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Learning Sequences with Web2.0


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Using web 2.0 tools provides excellent learning sequences for application across a range of curriculum areas.

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Learning Sequences with Web2.0

  1. 1. ICT For Learning - Nightcliff Technology Precinct Sequence of Learning Using Online Tools.DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND TRAINING
  2. 2. IDEA Inquiry Method Introduce, Discover, Engage, ApplyInquiry Method has been considered part of best practicefor some time.This version, IDEA, gets students/participants to thehands on stage quickly and encourages discussion.‘Doing’ and talking about the activity maximises learning.
  3. 3. A simple way for students to demonstrate understanding using keywords at the beginning of a sequence of learning and in theculminating stages.Create your own word clouds at -
  4. 4. KWL Generator- and link to- kwl_nov2002-download.doc fill in form , save to PC, print or email
  5. 5. - Create your own at - - Contribute to ours at - A backchannel is a chat room where your students type their questions and comments whenever they have them.You can then:- address questions and comments immediately- have students reply to each other- or address the questions when time permits- 140-character limit
  6. 6. - Connect ideas and plan with a mind map.- View the mind map as a diagram or an outline.
  7. 7. - Create a mind map or use a template- Use categories in the Symbol Libraries.- CTRL8 to hide or view Symbols- Make you own symbol libraries - RapidFire allows you to add ideas as you think of them and create links from a selected idea
  8. 8. Transfer to WordExport.- File. Export. Choose from:- Word or OpenOffice- To PDF- To presentation slide show- To web site structure- Or as any image format
  9. 9. Pin it to your toolbarRecord your screen with Community Clips.Create clips with voice and curser included in video screen capture.
  10. 10. wa l l wi s h e rGo here to contribute to our ‘wallwisher’ wall - to use wallwisher -
  11. 11. Contacts & LinksFollow us on Twitter - ICT For Learning WikiVisit our WIKI to access resources used in this and other workshops. DET EdTech Community – join discussions about ICT - askquestions - receive advice at our FaceBook Group site. us - DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION AND TRAINING