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Assignment week7


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Assignment week7

  1. 1. How Mc.Donalds run their business in China? S1200022 Takaya Hirai
  2. 2. Contents • McDonald’s History • Select Location of McDonald’s • Safety of Food in China • Taste of McDonald’s in China • McDonald’s business
  3. 3. McDonald’s History • In 1978, China embraced the openingup and reform policy. • In 1990,McDonald’s first opened in China. • In2005 McDonald’s is very successful, because car owners in China explode.
  4. 4. • In 2006, McDonald’s signed an agreement with the Chinese state oil company, Sinopec for opening it stores at any of Sinopec’s new and existing gas stations.
  5. 5. Select Location of McDonald’s McDonald’s has possible to make stores at not achieving the economic development place. Because China economy grow at an explosive speed. McDonald’s carefully conduct research and make stored at cleared standard place and McDonald’s makes it possible to generate big profit in China.
  6. 6. Safety of Food in China Naturally taste convenience and price are important, but especially food of safety is important in China. Side of safety of food of McDonald’s is one of advantage.
  7. 7. Taste of McDonald’s in China McDonald’s in China must suit Chinese taste little by little. McDonald’s conduct various research about Chinese taste. From these research, McDonald’s generates new menu that is sold in all over the world.
  8. 8. McDonald’s business McDonald’s restaurant founded in 119countries. Operates more than 34.000 restaurant in the world. Offer both counter service and drive though service.
  9. 9. Summary Foreign company should conduct various research about place. Beside all that ,foreign company must generate benefit to the fullest.
  10. 10. Reference McDonald’s has a big appetite for China ness-cnbc_tv/t/mcdonalds-has-big-appetite- china/