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  • Use my experience of knowledge of task or procedural analysis, analysis of learning needs, learner characteristics and attention to learning styles along with ISD models and a system of Rapid Instructional Design techniques.
  • Moodle – Websites for Faculty Bios
  • Creator customizes the interactions with their content.
  • Narrate Power Point presentations and post in Moodle
  • Class of 2015 copy

    1. 1. Kathleen Doyle M.Ed. Instructional Designer Educational Information Technology OfficeEducation: Current: Working to obtain an Online Teaching Certificate at WSU Master of Education Degree with a focus in Instructional Technology from Wayne State University (2008) Bachelor of Science Degree, Human Resources Development, specialization in Training & Design from Oakland University (2000)Experience:• Web Project Manager & Graphic Designer, Wayne State University• Higher Education (Distance/Online Learning) Business & SiteAdministrator, General Motors Technical Education Program• William Beaumont Hospital, Human Resources Employee Health Administration• Graphic Designer/Illustrator, Business Owner
    2. 2. AgendaIntroductionTalk about how we can help you integratetechnologyPresent some:• Software and equipment resources• Services & Samples
    3. 3. Instructional Design is a systematic process used to design, develop and implement instruction.Instructional DesignIf you are a beginner and you need help with basics orif you are an expert and you need help with thecreation of materials, our hands on training offers youthe service you need to meet your technology needs.
    4. 4. Faculty ServicesSome of the ways the EducationalInformation Technology (EIT) Officeworks together with Faculty:• Design and develop online course elements for Moodle• Make the elements in your course interactive• Create an audio file for Moodle or a vod/podcast feed• Create medical illustrations for animations• Create graphs, charts illustrations for Power Point slides• Write and develop e-learning modules• Presentation poster help docs• Photographic services
    5. 5. Support for Moodle 2.2Create & display interactive online elements:• Videos• Softchalk games & quick assessments• E-learning modules• Audio files & vod/podcast feeds• Raptivity interactions• Faculty bio pages• Wikis• Upload elements or show you how to Form to request an Oakland University Moodle account
    6. 6. Supported SoftwareBelow is a list of supported software programs. We can:• Schedule a demonstration• Make a training appointment to learn how to use the software• Meet and discuss how I will create the course element in the software app for you Mac Supported Software PC Supported Software Raptivity Softchalk Softchalk Power Point Power Point Audacity iSpring Camtasia Presenter For Mac Audacity Jing Camtasia For Moodle PC Jing Moodle
    7. 7. Resources & EquipmentTechnology resource equipment in the EIT officeavailable for your use: Vidar X-Ray Scanner Virtual Microscopy Mac and PC computers Canon Camcorders Narration Work Station
    8. 8. More Technology is Not Always Better• “Technology that enables certain types of activities is likely to be appreciated”* – Facilitates Interaction – Facilitates active construction of knowledge – Facilitates interaction with peers – Facilitates self assessment – Motivates people to retain interest in the course – Fun and appeals to different learning styles *Oblinger DG, Oblinger JL. Educating the Net Generation, 2005, accessed January 27, 2011
    9. 9. Raptivity “Allows you to create learning interactions”• Pre-built library of customizable interactions that we own – – Raptivity Essential – Active Learning Pack – Games TurboPack – Videos TurboPack Healthcare samples Moodle and website samples
    10. 10. Raptivity• Interactions integrate with: – Power Point – Softchalk – Moodle – SCORM compliant – will appear in grade book – Dreamweaver – Other open-source authorware – Publishable on mobile devices that have Flash support – We now own several HTML5 interactions
    11. 11. Raptivity• Instructional Applications – Class participation in a game style quiz like Jeopardy – Organize items in a given time span – Students can re-visit content – Students can preview content ahead of time – Students can answer questions associated with various categories – Sample – Copyright Jeopardy
    12. 12. Camtasia“Screen Capture Program”• Software tutorials• Tours of websites• Ppt presentations• Can produce videos within Camtasia or from Power Point• Media can be screen recordings, audio files, music, images, etc.
    13. 13. Camtasia• Advantages: – Short learning curve – Easy-to-use interface-everything in view & in reach – Extensive simple built-in help features – “Learning Center” on website with narrated tutorial videos – Excellent additional help via toll-free number and e-mail
    14. 14. Camtasia• Instructional Applications of Prepackaged Lectures – Students can preview content ahead of time – Students can revisit content – Reduces impersonal nature of virtual courses-students can hear your voice – Camtasia can produce podcasts which are convenient and motivational for students• Sample (course introduction)• Sample (narrated Power Point slides)
    15. 15. SoftchalkAuthorware that allows you tocreate e-learning modules• Mobile learning content• Portable and re-useable• Upload the content to Moodle• SCORM compliant• Use this application to present instead of Power Point – info can be printed• Use this application to create pre-reading material (has a print function) and games of review material
    16. 16. Medical Illustrations and Animations Medical illustrations for power point slides • Charts and graphs • Photographs Illustrations for Flash animator • Lectures • Animations for slide presentations • Valves • Embolism • Left Ventricle • Vein with mesh spread
    17. 17.  Medical illustrations for power point slides
    18. 18.  Illustrations for Flash animator
    19. 19. Help Documents & VideosFaculty Resources Support website• Information about Faculty services• Videos and help documents• Information about technology resources & equipment• Supported software and samples• Electronic request forms• Poster presentation help docs• Updated Moodle 2 help docs• Online collaborative communication tools• Timeline 3D samples
    20. 20. Examples of how I can help you… Consult on how to use best practices of Instructional Design for course content creation How to integrate online elements into Moodle Utilize equipment and resources Create e-learning modules Create medical illustrations, art for animations
    21. 21. Examples of how I can help you… Create games and other online elements Create art/components for games Help you learn how to use software Help you with scripts, narrations, audio files iPad Apps, eText Book publishing
    22. 22. Contact Information Kathleen Doyle216 O’Dowd Hall, 2200 North Squirrel Road, Rochester, MI 48309 Phone: 248-370-3613, e-mail: Instructional Design & Faculty Resources website