Authentic Leadership


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  • 2007-2009
  • Has to do with the Intrapersonal aspects of individuals: Leadership based on self-concept and how self-concept relates to actions (Shamir & Eliam, 2005)Relies on the life-story of the leaderAuthentic Leadership Characteristics are stem from: genuine leadership.leading from convictionOriginalitybasing actions on values
  • He believed that all human action is structured the same—in every act, in every situation. And that action itself, the completed act or fulfillment, is the central focus, and thus is in the center of the wheel .All aspects of the model are implicitly present in every act. Therefore all features of action must eventually be addressed in any proposed action. What is critical is the location of our attention and the direction of our engagement at the outset of the leadership task. Meaning: Guiding values, principles and ethicsMission: Goals, objectives and desiresPower: Energy, motivation, morale, controlStructure: Systems, policies and proceduresResources: People, capitol, info, equip, timeExistence: History and identityFulfillment: The promise of Authentic Leadership
  • Authentic Leadership

    1. 1. Authentic Leadership JEREMIAH RIVERA HTM 491
    2. 2. Overview Defining Authentic Leadership Authentic Leadership Action Wheel Authentic Leader’s Characteristics Authentic Leadership Components Application to the Real World
    3. 3. Defining Authentic Leadership Authentic Leadership – focuses on whether leadership is genuine ―A process that draws from both positive psychological capacities and a highly developed organizational context, which results in both greater self-awareness and self-regulated positive behaviors on the part of leaders and associates, fostering positive self-development.‖ - Bruce Avolio, Fred Walumbwa, Todd J. Weber University of Nebraska - Lincoln
    4. 4. Authentic Leadership Action Wheel Developed by Dr. Robert Terry He believed that all human action is structured the same—in every act, in every situation. All aspects of the model are implicitly present in every act. The six features of action are:  Meaning  Mission  Power  Structure  Resources  Existence  Fulfillment: The promise of Authentic Leadership Fulfillment is the completed action that embraces existence, resources, structure, power, mission and meaning.
    5. 5. Authentic Leadership Action Wheel Action-centered model Leaders should strive to do what is right Two core leadership questions:  What is really, really going on?  What are we going to do about it? Developed Authentic Action Wheel to help leaders frame problems  Locate the problem on the diagnostic wheel  Strategically select an appropriate response to the problem
    6. 6. Authentic Leader’s Characteristics Bill George Leader characteristic model Leaders have genuine desire to serve others Five characteristics of Authentic Leaders  Understand their purpose  Strong values  Trusting relationships  Self-discipline  Act from the heart (mission)
    7. 7. Authentic Leadership Components FOUR COMPONENTS: Self-awareness  Reflecting on one’s core values, identity, emotions, motives  Being aware of and trusting your own feelings Internalized moral perspective  Self-regulatory process using internal moral standards to guide behavior Balanced processing  Ability to analyze informational objectively and explore other people’s opinions before making a decision Relational transparency  Being open and honest in presenting one’s true self to others
    8. 8. Application to Real World People have the capacity to become authentic leaders. It is a lifelong learning process. Human Resource departments may be able to foster authentic leadership behaviors in employees who move into leadership positions. Leaders are always trying to do the ―right‖ thing, to be honest with themselves and others, and to work for the common good. Leaders are shaped by critical life events that lead to growth and greater authenticity. Fulfills society’s expressed need for trustworthy leadership.