Net Ads Local QR Code Presentation


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QR Codes How to Use Them in Business. Ideal for Local Business Mobile sales and mobile websites. Dynamic QR Codes are Advertising Material that is NEVER out of Date. Even if the code is picked up on a 2 year old paper The offer is always UP TO DATE

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Net Ads Local QR Code Presentation

  1. 1. QR CODESWhat Are TheyWhat They Can Do For You?
  2. 2. Youve undoubtedly seen a QR code before.These are square black-and-white pixelatedcodes that are appearing all over the place.Youve undoubtedly seen a QR code before.These are square black-and-white pixelatedcodes that are appearing all over the place.Marketing With QR Codes
  3. 3. Theyre not just weird, futuristicdecorations.The QR code is the modern-daybar code.Instead of using a scanner, youscan it with your smartphone.Marketing With QR Codes
  4. 4. If you use a smartphone, you can probablyunderstand why this is so cool.Typing a URL into a smartphones browser isntexactly the most fun experience in the world.With QR codes, you dont have to mess with anytyping at all.Just scan and youre there.QR stands for quick response, and that couldn’tbe a better description of how they work.Marketing With QR Codes
  5. 5. Marketing With QR CodesFor marketers, QR codes are even cooler.For one thing, you can put them absolutelyanywhere.Theyre black and white, and you can printthem as stickers.Lots of companies use QR codes to takemobile users to their websites, but thatsfar from all you can do with them.
  6. 6. Marketing With QR CodesYou can create a QR codethat, when scanned by aphone, instantly signs thephones user up to youremail list.Making it just a little biteasier to sign up.
  7. 7. Marketing With QR CodesQR codes can be used as part of apromotion with social media.When they scan it, they instantly likeor share with their friends.You can combine this with a couponwhere after liking your business, theyget a nice discount for your productsor services.
  8. 8. Your QR code could lead to an instantdownload.For example, youve got a flyeradvertising a free report that youvewritten for your customers.All they have to do is scan the codeand they instantly get the report.Marketing With QR Codes
  9. 9. Information On DemandThe wonderful thing about the Internet is thatyou have access to all of the worldsinformation at your fingertips.This is even cooler with smartphones, sincetheyre pocket-sized.You can take them out anywhere and find outabout a product youre thinking ofbuying, a bottle of wine youre drinking, or aservice youre considering trying.
  10. 10. Information On DemandMore than ever, people are researching on theirsmartphones as they shop offline.Theyre looking for prices, reviews, and productinformation.You can put QR codes on your stores productsthat lead them to the information theyre lookingfor.This information pushes fence-sitters off andturns them into buyers.
  11. 11. • You can use QR codes to deliver thereal-time information theyrelooking for.• Some weather agencies and masstransit companies have takenadvantage of this, embedding theircodes with a link to updated infoabout whats going on now.• See Dynamic QR CodesInformation On Demand
  12. 12. Marketing With QR Codes• If you want to use QR Codes tomake offer that change everyday, Week or even by thehour! Dynamic QR Codes arewhat you are looking for!