 min1 minVan Jones, co-founder, Ella Baker Center, Green for All, and Rebuild the DreamWhen I first came to this work, I was adrift, angry and reeling from severe activist burnout. I was in real pain, lurching from issue to issue and refusing to give up my activism. Whatever good I as doing in the world I was doing more damage to myself and harm to the others around me. Culture of fighting against.Ready to Lead: 6000 nonprofit employees report rising burnout¾ eds plan to leave in 5 yearsAnd 69% felt underpaid
  • 1 minCompetition over resources across organizationsCompetitition within organizations - The culture among our senior staff used to be hard-nosed campaigners and organizers, competing with each other, protective of my unit, my project, worrying about others appearing too successful, trying to hide our own weaknesses.
  • 2 min –TookerGombergenviro activist in Canada”Take care of ourselves and each other, spend time with loved ones, take breaks when necessary, and enjoy each moment on this lovely green and blue planet.” ask people to say if they themselves or others in nonprofits they serve have experienced these challenges?
  • 1 minPicture of Sarita GuptaWhat is LIO – creating space and time to the inner work, reflection, get feedback, create worklife balance to be more effective and sustained in ones leadership.burnout to personal ecologyfear and anger to hope and a positive visionin-fighting and conflict to collaborationbeing triggered to resilience
  • 1 minSearching deeply for clarity around purpose and vision was very effective in helping shape what drives my commitment to the work that I do. Yeshika WeerasekeraPicture of: Linda Sarsour, National Advocacy Director, National Network for Arab American Communities
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  • 1 minI feel more aware of myself and how I present myself as a leader and what i need to work on. I also feel more confident in my abilities to respond to challenges in a thoughtful and caring manner. Peter KostishackWinning what we want in our policies – not just fighting to fight, but finding ways to inspire change and get the results we want!Also performance matters in our organization. Not just about purposeful, kind leaders but also giving honest feedback to each other. Doing what we say we are going to do. Doing things well.
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  • 1 minCannot do this work alone.
  • 1 minI feel committed to slowing down and bringing more intention and attention to my personal and work relationships. – andrea lee
  • 10 min
  • “Without the communications skills I got from Rockwood, I would not have been able to raise $500,000”—LGBTQ Fellow
  • Discussion:Clarifying questions?What resonates with you as leadership development practitioners? What practices have you integrated?
  • 2013 Webinar: Leading from the Inside Out

    1. 1. Leadership from the Inside Out Rockwood Leadership Institute www.rockwoodleadership.org @rockwoodleaders @leadershipnet
    2. 2. Pia Infante, Director of Organizational Partnerships Stacy Kono, Director of Programmatic Partnerships
    3. 3. 1. Burnout
    4. 4. 2. Conflict and in fighting
    5. 5. 3. Isolation
    6. 6. Leadership Practice 1: Purpose
    7. 7. Leadership Practice 2 Vision
    8. 8. Leadership Practice 3 Performance
    9. 9. Leadership Practice 4 Resilience
    10. 10. Leadership Practice 5 Partnership
    11. 11. Leadership Practice 6 Personal Ecology
    12. 12. Purpose To live and lead from the principles which give our lives meaning. Vision To create and articulate a clear and compelling picture of our desired future. Performance To enhance our capacity to produce results that further our vision. Resilience To shift from reactivity to a state of resourcefulness in moments of stress and crisis. Partnership To build and maintain strong interdependent relationships that advance our vision. Personal Ecology To maintain balance, pacing, efficiency to sustain our energy over a lifetime of activism.
    13. 13. Practice. Practice. Practice.
    14. 14. Four Steps to Access Intuition o CENTER o ASK o RECEIVE o APPLY
    15. 15. Apply online for an upcoming Art of Leadership by August 31, 2013 and use LLCWebinar for a 10% discount off the sliding scale fee. http://trainings.rockwoodleadership.org/events
    16. 16. For more information : www.rockwoodleadership.org http://blog.rockwoodleadership.org/ http://www.facebook.com/rockwoodleaders @rockwoodleaders