S7 technology teaching palette adam blackwood - summary


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An outline of some of the quick easy ways, technology can be used to help with teaching and lesson activities All links referred to can be quickly accessed at http://tiny.cc/S7Adam

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S7 technology teaching palette adam blackwood - summary

  1. 1. Adam BlackwoodEmail: A.Blackwood@kent.ac.ukTwitter:Individual: @AdamrscOrganisation: @JISC_RSC_SE www.rsc-southeast.ac.uk
  2. 2. The Teaching Technology Palette http://tiny.cc/S7Adam Adam Blackwood Email: A.Blackwood@kent.ac.uk Twitter: Individual: @Adamrsc Organisation: @JISC_RSC_SE www.rsc-southeast.ac.uk
  3. 3. RULES Summary
  4. 4. Behaviour and Mobile Technology
  5. 5. Rules for this lesson• Turn Mobile Phones on silent• Enable your Bluetooth• Leave all mobile phones on the desk infront of you.• Ask permission if you want to use them for something other than the task sessions I set please.
  6. 6. Flash Cards Lesson Student Planning Review Another Tool way ?Break Mobile Surveys From Any Source Google Docs Animation & - Easy & Fast - Nice Tricks
  7. 7. Do you think Mobile Technologies are useful in the classroom? Text a CODE to 0762 4806 527 Polleverywhere http://tiny.cc/S7Adam13
  8. 8. Lesson Planning - Another WayWord Templates Mind Mapping• Easy to edit • Easy to edit• Easy to update • Easy to update• Use word skills • ‘Hand’ your lesson resources directly in the• Can be shared easily. Mind Map…• Standard Word Docs. • Use the Lesson Plan as the actual method of delivering the lesson !! – Reduces the extra Lesson Plan to Lesson resources needed!!
  9. 9. A simple to use Lesson Review Tool• Check on students progress• Use as a starting point to view their view of their understanding of your teaching.• Examine the views of the whole class to consider improvement for course schedule plan.• Use for anything.. You want to review.
  10. 10. The Registerhttp://tiny.cc/S7Adam12
  11. 11. Collaborative Surveys and Tools• Google Docs • Examples using Google• Examples using Spreadsheets and the Separate PowerPoint Forms feature for Slides creating • http//tiny.cc/classroom• Example of behavioursurvey1 Collaborative PowerPoint Activity • http://tiny.cc/behaviour http://tiny.cc/S7Adam14 surveyresults1
  12. 12. Collaborative Tools• Mind 42 • Wallwisher – www.mind42.com – www.wallwisher.com Enter your ideas at… Enter your ideas at… http://tiny.cc/S7Adam4 http://tiny.cc/S7Adam5
  13. 13. AnimationPowerPoint PhotoScape• Create your pictures, • Open the GIF Animation diagrams in PowerPoint. part of PhotoScape• Use the Drawing tool bar. • Drag your Jpegs into the• Save as… jpegs PhotoScape. • Alter the times • Save As a GIF File • DONE! – Make available to students. Download at http://tiny.cc/photoscapeInstruction Video at http://tiny.cc/S7Adam1
  14. 14. Enhancing Handouts• QR Codes • QR Code Generators – A picture which can – Best QR Code Generator contain information or – Kaywa Reader cause a phone to do certain actions. Eg: send an SMS, link to a • QR Code Readers for website, phone a your phone: number, send a ‘Tweet’ – QRKy Scanner etc etc. – i-nigma• URL Shortners – http://tiny.cc Best QR Code Generator http://tiny.cc/S7Adam2 Kaywa QR Code Generator http://tiny.cc/S7Adam3
  15. 15. FlashcardsFlashcards for mobile devices Flashcard tools from the web• GIF animated Flashcards for • Studystack mobile devices and for – www.studystack.com placing on your VLE. • Download Flash card app for any phone fromVideo Guide http://tiny.cc/S7Adam1 StudyStack http://tiny.cc/S7Adam6
  16. 16. Lesson Planning – Another WayWord Templates Mind Mapping• Use a Template with Text • Use a Mind Mapping tool. Boxes – Provides live updates to your – Easier to edit and update lesson. – Easier to re-order your – Add links and resources thoughts. directly into your lesson plan – Use colour coding to help – Highly flexible planning show the lesson – The Lesson Plan becomes the vehicle for the lesson.
  17. 17. Summary & Review Have an Introduction Use Twitter to get Lesson, explaining the ways in which tips, help and current you will use technology to help the ideas on teaching. class Shape students use and behaviour ofEmbed uses of technology to helptechnology into your them. .VLE Courses.
  18. 18. Do things differently with Technology.. ..Avoid using it for the sake of it ! www.rsc-southeast.ac.uk
  19. 19. The Teaching Technology Palette http://tiny.cc/S7Adam Adam Blackwood Email: A.Blackwood@kent.ac.uk Twitter: Individual: @Adamrsc Organisation: @JISC_RSC_SE www.rsc-southeast.ac.uk