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Early English Settlements
Early English Settlements
Early English Settlements
Early English Settlements
Early English Settlements
Early English Settlements
Early English Settlements
Early English Settlements
Early English Settlements
Early English Settlements
Early English Settlements
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Early English Settlements


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  • 1. Early English Settlements Roanoke and Jamestown
  • 2. English Attempts
    • England had made many attempts at establishing a base on other side of the Atlantic
    • Sir Humphrey Gilbert tried to establish colony but died at sea
  • 3. Sir Walter Raleigh
    • Queen Elizabeth gave him right to claim land in North America
    • He sent a scout expedition to explore and they discovered Roanoke Island
    • In 1585 he sent 100 men to settle the island
    ©1996-2007 Anniina Jokinen . All Rights Reserved
  • 4. Attempts at Roanoke
    • 1585 attempt men returned to England after difficult winter
    • 1587 Raleigh tried again, John White was the leader this time
    • White’s daughter gave birth to Virginia Dare, this was the first English child born in North America
  • 5. White Colony
    • Settlers began to run low on supplies so White returned to England
    • He didn’t return for 3 years
    • When he finally did return the colony he helped to start was deserted
    • White thought colonist had moved to Croatoan Island but the colonist were never seen again
  • 6. Early Failure
    • Raleigh did not attempt to establish any more colonies
    • His failure discourage English for a while until 1606
    • Groups of merchants started seeking charters
  • 7. Virginia Company
    • A group of merchants from London
    • A joint-stock company
    • Investors buy stock in return they share in its profit
    • Acted quickly in Dec. 1606 sent 144 settlers to build a new colony
    • Suppose to look for gold and attempt to establish fish and fur trade
  • 8. Jamestown
    • April 1607 ships entered Chesapeake Bay
    • Settlers built Jamestown on a peninsula
    • However, swampy land was filled with mosquitoes and also lacked good farmland
  • 9. Early Struggles in Jamestown
    • Colonist not used to hard labor and wasted time searching for gold and silver
    • 1608 only 38 settlers had survived
    • Government was another big obstacle in the new colony
  • 10. Captain John Smith
    • Strong leader that helped colony survive first 2 years
    • When he had to leave the colonies population went from 400 to 60 and fighting with Native American’s began
    Copyright 1997, 2000 by The Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities
  • 11.