Leadership and Influencing program


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This program is aimed at all leaders and senior managers. It not only shows how to develop yourself as a leader, but all the influencing and communication skills that are required to be successful and lead a performance driven team.

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Leadership and Influencing program

  1. 1. Prepared by Giulia Buttery and Michele Paradise Contact: giulia99@hotmail.co.uk - 07789 264181 Developing Your A Strategic Program to ensure Leadership Excellence Developing Your Inner Leader A Strategic Program to Ensure Leadership Excellence
  2. 2. Developing Your Inner Leader A Strategic Program to Ensure Leadership Excellence Empowering individuals and organizations to perform at their best Whether you seek to improve your performance, accelerate your career, instigate change in your organization, or define your personal goals – a powerful combination of Training and Personal Coaching can ignite your purpose and empower your decisions and actions. Participants on our Developing Your Inner Leader Program will experience the power of the latest Emotionally Intelligent concepts and Neuro Linguistic Programming to empower change, increase influencing skills and produce lasting behavior change that will enhance business performance. Results: • A Practical Program that embeds the knowledge and skills that you have acquired • Latest Thought Leadership Developments • Diverse Learning methods in collaboration with your Course Leaders and Colleagues • Life Changing Techniques that can be used the excel your business performance Why should you be a leader? When you ask Executives and Business Owners what their business challenges are, the answer we always get is ʻpeopleʼ. Business growth and success increasingly hangs on your capability to get people to follow and buy-in to senior executivesʼ company vision. The key is getting your people to follow, not because they have to, but because they are compelled to. The ʻDeveloping Your Inner Leaderʼ Program reveals the six directives of leadership and the capability required to lead effectively. This intensive four-day program reveals your individual leadership style and skill-base, as well as organizational possibilities of leading change and shaping a performance-driven culture, that delivers results. The key here is not what people do, but how people behave and how to master this in the workplace.
  3. 3. Developing Your Inner Leader A Strategic Program to Ensure Leadership Excellence © Michele Paradise and Giulia Buttery Program Overview Over four intensive days, this program will challenge you to observe your current leadership strengths and development requirements. You will be inspired and equipped with the capabilities and insights to lead with clarity and confidence. Whoʼs this Program for? Developing Your Inner Leader is designed specifically for senior managers who are wishing to develop their leadership style and make a difference to personal and business performance. Participants typically include: • CEOʼs • Directors • Senior Management • Managers • Human Resource Professionals • Entrepreneurs • Project Managers • Marketing and Sales Professionals Individual Benefits • Acquire successful leadership skills that distinguish you • Discover your leadership strengths • Lead High Performance Business Teams • Insights into people psychology and how to effectively lead and coach them • Discover what can derail change • Engage in one-to-one coaching sessions and have a Personal Progression Plan to keep you on track Organizational Benefits • Prepares leaders for their role • Enhances Team leadership skills • Provides practical leadership tools and techniques that can be embedded company-wide • Creates a performance driven culture that is inspired
  4. 4. Developing Your Inner Leader A Strategic Program to Ensure Leadership Excellence © Michele Paradise and Giulia Buttery Learning Methodology 1. Before the training begins, we use a comprehensive analysis tool to gauge where you are as an organization and what your challenges are. This way we can gather your real challenges and incorporate them into the learning experience. 2. We set up “Personal Progression Plans”. Depending on organizational roles and responsibilities a “Team Progression Plan” can also incorporated. These are used to measure progress and performance. 3. The information gathered will inform the training days and enable us to ʻworkshopʼ your real workplace scenarios. 4. We arrange follow-up sessions, either one-to-one or small groups whichever is more appropriate. It is this support system that raises capability and embeds your learning so that changes are made. 5. We use the Personal or Team Progression Plans to measure and guide performance and complement any organizational appraisal and performance systems in place. “We are passionate about turning business training into Business Practice”
  5. 5. Developing Your Inner Leader A Strategic Program to Ensure Leadership Excellence © Michele Paradise and Giulia Buttery Program Content Realize your unique leadership potential through your skills, vision and purpose. Inspire your leadership style to influence others to follow. Using Emotional Intelligence and NLP techniques to drive your performance. Day 1 Leadership Defined • What makes a Leader • What makes a Leadership Team • Leader v. Manager • Leadership Integrity Five Levels of Leadership • Identification of where you are as Individual Leaders • Identification of where you are as a Team • Feedback from Personal Progression Start up Session • Steps to take to move up the Leadership Ladder  Individual Application  Leadership Team Application Concept of Emotional Intelligence • Why Emotional Intelligence is the “New Skill on the Block” • How Emotional Intelligence creates Performance Excellence and Business Growth • Putting Emotional Intelligence into Practice with Leadership Skills (using NLP) The Leadership Directives  The Unquestionable Leadership Directives  Overview and their Importance  Build Personal Progression Plan further
  6. 6. Developing Your Inner Leader A Strategic Program to Ensure Leadership Excellence © Michele Paradise and Giulia Buttery Day 2 Putting the Leadership Directives into Practice 1. Raising The Leadership Lid  Creating Vision, Values and Beliefs that motivate  Setting and Achieving Visionary Goals 2. Leading through Positive Change  The Leader as Change Agent  Resistance to Change and why people resist it  Team Change  Structure Change  A checklist for change 3. Leading People to Perform Leading from within – Managing with Emotional Intelligence  Experiencing Emotions in business  Realising the Impact of Emotions  Building your Emotional State  Changing Emotional responses Inspiring and Motivating with Artfully Vague Language  Engaging Hearts and Minds: the Milton Model of Communication  Modelling a powerful influencer  Creating a receptive audience  Engaging the Emotions The impact of words and using the right ones – Powerful Language Patterns  Giving Feedback to increase performance improvement o Preparing to give feedback o Meaningful Feedback o Making Difference with feedback o Receiving Feedback
  7. 7. Developing Your Inner Leader A Strategic Program to Ensure Leadership Excellence © Michele Paradise and Giulia Buttery Coaching for Peak Performance  Coaching for Change  Preparing to Coach  Coaching with NLP Influence o Creating well-formed outcomes o Perceptual Positions o Logical Levels of Change o Managing Emotional Intelligent States o Clean language coaching  Setting and Achieving Goals o Creating Well Formed Outcomes o Making your own Outcomes Desirable o Developing Outcomes that Work 4. The Leadership Test - Problem Solving for Good  Task Problems and People Problems  The Right Attitude and Plan  Problem Solving Process  Define the Problem and Prioritize  Select the Right People To Help  Problem Causes and Problem Solving Solution  Solution Implementation  Evaluate the Solution and Lessons Learned Process  Handling Difficult People
  8. 8. Developing Your Inner Leader A Strategic Program to Ensure Leadership Excellence © Michele Paradise and Giulia Buttery Days 3 and 4 5. Influence and Communication Achieving More through Communication  Winning People Over  Communication isnʼt just words  Power of the People  Taking Charge of Communications Working with Perceptions (Different Maps of the World)  Sensory Acuity - using it skilfully  Building Rapport Better Influencing Skills by making ʻSenseʼ of other People  Non-Verbal communication techniques Building Rapport – Successful Relationship  Using Rapport to create success  Building Rapport one-to-one o Identifying Rapport experiences o Pacing and Leading o Matching  Developing Rapport with Groups  Digital Age Rapport o Matching rapport to your medium o Telephone rapport o Written/email rapport  Breaking Rapport Using Influence Language to Get Results  Language Patterns and identifying the  Talking generally or specifically and influencing skills  Identifying Peopleʼs Level of Initiatives: Proactive / Reactive  Moving away from goals  Selling Change  Anchoring Positive Emotions and generating Positive Feelings in others
  9. 9. Developing Your Inner Leader A Strategic Program to Ensure Leadership Excellence © Michele Paradise and Giulia Buttery Introducing Your Expert Training Team As it is essential to thoroughly engage with those participating in this learning process and read the unconscious and non-verbal signals, two experts in this field will deliver to you the learning experience. Giulia Buttery Expert in Business Behaviour change, NLP Master and Emotional Intelligence Expert Business, Management and Technology Consultant with over 25 years experience within global corporations in the Oil & Gas, Legal and Financial sectors. Specialized skills in the ʻpeople sideʼ of business productivity, development and leadership. Responsible for leading and delivering multiple global projects, working with the businesses directly to ensure that working practices, processes, change management, communication, leadership and management development as well as technology are aligned to business goals and strategy. Working in both permanent senior management and external consultancy roles, and gaining extensive achievements based on a strong understanding of business needs through analytical, problem solving, and organizational abilities that result in change for the better. At BP she has undertook senior roles both in Head Office working directly for the CEO Lord Browne, and had the opportunity to be part of BPʼs prestigious Fast Track Program and become the first female CIO and CTO for BP Angola, with responsibilities in both offshore and onshore locations. In Angola, alongside her $800m budget responsibility, she became heavily involved in developing people potential. This was essential for the safe delivery of four offshore multi- million pound projects. She was responsible for BPʼs Leadership and Team Building programs which spanned not only BP internal staff, but reached out to the third party suppliers and government officials who were part of the successful overall project delivery. In 2009 she qualified as a Master NLP Practitioner and Executive Coach. Giulia was trained by Dr. Richard Bandler (the co-creator of NLP) and was mentored by Dr Paul McKenna. She has assisted on a number of his training seminars in the UK and US. It was during these trainings she met and teamed up with Michele Paradise recognizing the importance of diversity of experience. Together they make a powerful team
  10. 10. Developing Your Inner Leader A Strategic Program to Ensure Leadership Excellence © Michele Paradise and Giulia Buttery Michele Paradise NLP Master Trainer, Emotional Intelligence Expert and Executive Coach Michele Paradise was born and raised in the United States and attended American University in Washington DC, where she studied Broadcasting and Theatre Arts with a view to becoming a TV news reporter. During her time at University, Michele was encouraged to try her hand at modeling and so ensured a 20-year international modeling career. This is where Michele learned and honed her sales and communication skills After she finished modeling, she began training models, actors and presenters in confidence and presentation skills. This training quickly became a product entitled Powerful Presentation Skills, which she continues to deliver today in the corporate and private sector area, delivered to small groups and one to one coaching. During this time Michele trained in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) with the co-creator of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler, and Paul McKenna and is now an NLP Master Practitioner, Trainer and Assistant to Dr Bandler and Paul McKenna. She now has her own private practice at 10 Harley Street where she sees private clients to enable them to make changes in their personal and professional lives. Michele is a qualified Clinical & Professional Hypnotherapist, which gives her the ability to work with medical conditions and issues in the business sector. In 2012, Michele lead the team who were responsible for creating and delivering the training for the prelaunch and rebranding of Smythson in Bond Street, Harvey Nichols and The City. Michele has written and contributed to several articles in Prima Magazine, Good Housekeeping, Rapport, Cosmopolitan Bride, You & Your Wedding and many others on confidence, presentation and movement. Michele trains, coaches and consults clients from all walks of life who want to improve their communication skills, presentation skills and levels of confidence. Michele works with corporate and private individuals to enable them to make quick and profound changes in their lives to be better versions of themselves for their professional and private lives. Our program incorporates techniques that are approved and certified by the Society of NLP