8 challenges for museums on social media


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Questions to think about the performance of museums on social media. Usres engagement, digital strategy.

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8 challenges for museums on social media

  1. 1. Museums and Social Media: 8 challenges, questions Conxa Rodà Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya Barcelona, 2013 Image: http://yvonneta.wordpress.com/2013/01/25/las-laboresdiarias-de-un-community-manager/
  2. 2. Social media are a strategy element of museum communication As well as an active presence on Wikipedia or working for the Open Content of our collections. All in all, aimed to make our content more accessible to users on the maximum number of platforms and with quality. The new digital scenarios, among them, social media, make it easier for us. But… are we museums doing it rightly enough? See next 8 questions to ask ourselves:
  3. 3. Do we know our audience on social networks? Image: www.friendfiler.com/targeting-social-media-audience/
  4. 4. To be considered:  beyond numbers engagement  which of our content attract +answers, +comments  how do we measure?  we need an internal analytics culture continuous contextual distributed throughout the organization
  5. 5. Do we explore/use the specificity of each network and platform? Image: http://gestorhumano.wordpress.com/2012/04/18/porque-soy-un-community-manager/
  6. 6. To be considered:  each network has its singularity and voice  learning how to use it will allow us to get out the most of each one, to become more interesting for our users  automatisation may not be a best practice. Is it handy? Yes. Does it save management time? Of course! Is it efficient? Less so  automatisation dangers: we ignore the uniqueness of each network we repeat the same message to users that may be following us on different platforms
  7. 7. Do we interact? Or are we just broadcasters? Image: http://marketingland.com/short-attention-spans-and-social-media-how-to-fight-back-2435
  8. 8. To be considered:  the very nature of social media is built upon conversation, interaction  from museums, sometimes, we still consider digital media as a one-way communication  they are a splendid opportunity to talk to our audience, to be part of the conversation  we need to know how to engage users, and make them wish to share our content, performance
  9. 9. What we put out there is just an announcement board? Image: http://hombreradio00.blogspot.com.es/2010/08/perifoneos-paralelos-i.html
  10. 10. To be considered:  It’s like chatting with friends and just keep talking about ourselves  we need to generate content and functionalities that attract & engage = storytelling!  use social media (and the blog) to share the museum behind-the-scenes  be generous, disseminate third-party content that may be of interest to our users
  11. 11. Is social media activity distributed throughout the museum? Image: http://programmedevelopment.com/public/uploads/images/people_puzzle_clr.png
  12. 12. To be considered:  or is it the matter of just one departament or, even worse, of one single person?  it’s not fair to leave the CM (community manager) alone  editorial criteria and guidelines should be set  foster collaborative work on social media (not just for sustainability but to provide a richness of perspectives)
  13. 13. Have we measured the effort needed? Images: www.jpvillani.com.ar/tag/sisifo/ http://nurianetworking.com/featured-slider/community-manager /
  14. 14. To be considered: the more social we want to be, the more work it means  the more we grow our circles of friends and followers, more dedication needed to interaction  opening a profile is done quickly, nurturing it takes time!  more and more “essential” networks appear every day → prioritise and select become necessary according to the museum’s mission and objectives
  15. 15. Do we have mobile users in mind? Image: http://queaprendemoshoy.com/community-manager-interno-o-externo/
  16. 16. To be considered:  access to social media from mobile is increasing continuously  immediate, easy and ubiquitous use make it very attractive to upload and share pictures, mainly  related to Wifi facilities inside museums  is our social content mobile-friendly? Do we inform when links are PDF o video?  do we make use of the features and possibilities of geolocalisation? of gamification?
  17. 17. Do we have a Social Media Strategy? Image: www.flickr.com/photos/briansolis/5610145329/
  18. 18. To be considered:  is it well worked out? Does it help us to fulfil the museum’s objectives?  measure before opening new profiles  for social media also a content strategy is needed  is our social activity integrated as well inside the museum for our visitors?  if we did prepare a strategy, do we revise it? Do we adapt it to the evaluation results? Or to sudden changes?
  19. 19. Museum Computer Network Conference, Atlanta 2011. Photo: Conxa Rodà
  20. 20. To be continued…  Social Media are today a strategy component of museum communication  Museums are active on social. Plenty of excellent examples out there. On average, we just need to improve the way we use it to make it → + creative → + emotional → + quality
  21. 21. Share, debate, let’s talk! Thank you!! Conxa Rodà @innova2 Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya @MuseuNac_Cat www.museunacional.cat