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Europeana Bcn Hackathon_2011
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Europeana Bcn Hackathon_2011



Published in Technology , Education
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  • The Museu Picasso hosted a Europeana Hackathon in June 2011 The hackathons are workshops bringing together competent and enthusiastic software developers to build cool projects within a day or two (sketches, prototypes, even working applications).
  • You may be wondering: why the Museu Picasso got involved in a Hackathon?
  • So, the hackathon philosphy lies on Open Data context
  • the philosophy of making content and tools available to users is what leads the joint effort of museums+Europeana+developers: -Museums have the collections and the aim of extending knowledge and enjoyment of it to the greatest possible number of users. -Europeana currently offers access to near 20 million cultural objects, has the same aim as the Museum. -The expert developers have the skills and the talent to make the data ‘play’ and extract open applications that are made accessible to the public.
  • Amazing what could be done in just one and a half day!!!
  • - Going Mobile : applications for bringing Europeana to mobile devices - Multilingual : applications that facilitate mashups to provide translations or create multilingual tags for Europeana metadata - Going Social : applications for bringing Europeana metadata to the social networks - Data Visualization : combining data to visually and user-ftriendly present the different types of content on Europeana
  • Barcelona Hackathon Awards: Innovation: (shared) : Sergio Manuel Galán Nieto y Víctor Manuel Díaz Barrales , "Colour art bits Bert Balcaen , "Colour chronology   Commercial potential :   David A. Lareo , "Europeana Layer App“ Social Inclusion :  Luca Chiarandini y Eduardo Graells, "Timebook” inspired on Facebook, aggregating info from Europeana, DBPedia and others Audience award: Luca Chiarandini y Eduardo Graells , "Timebook".


  • 1. Hack4Europe! Barcelona Conxa Rodà, Museu Picasso @innova2 Europeana & Linked Data Workshop_ CitiLab Cornellà _22 nov 2011
  • 2. Why the Museu Picasso got involved in a Hackathon?
    • Because we firmly believe in the concepts of availability of knowledge and Open Content:
    • to spread the maximum amount of knowledge to the maxim number of people globally
  • 3. Everything relies on...
    • Open data!!!
  • 4. Open Data sharing http://www.ght.org.uk/userfiles/image/webgeneral/medical-records-shelf.jpg http://www.asifocus.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/data-sharing.jpg Virtuous circle of Open: using + sharing + reusing data = heritage more available
  • 5. Why a hackathon roadshow?
    • To facilitate innovation in the cultural heritage sector
    • To nurture a developer community
    • To reach and engage with users
    • To show the rewards of Open Data
    • To contribute to the Digital Agenda
    • To have some fun!
    • Source: http://www.slideshare.net/DavidHaskiya/hack4europe-8324811
  • 6. Hack4Europe! Venues_ June 2011
    • Collections Trust, London
    • Poznan Supercomputing Center, Poznan
    • National Heritage Board, Stockholm
    • Museu Picasso, Barcelona
    • 85 developers participated
    • 48 prototypes created
  • 7. Barcelona Hackathon 20 developers 17 projects http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yi6orKhhuqQ
  • 8. Apps _Europeana Hackathon main topics
    • Going Mobile
    • Multilingual
    • Going Social
    • Data Visualization
  • 9. Museu Picasso Barcelona: Europeana Hackathon_June 2011_ Photos: Conxa Rodà
  • 10. Luca Chiarandini & Eduardo Graells : Timebook awarded project Museu Picasso, Barcelona, 2011. Photo: Conxa Rodà
  • 11. http://prezi.com/qresknl_itqk/timebook-22-november-2011-version/?auth_key=71674408128edfc9dbe7f409c68f08393c234ca6
  • 12. Outcomes for the 3 stakeholders
    • Europeana : promotion + better knowledge/awareness
    • Museu Picasso : position as agent of innovation + digital strategy
    • Developers : networking + recognition & fun
  • 13. Challenges ( among others ) MY treasure... Overcoming resistances to open data for public use & reuse Making Hackathon prototypes become real apps
  • 14. Hack4Europe! Barcelona #hack4europe www.tweetdoc.org/View/29815/Europeana-i-Linked-Data Conxa Rodà, Museu Picasso @innova2 [email_address] www.europeana-libraries.eu/web/api/hackathons www.slideshare.net/DavidHaskiya/hack4europe-8324811 www.youtube.com/watch?v=pip6RbPexDM&feature=related www.blogmuseupicassobcn.org/2011/06/what-do-the-museu-picasso-europeana-and-cultural-hackers-have-in-common/?lang=en Useful references: