The Lost Colony of Roanoke


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By Kyla, Grade 5

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  • interesting, i can imagine when the governor is finally back for the colony after the great struggle, just to find out that his colony is gone to nowhere, no sign and other...
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The Lost Colony of Roanoke

  1. 1. Learn all about the mystery of Roanoke Island!!!
  2. 2.  The colonists that settled on Roanoke were English citizens. There were 2 attempts to settle Roanoke. Ralph Lane was the governor of the first attempt. Ralph Lane murdered Wingina, the Roanoke Indians chief over a stolen cup, this was not a good start for the colony of Roanoke. The settlers on the first attempt did not respect the Indians and often held them hostage to get information. The first attempt was not working out well, so the colonists headed back to England. John White was the governor of the second attempt to settle Roanoke. John White’s daughter, Eleanor Dare gave birth to the first English child born in America named Virginia. The second attempt was when the colonists disappeared. There were about a 117 colonists and they all disappeared expect for John White, who was off getting supplies in England. Their were about 90 men, 17 women, and 9 children that disappeared. The only clues they left when John White returned was CRO carved in a tree and CROATON carved in a post.
  3. 3.  John White left for England to get supplies. It took him 2-4 years to get the supplies because of a war in England and Queen Elizabeth I needed all her ships. They do not know who John Whites parents are or when he was born. White’s daughter married Ananias Dare who was one of the governor’s 12 helpers and was also a brick layer. John White was a great artist!! (below his art) John White was on both attempts to settle Roanoke!
  4. 4.  She was queen of England at the time period Roanoke was being settled.
  5. 5. FUN FACT:Sir Walter Raleigh was the person that organized and planned theRoanoke colony!
  6. 6. Some of near by Indians were the Roanoke, and the Croaton Indians.The colonists treated the Indians unfairly.
  7. 7. Roanoke is located in the Outer Banks.Roanoke is named after Roanoke Carolina AlgonquianIt is in dare country (a protected area)Roanoke is between barrier islands and main land. Croaton was a near by island, there also were Croaton Indians.Philip Amadas and Arthur Barlowewere the first to discover the island.
  8. 8. Here are 5 of the theories how the colonists disappeared.1) The colonists left the settlement. A good theory.2) They all were killed by a disease. Not likely, they did not find any bodies.3) A hurricane hit and wiped out the village. This is another unlikely theory considering the fence post was standing.4) The colonists decided to move in with the Indians. A likely theory.5) They all were killed by natives. This is probably the most likely theory because the natives could have tore down their houses and moved the bodies.
  9. 9. I hope you enjoyed my presentation.