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Fashion for the commons - Sandra Fauconnier (Wikimedia NL) & Dieter Suls (MoMu)


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Wikimedia NL and MoMu (fashion museum Antwerp) show how they have cooperated over the years to bring the fashion and Wikipedia communities together and open up fashion knowledge online.

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Fashion for the commons - Sandra Fauconnier (Wikimedia NL) & Dieter Suls (MoMu)

  1. 1. Fashion for the commons Sharing is Caring Sandra Fauconnier & Dieter Suls SharecareX Brussels, 20th of June 2017
  2. 2. Two worlds that work well together...
  3. 3. Edit-a-thons What is it? Edit-a-thons are events where people with little experience in editing Wikipedia articles come together to improve a particular topic on the online encyclopaedia. In doing so, they collectively learn how to work on the MediaWiki platform according to the standards and morals of the Wikipedia community. ● Collaboration with local Wikimedia chapters ● Project page on Wikipedia with proposal of ‘edit-able subjects ● Wikimedia Commons donations
  4. 4. ● Task in Europeana Fashion project about setting up collaboration with Wikipedia Community (Beeld & Geluid) ● Improve impact of our aggregated content ● 13 GLAM-WIKI events organized 9 European countries ● Document - guidelines for organizing Edit-a-thons ● (Attract more female editors for wikipedia)
  5. 5. Europeana Fashion Edit-a-thon ● Success factors - Muse awards The American Alliance of Museums Media and Technology Professional Network granted the Europeana Fashion series of Fashion edit-a-thons a 2015 Bronze MUSE Award! The award was announced Sunday at the MUSE Awards champagne reception, which took place at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. Earlier winners of the award include the Museum at the Fashion Institute of Technology, who received a silver MUSE award for their use of digital media. The Gold and Silver Awards in the category 'Open' went to the Europeana Foundation for the GLAMwiki toolset and to the British Library and Wikimedia UK for the project Mapping the Maps. Europeana Fashion organized twelve edit-a-thons in nine countries in collaboration with local Wikimedia chapters and volunteers from the community. Some of the edit-a-thons were supported by third-party organizations. The work in all of them focused on asking museum partners to open their doors to invite in would-be editors of Wikipedia, attract Wikipedia volunteers to help organize the event, add media from Europeana Fashion content partners to the Wikimedia Commons platform and subsequently use these images for relevant articles on Wikipedia. When after the first few edit-a-thons we felt comfortable with the formula, we also attempted a parallel set of edit-a-thons that shared the same theme with an additional online challenge, and explored the possibilities of hosting a GLAM-Wiki collaborative event in the framework of a larger cultural or fashion-related festival.
  6. 6. MoMu Edit-a-thon - 23rd of September 2013 ● Organized by Europeana Fashion partner MoMu and Wikimedia Netherlands (as an official Belgian Chapter was not yet recognized) ● Aim was to improve Wikipedia content on Belgian Fashion ● List of topics for revision / attention was prepared ● Over 25 bloggers, curators, researchers participated to the event and over 15 articles were edited. By Ter-burg - Own work, CC BY 3.0,
  7. 7. MoMu Edit-a-thon - Wikimedia Commons ● As part of the preparation of any edit-a-thon event, content partners were asked to provide a selection of materials that they selected to be published on Europeana Fashion to Wikimedia Commons. ● All materials on Wikimedia Commons must be published under an open license (e.g. CC-BY, allowing commercial re-use). ● A small Wikimedia Commons donation of 33 images proved to be a catalyst (internally).
  8. 8. Wikimedia Commons Donations
  9. 9. Wikimedia donations for Edit-a-thon - MoMu Result
  10. 10. Wikimedia donations for Edit-a-thon - MoMu Baglama2 tool
  11. 11. Europeana Fashion vocabularies and Wikidata
  12. 12.
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Good use for the illustrations by David Ring:
  15. 15. Lijsten voor Wikipedia: voorbeeld:
  16. 16. Europeana Fashion vocabularies: Fashion designers Fashion houses
  17. 17. Future steps MoMu ● Study Collection and Wikimedia ○ What is it? ○ New wikimedia donations (images / videos) ○ Setup new ‘edit-a-thons’ for pattern making and share via wikipedia/wikimedia? ● Explore Wikidata (as a way to publish/harvest LOD) ● Donate more contemporary content
  18. 18. Lessons learned (MoMu) ● In general, collaboration local Wikimedia chapters + enthusiastic crowd of editors are success factors ● Stimulating experience for museum staff, as it involves different departments / responsibilities / overcoming internal resistance ● Contemporary content is risky! ● Co-creation paradigm: new way to interact with audience ● Incredible exposure of your content! ● Think big, act small, move fast
  19. 19. Lessons learned (Wikimedia) ● Collaboration can be very fruitful with organizations who manage heavily copyrighted collections! ● A long-term collaboration with very diverse activities is fun, challenging and motivating for us as well, and engages many different types of volunteers ● It helps us so much if GLAMs’ resources are openly accessible (both online + openly licensed) ● And if we can talk to GLAM staff very easily (low thresholds, warm relationship)