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English dossier anella 1

  1. 1. ANELLA CULTURAL Cultural Ring
  2. 2. ANELLA CULTURAL 2/19
  3. 3. Summary 1. Presentation.............................................................4 2. Developing lines of the project…………….........................6 3. Functioning…............................................................8 4. Centers and implementation schedule...........................9 5. Program……..............................................................11 6. Budget……................................................................13 ANELLA CULTURAL 3/19
  4. 4. 1. Presentation The Anella Cultural is a project that aims to connect the Future Internet with the Cultural community in each country. Our goal is to intensify the use of the net as a cooperative tool to generate cultural production and exchange and to contribute to the innovation of formats. It is not a project built around technology but a project that explores how technology can help improve the realization of the traditional aims of cultural community. It constitutes a pioneering proposal in the field of research, innovation and development (R+I+D), as it is the first time that is based on cultural activities. The project is an initiative of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Departament de Cultura i Mitjans de Comunicació i Secretaria de Telecomunicacions i Societat de la Informació), the Institut de Cultura of Barcelona, the Fundació i2Cat, the CCCB and the Transversal, a network of municipalities of all Catalonia. The project consists in the development of a digital network connecting a set of public theaters , equipped with digital media videorecorders, projectors, computers and specific applications. This platform activates the exchange of contents and the co-production of events on-line and promotes research activities about new uses of the net in the cultural production field, while improving their diffusion and offering to creators a new platform to experiment with applications in digital art. The implementation of the optical fiber net at the territory will be developed in two phases. The initial phase will connect the CCCB and four cultural centers of the Xarxa Transversal (Lleida, Granollers, Olot and Reus). In its second phase, the fiber net will also connect the rest of the cultural centers of Transversal (Manresa, Figueres, Tortosa, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Mataró, Vilanova i la Geltrú, Girona, Vic, la Seu d’Urgell and Perpinyà). Eventually, the net will be an exchange tool available to every cultural center of Catalunya. ANELLA CULTURAL 4/19
  5. 5. Additionally, the very nature of the projects offers to each of the centersnew tools to channel the collaborations with other collectives, creators andinternational institutions beyond any geographical limit.The Anella Cultural is a project for the Catalan country that is part of thestrategy of the Generalitat de Catalunya to connect all the territory throughoptical fiber net for different uses (such as sanitary, industrial,educational...) in order to make all services available to the entirepopulation, especially the people from those places far from the capital. Thecultural use, sometimes spectacular, of new technologies will be a greatsample that will decisively promote its application in other fields.Culture and InnovationEven though creativity and adaptability are the main elements of the ANELLA CULTURAL 5/19
  6. 6. cultural field, artistic creation, culture and especially their diffusion have notfully adopted the possibilities of technological innovation. The reason forthis is the continuous lack economic resources, which has impeded cultureto employ the high technology equipments necessary to pursue thisinnovation.The Anella Cultural project hopes to stimulate the spirit of innovation amongthe different agents -creators, cultural managers and local politicians- whoincorporate this net in their daily tasks. This represents a big novelty in thefield of public culture: for the first time, a project of research, innovationand development (R+I+D) uses cultural activities as a row material. Thiswill open several lines of development, as we will see below. ANELLA CULTURAL 6/19
  7. 7. 1. Experimental services of the Cultural RingThe main aim of the Anella Cultural project is the exchange of culturalcontents. But its innovative components will open up new contexts, newformats and new uses that will very soon even modify the contentsthemselves. The speed, the quality and the multidirectionality of thetransmission of contents allows us to think of the activities outside oftheir original location and, therefore, they become more accessible,more affordable and more socially cost-effective.A first look at the uses of the Anella Cultural helps us establish thefollowing developing lines:α) Live. Bi-directional live transmission of activities (lectures, debates, performances...) from one center to other cultural centers. This possibility requires the emitter to be enabled to produce the audiovisual signal and to send it to the net, and the receptor to have the necessary technological media to project it and visualize it on a large screen. Some examples of this could be:The broadcast of lectures, courses and other events with the possibilityof the participation of the public from any of the centers. Theinteractivity of the connection permits a wide typology of live courses:Dance Master classes, drama classes, participative reading of stories,etc.Round tables and debates with participation of speakers from any city inthe net or, in connection with the scientific ring, from any connecteduniversity.Festivals that could be broadcasted partially or in their entirety. Theopening act will give a new dimension to the festival HIPNÒTIK, held atthe CCCB, as it will include the participation of artists from Granollers,Reus and Lleida who will interact with the activities being celebrated atthe CCCB. This way people will experiment with an artistic exchange,while sub-venues of the festival will be established in these cities. Lateron, ANIMAC in Lleida, PNRM in Olot or Now in Barcelona can representnew events that will make possible the participation from any point ofthe net.Broadcasting of performances. Any center connected can send, after itsdigitalization, the activity to the other centers of the net, which can thenproject it on a large screen. The pioneering initiative of the Gran Teatredel Liceu, which broadcasts in live some of its opera performances touniversities through the Anella Científica (scientific ring) in a projectcalled Opera Oberta, will increase its magnitude through its participationin the Anella Cultural. ANELLA CULTURAL 7/19
  8. 8. ANELLA CULTURAL 8/19
  9. 9. b) File under demand. The development of this last line opens up thepossibility of making all the materials and multimedia files accessible tothe public. This option requires the different centers to have their ownserver with their own multimedia files. The centers will have to makethese files accessible through the site of Transveral and will also have toprovide public points of access to them.We are currently working on establishing the archival protocols to makethe multimedia contents accessible and, at the same time, to guaranteetheir safety and permanence.c) Interaction/exchange/research. The daily use of the audiovisualtechnology and of the connection from wide band will make possible newformulations of conventional activities. These new formats couldrepresent:Net projects to visualize exhibitions. Audiovisual formats are more andmore common in the design of the exhibitions. Therefore, it is possible tothink of an exhibition in the net made of contents issued from differentpoints and viewed at any point of the net.Audiovisual programs laboratory. The participation in the Anella Culturalimposes as a common practice the digitalization of most of the activitiesgenerated by the cultural centers. Through the creation of audiovisualdepartments or the agreement with local producers, the equipmentsconnected will be the optimal place to collaborate with universities andother educational centers, to accommodate students in practices and tocarry out research and innovation proposals that need a laboratory forexperimentation.Creative multimedia applications of original projects. The contemporaryartistic creation that uses informatic and multimedia supports could usethe resources offered by the net project and its advanced technology.This is an area of special interest for centers such as the Mercat de lesFlors, which has since the beginning explored new ways of exchangewith other similar centers.Creation and application of new tools and formats for publications.Communication in the net is fundamentally audiovisual. This audiovisualformat makes possible to redesign the classic education andcommunicative tools through specific TV channels, videografic capsules,or multimedia publications. The combined use of several technologies -mobile phone, television by IP, connections in streaming- open anunlimited range of possibilities in the research of new formats for theinteractive transmission of information. ANELLA CULTURAL 9/19
  10. 10. 2. TechnologyAnella Cultural supports:ConnectivityFacilitated by the net of the operators of telecommunications Al-PiTelecomunicacions, Abertis Telecom and the experimental net ofFundació i2Cat, an optimum flow of 30-100 Mbps is guaranteed. In thecases of Lleida and the CCCB, the infrastructure of optical fiber achievinga capacity of 100Mbps is used, while the other centers use radioelectrical infrastructure - in Reus and Granollers, they have a capacity of34 Mbps and, in Olot, the capacity is 4 Mbps.The Fundació i2Cat, after examining the real state of the connections inthe cultural centers, has got the connection for all centers throughagreements with the telecommunications operators. Likewise, itadministers and manages the use of the central unit of connection. Thecenters of the net have computer equipment that allows coding anddecoding of the signal and the transmission and reception of theinformation.Beyond this local connectivity, Fi2cat is connecte to the GEANT3 and theGLIF via Red Iris at 10GE. Local connectivity Map – Anella Cultural ANELLA CULTURAL 10/19
  11. 11. Global Connectivity through GEANT3 and GLIFThe audiovisual digitalizationAll centers are equipped with material to record, project, edit and store theactivities (video cameras, projectors, screens, table of edition,videoconference, etc). Thanks to the experience of more than ten years ofthe Departament d’Audiovisuals of the CCCB, the material is of good qualitybut of simple use and easily portable, so as to adapt itself to the multiplicityof contents that is expected to transmit through the Anella Cultural.Likewise, a series of protocols, catalogs of good practices, or training havebeen established in order to guarantee the quality of the recording. ANELLA CULTURAL 11/19
  12. 12. ContentsBy incorporating the activities transmitted by the Anella Cultural into thecultural programming of each city, we ensure its maximum socialprofitability. The Xarxa Transversal, in coordination with several culturalinstitutions and Catalan Town Councils, has promoted for eight years thedistribution of cultural services throughout the Catalan territory. In its turn,the Anella Cultural coordinates and establishes the programming of thecontents that can be interesting to the net and makes sure that thetransmission flows in all directions. ANELLA CULTURAL 12/19
  13. 13. 4. Centers and implementation schedule Pilot Phase Towards the middle of 2008 the Pilot Phase will have been completed. It will have connected the CCCB and the IMAC in Lleida at 100 Mbps, the Museu de Granollers and the Centre Cal Massó in Reus at 34 Mbps, and the Teatre Principal d’Olot, provisionally with a connection of 4 Mbps. By now, the technical phase of implementation of the equipment and connection of the centers has been accomplished. In September 2007 the equipments began the experimentation phase in the production field and cultural programming. Of the fourteen centers of Transversal, these four were selected for the pilot phase because they represent four very different situations that will be encountered for certain in some of the centers in the second phase. LLEIDA Institut Municipal d’Acció Cultural Carrer Blondel, 64 GRANOLLERS Museu de Granollers Carrer Anselm Clavé, 40 ANELLA CULTURAL 13/19
  14. 14. OLOT Teatre Principal Passeig d’en Blay, 5 REUS Centre d’Art Cal Massó Carrer Pròsper de Bofarull Second Phase During 2008, the other ten centers of the Xarxa Tranversal will be incorporated into the net with the aim that, at the end of the year, all fourteen cities will be on the Anella Cultural. Even though there is not an established priority and the order of incorporation will vary depending on the feasibility and opportunities of connection at the destination centers, the celebration of the Capital Catalana de la Cultura in Perpinyà will impose a priority in relation to this city of the Catalunya Nord.The centers that will be connected in the second phase are: MANRESA Teatre Kursaal, Passeig de Pere III, 35 FIGUERES Teatre Jardí Plaça Josep Pla, 2 TORTOSA Teatre Auditori Felip Pedrell Passeig de Ribera, 11 SANT CUGAT DEL VALLÈS Teatre-Auditori Sant Cugat Plaça Gabriel Ferrater, s/n MATARÓ Teatre Monumental La Riera, 169 VILANOVA I LA GELTRÚ Centre d’Art Contemporani La Sala Carrer Joaquim Mir, 12 GIRONA Centre Cultural de la Mercè ANELLA CULTURAL 14/19
  15. 15. Pujada de la Mercè, 12VICInstitut del Teatre - Centre d’OsonaSant Miquel, 20LA SEU D’URGELLAjuntament de la SeuPlaça dels Oms, 1PERPINYÀEl MediatorAvda. General LeclercThis list of centers should be understood as the municipal equipmentsthat centralize the Anella Cultural. Given the diverse typology oftransmitted contents, however, some of the activities will be followedfrom other public equipments of the net cities. For this reason, eachpiece of equipment is totally mobile in order to make its installationeasier depending on the circumstances.3. ProgramThe Pilot Phase has established a provisional program that aims to be alaboratory and is based on the transmission and placement of theactivities that are part of the scheduled programs of the cultural centers.The aim is not to create an additional program but to launch a new toolto be used by creators and managers to propose new projects. TheCentre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona is the center with mostactivities and providing most of the program contents. Nevertheless, wethink it is important that each of the other four centers organize, atleast, a couple of activities during the whole year. With the incorporationof the other centers during 2008, we will specify the schedule ofactivities that will act as a test bench for the project.Beyond the exchange of programs, the technology of the transmission ofcontents and the full adoption of audiovisual language will transform theAnella Cultural into an authentic laboratory of contemporary artisticcreation. We are beginning to establish contacts with several artcollectives linked originally by their creation in computer and audiovisualformats, in order to let them explore the possibilities. Art platforms suchas Kònic thtr, creation centers such as Hangar and Àreatangent, oartists who have shown their interest in the research of new formatssuch as Àlex Serrano or Joan Solana, are working on the multiplepossibilities of this new tool.The first activities of the schedule for the last semester of 2007 are: ANELLA CULTURAL 15/19
  16. 16. September16 FESTIVAL HIPNÒTIK – Origin CCCB/Net centers -Net activities at:GRANOLLERS – Museu de GranolllersLive interactive connection. Exhibition and Break Dance workshop.REUS – Centre d’Art Cal MassóLive interactive connection. Rap and DJ Concert.LLEIDA – IMACLive interactive connection. Graffiti Exhibition.BARCELONA – CCCBLive broadcast to the three centers of the final Festival mc’s and BreakDance. ANELLA CULTURAL 16/19
  17. 17. October Schedule to be determined (between 2-17) OPERA: ANDREA CHÉNIER – Origin Gran Teatre del Liceu – Live reception: REUS – Teatre Bartrina Technical demonstration in: OLOT – Teatre Principal 23-24 II TROBADA CULTURAL EUROREGIÓ – Origin Lleida – Several connections by Videoconference Streaming emission November NOW –demonstrations of different formats– Origin CCCB, inside Barcelona ciència 2007 – –The programming will be determined, regarding both schedules andformats, according to the availability to connect of the cultural centers,especially if they are the origin of the transmission.2008 Program ProposalsLICEU January, 19, AIDA February, 24, PERE I LLOP April, 19, EL CASTELL DE BARBA BLAVAANIMAC Lleida, from February 28 to March 2TRAPEZI Reus, from May 14 to 18PNRM Olot, from May 23 to June 1COS Reus, from October 16 to 26AWARDS VALLVERDÚ Lleida, from November 7 to 14MEMORIMAGE Reus, from November 14 to 21REC Olot, from November 7 to 9DEBATES TXAC January, 29, "alcaldes" April, 14, "cultura i tecnologia" September, 29 December, 14KOSMOPOLIS CCCB, from October 22 to 26HIPNÒTIC CCCB, September 13 and 14FIRA DE TITELLES Lleida, from May 1 to 4LITERARY NIGHT AWARDS Lleida, November, 14 ANELLA CULTURAL 17/19
  18. 18. JAZZ FESTIVAL Lleida, NovemberESCORXADIJOUS Lleida, to specifyEN TRANSICIÓ CCCB, February 23, ClausuraPOST-IT CITY CCCB, March-AprilI+C+I CCCB, March, 4 THE END. ANELLA CULTURAL 18/19
  19. 19. ANELLA CULTURAL 19/19