science project investigatory project thankyou investigatory class 12 class 11 blalock–thomas–taussig shunt treatment vsd ventricularseptaldefect asd atrialseptaldefect methemoglobinemia anomalous pulmonary venous connection transposition of the great vessels tricuspid atresia patent truncus arteriosus tetralogy of fallot congenital heart defects etiology bluish coloration of a neonate blue baby syndrome - the bluish coloration of a ne blue baby syndrome - a hope under the blue alzheimer's schizophrenia psychosis shamrage kluverbucyanimal papezcircuit connections punishment reward fearvs.rage rage vs. fear memory hippocampus thalamus amygdala system limbic limbicsystem braindeath parinaud’s syndrome benedict’s syndrome alternating trigeminal hemiplegia weber’s syndrome cerebello-pontine syndrome millard-gubler syndrome raymond-foville syndrome lateral and medial medullary syndrome spinothalamic tract spinocerebellar tract medial longitudinal fasciculus motor pathway (corticospinal tract) medial leminiscus brain stem brain stem lesions competitive inhibition and various competitive inh secondary active transport (animation only) fun-seeking experiment results conclusions concept observations kv experiment school lemon grapes oranges strawberries vitaminc biology medicine spects spects scan ray x tomography computed imaging resonance magnectic magnetic resonance imaging mri computed tomography ct scan x rays physics available for both.... best shampoo best tresemmé® sunsilk® garnier fructis® head & shoulders® dove® l’oreal® shampoos chemistry hindi/project/tales/of/two/oxes/by/bikrant/roy/
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