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This is week7 homework .

This is week7 homework .



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Homework7 Homework7 Presentation Transcript

  • McDonalds has a bigappetite for ChinaS1180056 Minoru Kobayashi
  • Menu•  History of McDonald’s in china•  Key of success of McDonald•  How to build•  Drive through•  Cooperation with gas stand•  Rival of McDonald•  Efort from now
  • History of McDonald’s in china•  Two decade ago, McDonald is not familiar in china. But capitalist revolution swept through people’s republic. After that, McDonald spread over china. Now, there are 800 McDonald’s restaurant in china and 200 of this is in Hong Kong.It is still developing.
  • Key of success of McDonald•  McDonald has three key of success. 1. How to build 2.Drive through 3.Cooperation with gas stand
  • How to build•  When McDonald’s store is built, They did not only open one store. They open two to five stores simultaneously. It make benefit which cut expenditure because they can use a delivery store efficiently and train their stuff as a whole.
  • Drive through•  There are a lot of owner of car in china. This cause heavy traffic jam. McDonald focus on this and start drive through service. As a result, McDonald succeeded of this and grew up in china. And It solve problem of heavy traffic. What people get off car and go to store to buy items takes much time. Drive through does take a less time so this problem is solved a little.
  • Cooperation with gas stand•  McDonald cooperate with the Chinese state oil company, Sinopec. The Content of this is that they built McDonald by the side of Sinopec.
  • Rival of McDonald•  McDonald’s growth is steep in china. But they have rivals. One of this is KFC. KFC is also growing in china. There are 1990 KFC in china.
  • Efort from now•  It may be a little careful to care about food in safe in china widely. Additionaly, McDonald deal with food. For this reason, They have to train their crew about dealing with food in safe. It may be about how to use hand sanitize and so on.
  • Reference•  http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/26226387/ns/business- cnbc_tv/#.ULg3K4Xrbzj